Howdy! Come on in! Take a load off! What`re ya drinkin? We got a good band playin tonight. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. [thats right, if you can imagine you`re at a roadhouse, then you can imagine that Stevie`s still with us too] You just get into town? Ever been on Bourbon Street before? You were smart to get here a few days before Fat Tuesday. The partyin has already started, but it ain`t got so danged crowded yet. If you`re hungry we got soul food that`ll make ya slap your grammaw! Tonight we got red beans n rice and seafood gumbo! Well, I`ll get out of your face and let ya settle in. Everybody here is real friendly, so just strike up a conversation with somebody and make yourself ta home. Hollar when ya need anythang! I got work to do. I just opened this place and I don`t know the first thing about runnin no roadhouse. I`ll be learnin though and tryin to improve tha place! If ya need a place to stay, we got a few rooms upstairs. They ain`t much, but they beat the street! Band starts in 45 minutes, so if ya wanna eat before they start ya better order soon! My name`s Rick, but most folks in here call me voodoochile, I guess cause I dig Hendrix and da blues. I see ya rode in on a bike. I gotta 86 Sportster out back. If that Cockatiel gets too noisy just tell her to shut up. Her name is Princess Bimbo, cause she`s a dumb blonde, but she thinks her name is Shut The ---- Up! Well, like I said, I got work to do. Make yerself ta home! ----------------------------------------------------- VOODOOCHILES`S BAND SCHEDULE--- FRIDAY: STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN- SATURDAY: JIMI HENDRIX- SUNDAY: GOD (IS THE ONLY ONE HERE, CAUSE WE`RE NOT) -MONDAY: BUDDY GUY- TUESDAY: OTIS RUSH- WEDNESDAY: THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND- THURSDAY: AL COLLINS, ROB CRAY AND JOHN COPELAND- NEXT WEEK: COCO MONTOYA- THE WEEK AFTER THAT: ALBERT KING- THE WEEK AFTER THE WEEK AFTER THAT: KENNY BLUE RAY --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- NOTICE: If`n ya eat here (and if`n ya PAY fer it!), ya get a free coupon for biegnets and cafe a lau over to da Cafe DuMonde ,-- fer breakfast,-- fer later !!!!------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- T-SHIRTS: We got em. -- So if ya think you`re a regular customer, and if ya want one, just ask fer one (fer free). They say VOODOOCHILE`S BLUES ROADHOUSE on tha front, and they say FREE MUSTACHE RIDES and DISCO AND HELMET LAWS SUCK, on tha back.------- --------------------------------------------------- --------FAIR WARNING: Anybody who ain`t NICE to everybody will make my buddy, Animal, mad, and will get the CRAP kicked out of them, and THEN will be asked to leave ! - And Animal is very fond of the bird (Princess).------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------------NUDE TABLE DANCIN IS STILL NOT ALLOWED (until we get the new tables in that we ordered; and even then, it`s COUPLES ONLY!)--------------------- --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE AQUARIUM! We took the last guy, who put a beer in the aquarium, out in the swamp, cut off something of his, and left him for the wolves and gators!------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE, if the girl you go home with tonight, turns out to be very ugly tomorrow morning! If you find it necessary to chew your arm off, to keep from waking her up, we will not be responsible for the resulting medical bills----------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------A NEWS BRIEF--MICHAEL JACKSON IS IN ENGLAND--Just what the English need, another aging queen for the children to follow around!-------ANOTHER NEWS BRIEF--NEWT GINGRICH, PAT ROBERTSON, TAMMY FAY BAKER, PAT BOONE (AND SEVERAL OTHER PREACHERS WHO WANT TO TELL US EXACTLY HOW WE SHOULD LIVE) ARE VERY MENTALLY ILL AND NEED ALL OF YOUR MORAL AND MONETARY SUPPORT!---- THE MORAL MAJORITY IS NEITHER.--OTHER NAMES FOR THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT-->> THE MORALITY MILITIA, THE BRIMSTONE BRIGADE, THE DOCTRINAIRES, THE DEXRAL PHALANX, THE FRENETOPHOBES, THE MORALISTAS, GOD`S OLDER BROTHERS, BIGOTS WITH BIBLES, THE RIDICULOUS RIGHT, THE RELIGIOUS BLIGHT, THE STONECASTERS, THE NEW PHARISEES, THE THOU SHALL NOTS, THE MORAL MAFIA, THE FALSE PROPHETS, THE HOLY WILLIES, THE FAITHMONGERS. ----------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------TWO RULES TO LIVE BY:--1. Don`t sweat the small stuff. -- B. It`s ALL small stuff!--Corollary. Because us ducks don`t give a quack, and if it don`t rain, WE`LL WALK! ----------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------Please look below the links for personal information and for some blues music ideas. Thanks.

