Taffy This is Taffy, our old sweetheart. We don't know her age, but she's evidently along in years. She's almost toally blind, her eyes are covered with cataracts or maybe it's glaucoma . But she gets around quite well, thank you. She likes to cuddle with humans, but is not friendly to the other cats. We guess that her former human spoiled her! She had been a house pet, but when her owner died and the husband moved, he simply left poor Taffy behind to fend for herself. A woman up the road fed her for a while, but one day she turned up at my mom's house and decided to stay. My mom wasn't really looking to have a pet but the old cat was so gentle and pretty that she couldn't resist. She named her Taffy, and to be honest my mom and the rest of us have spoiled her too. She knocks at the back door to let us know she's either hungry, or wants to come inside the house for a while. She makes quite a racket when she does this, so someone always hears it and goes to see what she wants. Her favorite snack seems to be corn on the cob.

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