Laughing And Crying Records
Selections from the library of Inigo Cubillo
(these are a strange but interesting piece of recorded history)

In the infancy of recorded sound technology, record labels had different ideas about what would be popular. Various attempts at humour (some quite subtle and elegant, some.... were not) were recorded, some of them being 'laughing records'. These were more than likely played at parties or other social occasions as a novelty, and (hopefully) a source of amusement.

Whether they were amusing or not is DEFINATELY in the eyes (and ears) of the beholder.

The records here are from the library of Inigo Cubillo, of Spain. Inigo is a member of the 78-L 78rpm record collectors list, and are posted here as a service to the memebrs of 78-L and the public in general.

OK, Inigo, let's see what you brought out for us to hear:

All the six files are recorded at the lowest quality setting (11025 kHz, 8-bites sampling), in order to keep them small-sized. Despite this, the sound is quite good.

Well, some of you, colleagues, asked me for copies of the crying record. Now I have them here in my office PC ready to send to you what you want.

Just e-mail me and I'll be glad to send you those files, as you want!

Inigo (happy to share my old stuff with you)

(Actually, he eMailed them to me so I could put them up here for all to enjoy!)

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