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(and that is Honey Child- NOT Honey Chili)

Inside every woman, is the desire to be like have men surrounding her, begging for her attention, fighting to get next to her. We all long to be the "Belle of the Ball". Southern ladies just seem to have an inner quality of sensual passion bubbling just beneath that calm, lady-like exterior, leaving their men longing to sit beside them, watching that lone drop of perspiration meander its way down her neck...further and further down until it disappears beneath the fabric of her clothes....

Scarlett knew the power of a woman's femininity....and the power given to her by a man's desire to possess her as his own....

Kick your shoes off, sugah, and have a seat.... let's get to know each other a little better...


The Front Door is open, come on in!  and the porch swing is waiting!

Southern Girls know that on every front porch,
there's a story waitin' to be told