So, you were brave enough to venture onto

Foo Foo's Page O' Stuff

Well, I hope you enjoy your visit. The artwork was all done by Foo Foo, using high class materials such as filler paper, index cards and a fountain pen.
manga onion angel Ma cat   head ball boxer frog   someone Arfy the  dog   boy
These may be people (or animals) Foo Foo knows, or a figment of Foo Foo's imagination. As you can see, a bit of computer magic was used for some of them.

guy This is the featured artwork of the week. It was done by Krazykat.

ninja Guest art of the week. Hmmm, it looks familiar . . our friend Brak did this one.

Elvis Frog
Holy smoke, Elvis is alive!!!!!

Foo Foo didn't draw Elvisfrog, but it was too good not to include!

In case you wondered, the song playing is titled "House of Fun" and was a hit for Madness back in the 80's. That's all for now. But you never know what might turn up on here next, so drop in again soon.

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