Joe and Muffin

Little Joe is the son of Fluffy, and brother of Rebel and Peanut. You never would have guessed, would you? He's a mighty fine striped yellow fellow and is a real cuddle cat. The above picture was taken during one of Joe's quiet periods, which don't come too often. He's snuggling up with his sister Muffin after a romp in the yard.

He was one of 4 kittens born to Dusty in August 1996. He's the brother of Spot, Muffin and Eunice. Little Joe is one active cat, which translates to: he gets into everything. But to his credit, he's also a very loving guy who enjoys snuggling in someone's lap for a nap, or giving them "snoozles" (rubbing his face on yours).

He can be a wild and crazy guy, sometimes a little too much so. Recently he somehow managed to get up on the roof of the house. The poor fellow thought it was fun for a while but after realizing how far down it was to the ground he quickly changed his mind. I finally decided he wasn't going to work up the courage to jump, so went and got the ladder and rescued him. We still don't know how he got up there, because no trees are close enough for him to have jumped out of to the roof. At any rate, I doubt he'll be trying that again any time soon.

His favorite snacks? That's hard to say since I don't think Little Joe ever met food he didn't like. He is partial to bagels and loves to eat corn on the cob. He also likes a pork rind every now and then.

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