Taffy and her humanThis is my mom, with old Taffy. Taffy was the first cat who came to mom's house in need of a home. She was soon followed by Fluffy, T.C. and then Dusty. Dusty produced 3 litters of kittens in her short lifetime. Of the first 3 kittens, only Smokey is still with us. The second litter was adopted by a friend and became barn cats. The last "batch" (August 1996) is still with us as Muffin, Little Joe, Spot and Eunice. Bluey came into the picture in September of 1996. My mom gets upset with all the cats every now and then, especially when they dig in the flowerbed, or get in trouble in the house. She claims she's going to get rid of them all. But next thing you know she's talking to them and giving them a treat, so I think they're safe. My cat Sparky gets excited everytime mom comes to our house. As soon as she gets in the door Sparky starts up her "give me food" routine, and it always works. Sparky seems to know when mom is coming, because a few minutes before she gets here, Sparky goes and sits by the door.

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