What an experience!


photograph by Michael Suggs

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe....

Ian's little sister, Aimee's little girl, she'll have her own identity soon enough. Actually, I suppose she already does. But since Ihaven't been able to watch her grow up, well, I don't really know who she is in her own terms.

I do know she's adventurous, a dare-devil, afraid of nothing. She thinks nothing of climbing from one ledge to another in search of whatever it is she's in search of. She started walking the day she turned 10 months old.

Word has it she spent her first year life screaming or crying non-stop. She's allergic to a few too many things, but it hasn't dampened her love for life at all.

Lucky for her, shortly after her first birthday some of her allergies were figured out. Now I'm told, she doesn't have the miserable eczema all over her anymore. She can be much happier now.

I think she'll be creative and somewhat artistic given her unique combination of Aimee's and Jeff's genes.