This is Rebel, who was a very loving and funny fellow. He's no longer with us and we miss him a lot. He was one of the 3 kittens that lived from Dusty's first litter. He must have been born under a lucky star, because he almost didn't survive. When Dusty had her kittens and my mom discovered them under the steps of the carport, she called and told us to come down and see them. We were admiring the 2 cute newborns when we kept hearing a tiny kitten mewing but couldn't locate it. It was finally found, out in the cold wet grass and was picked up and brought back to the carport. He was so wet and cold that we didn't really think he would survive the ordeal but he did.
My mom named the female kitten Bandit, because she looked like she was wearing a mask. Thinking of the movie Smokey and the Bandit, she named the little black fellow Smokey. That left the yellow stripey kitten and he was named Rebel, because of his escapade as a newborn. He was an extremely active kitten and quite fond of getting into everything in sight, especially if there was food involved. His first trip to the "hall of shame" involved his getting up on the dining room table and helping himself to a corn dog and some pork and beans when no one was looking. Rebel grew to be a very handsome cat, and had a pleasant personality. He was a very friendly guy and loved to make the rounds "snoozling" everyone in the room. (Snoozling is where the cat rubs his/her face on yours.)
Some of Rebel's favorite foods were coconut, pork rinds and corn on the cob.

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