Links to other sites on the Web

The All-Music Guide
The blues news and upcoming CD releases
In Remembrance of Stevie Ray Vaughan
Blues web sites, artists, festivals, societies and newsgroups
Lightning Red discusses the Texas sound, the Chicago sound and modern electric blues guitarists (scroll down below the Delta Snake issues)

My real name is Rick and my real home is on the Tennessee river in Decatur, Alabama. I am 44, 5`10``, 190 lbs, white hair-but I HAVE it all-hahahahaah, green eyes. There is a link to my pictures above--for amusement. My interests include blues and 60`s rock and soul music, country motorcycle riding (86 Harley Sportster), river and lake activities (I live by a lake and the Tenn. river flows through my hometown), birds (my cockatiel and wild songbirds), plants and gardening (daisies and tomatoes), painting (wet-on-wet), reading (Koontz), football (Bama and NFL), Nascar racing, photography, movies (Fried Green Tomatoes, The Outlaw Josie Wales, Lonesome Dove), space exploration (Mars life, HST, SETI) and my really sweet and cool niece and nephew. I am single (divorced since 1976) and I would love to hear from folks with similar interests, especially smart, sweet, funny, honest, sincere, sensitive, romantic and attractive ladies. I would like to find that special soulmate to share my thoughts and interests with; someone to explore nature and music and simple pleasures with; somebody to love. I am a consulting actuary (yeah, go look THAT up! HA!). I have been on extended sabbatical due to severe pain in my neck caused by arthritus, but I am taking treatment at UAB medical center and I am doing much better. I have lived in Atlanta, Jax Beach Fla., San Antonio, Murfr. Tenn. and Denver, but they ran me out of all those places---hahahahahah, so I had to come back Home to Decatur. THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, SO ASCUSE THE MESS! I am new to the web and I plead current complete html ignorance! But I is be gonna learns it when I has da time! BANG! BANG! BANG! WORK! WORK! WORK! HA! HA! HA! Special thanks to my Rebel Angel Alice, alias Peg, Fantaseyez, Roxzy--for the artful job she did on scanning my picture and combining it with the picture of my motorcycle. And for her help with uploads for my page. R A, you`re the greatest.--------If you want some ideas about some blues music, the blues news link above has Living Blues magazine`s Top 50 blues CD`s and the previous three years W.C. Handy Award nominees and recipients. The All-Music Guide link above is a good place to read about the many blues styles and about some of the musical history of the blues. There are a lot of styles of blues, so it is hard to suggest particular artists or CD`s. Some of my favorites (as if you would care about THAT hahahhahahahaah) are: `Live `92-`93` , `Cold Snap` and `Truckin with A.C.` by Albert Collins, `Best of (Stax)`, `Weds Night in San Fran` and `Live Wire / Blues Power` by Albert King, `Pull the Strings` and `In All Of My Life` by Kenny `Blue` Ray, `Swinging from the Rafters` by Long John Hunter, `Gotta Mind to Travel` and `Just Let Go` by Coco Montoya, `Soul Fixin Man` by Luther Allison, `Damn Right I Got The Blues` and `DJ Play My Blues` by Buddy Guy, `Blues Summit` and `Blues is King` by B B King, `Strong Persuader` and `Sweet Potato Pie` by Robert Cray (jazz/blues), `Blues` by Jimi Hendrix (blues Jimi`s way), `Showdown` by Al Collins, Rob Cray, and John Copeland (Texas blues/funk), `Ain`t Enough Comin In`, Right Place, Wrong Time` and `Any Place I`m Goin` by Otis Rush, `The Colour of Love` by Ronnie Earl, `Unplugged`, `24 Nights` and `From The Cradle` by Eric Clapton, `The Fillmore Concerts`, `Eat A Peach` and `Where It All Begins` by The Allman Brothers Band (they are TOO a blues/rock band, just ask em), `Cryin for the Moon` by Smokin Joe Kubek, `Lie To Me` by Jonny Lang, `Blue Drops of Rain` and `Road to Zen` by Corey Stevens, `Ledbetter Heights` and `Trouble Is` by Kenny Wayne Shepherd (like SRV), `A Piece of your Soul` and `Dog Years` by Storyville (two former SRV and Double Trouble members) and ANY Stevie Ray Vaughan (there is a Hits CD, but you WILL want them all after you hear it! blues/rock). It could even be argued that Led Zeppelin was a blues rock band. They certainly produced some outstanding blues guitar playing and blues singing. And I don`t care if you want to label them rock or blues or blues/rock; whatever it was they were doing was THE best. Their first two albums are my favorites, but their first five albums were all excellent. That`s a pretty broad style range of blues, but I bet if you go somewhere and listen to these, you WILL find one you like -- if you like ANY blues guitar playin at all!