my favorite kid besides my own


photography by the wonderful Jeff Slocum

Ian. What to say about Ian? I don't know. He's one of the most wonderful human beings in the world. He's intelligent beyond his years. He's as good-looking as a kid can get. He's wonderfully sensitive, delightfully polite, remarkably mature, and outrageously funny.

The first time I saw him after he was "just a baby", he was already displaying some of the indefinable coolness he got from his dad. He was only a toddler, but he was slung up against a doorway with one foot propped up and his head tilted to the side like a miniature James Dean. Perfect.

He's 9 years old now and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him as he ran in and out while I was visiting his mom this summer. Maybe someday he'll undersatnd how much I treasure him and miss him.