CornBread Dressing

Recipe by Char

Things you will need:

Brown ground beef and ground sausage, drain. Add seasoning and veggies and simmer about 30 minutes -- or until veggies are tender.  Add soups and corn and mix well.  Prepare cornbread per package directions, add sugar, and bake.  Add pieces of baked cornbread to meat mixture until desired consistency is achieved.  This may be twiced cooked by spreading into casserole dish and baking till firm and golden brown (@ 350 for about 30 minutes) or eaten as is.  It's delicious! Great when used as stuffing for chicken or turkey as well.

Rice Dressing

To make a simple Rice dressing, just leave out the sugar, and substitute cooked rice for the cornbread in the recipe above.  Simple as that!!

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