-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- And for you snobby blues purists that have read my page and are thinking--this guy doesn`t even know what the blues is! -- I don`t profess to know much about the blues. This page is to tell folks some of the blues and blues/rock that I like and to maybe introduce some folks to blues, by way of blues/rock. Which is the way most of you blues snob purists got introduced to it too. By groups like Cream, The Allman Brothers, Hendrix, Stones. I do know what makes up traditional blues. And contemporary. And soul/blues. And I know the difference between Delta blues, Chicago blues and Texas blues. My main interests just happen to be Texas blues and blues/rock and some West Side blues. I know Jonny Lang is not pure blues, even though he does some classic blues covers. If it`s good music and he gets more people into blues music--WHO CARES? All great rock bands are bands that have been strongly influenced by blues and soul music. And imitation really is the truest form of praise. The fact that blues has influenced so many styles of music and so many musicians, is probably the best evidence of it`s quality and strength. And a blues purist snob is not any cooler than any other kind of snob.------ There was a great little Blues-L newsgroup post that speaks volumes concerning the silly and futile waste of time and ongoing debate about who is blues and what is blues. A Blues-L father asked his 4 year old son if the music that they were currently listening to on the stereo was blues or rock. The boy replied "it`s the blues." When asked how he knew, the boy replied "because the guitar is crying." Like his father said in his post--out of the mouths of babes.-----To end on an up note, if you like Texas blues guitar--along the lines of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert Collins, check out Smokin Joe Kubek, Corey Stevens and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Or check out Storyville, with two former Double Trouble members. If you like Albert King and Albert Collins, you will love Kenny "Blue" Ray. Check out his CDs In All Of My Life and Way Down in Memphis. Kenny is a veteran of Texas blues guitar playing and has reached the top in Australia. His last two CDs got near the top in the U.S. (he lives in California). If you love out front and no nonsense Texas blues guitar with great tone and touch, check him out. He includes lots of great instumentals. Long John Hunter is another great Texas style blues guitarist that has been around a _very_ long time (a living legend), and is just now finally getting the recognition that he deserves. He has a wonderful soulful voice. Check out Swingin from the Rafters. Coco Montoya, on Gotta Mind to Travel and on Just Let Go, plays both the out-front, economical and funky style blues guitar (like Albert Collins, his guitar teacher) and the more melodic, smooth, singing and jazzy style (like B B King), equally well. And he plays smoothly and with feeling, while knowing when to leave notes out or hold them. There are some great soul/blues and soul/funk blues songs on the Coco Montoya CDs and some great soul/jazz/blues songs on Robert Cray`s Sweet Potato Pie. And if you want some serious blues guitar variety on one CD, check out Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters CD, The Colour of Love. It contains songs that sound like Count Basie, Carlos Santana, Duane Allman, Robert Cray, B B King, Jimmie Vaughan and Albert Collins. All on one CD and all done exceptionally well and with great organ, piano, horns, bass and percussion. Lots of very slow and mellow big band, jazz and soul sound on this one. A great blend and change of pace. I started my blues exploration in the Texas blues area. Recently I have been exploring more Chicago West Side blues. Some of the artists I like in that area are Otis Rush, Magic Sam, Joe Lewis Walker and early Buddy Guy. I`m especially crazy about Otis Rush, because he can both sing melodies and play guitar melodies exceptionally well, with smoothness and feeling. Thanks for droppin by. Hope you had a couple of laughs and maybe got some music ideas. If you haven`t checked much blues music out yet, do yourself a _big_ favor and give it a listen. There are many styles of blues. It doesn`t all sound like B B King or Buddy Guy or Eric Clapton or Jonny Lang. There are many great blues styles and flavors and mixtures of musical influences. Go to some web sites that have CD sample sound clips (All-Music Guide, Music Boulevard, Real Audio Player, etc..) and listen to a variety of blues artists from the different blues styles. Or go to a music store that will let you listen to CDs before you buy them and sample some blues CDs. Maybe take a list along of some of the Handy winners and the top artists in the Living Blues ratings (from the Blues News link above), some artists listed in styles that interest you (from the All-Music Guide blues styles link above), or maybe even some artists that I listed that sound appealing to you. The blues adventure is one that I recommend highly. Don`t miss out on all this great music. And after you find out how good it is, spread the word. Turn some other folks on to the joy of the blues. It might cheer them up. And it will help blues artists and will help to keep the blues alive. Blues music isn`t to make you sad, it`s to make you feel better. Give it a listen.

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