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Cajun country summons a lot of images. Spicy food, hot summer nights, hot cajun music. Of course, in this paradise, you have to watch out for the mosquitoes and alligators. Cajun history is a lesson in people looking for freedom. For a great historical account of French settlers who, looking for freedom, moved from France to easten Canada and finally to Louisiana, you must read the History of Creoles and Cajuns.

In the Tunnel of the Chat House, I use the handle of Cajun Cutie. You can meet my chat friends by visting the The Rats Homepage. I (my name is Penny (29), by the way) live in a small town on the Bayou Lafourche south of New Orleans with my husband Cory, 26. Three girls (Tara, 7, Harley, 3 and Chalyn,1) and a boy (Donald, 9) keep the house in an uproar most of the time. Take a peek at the Family Album. I sell Avon and Destiny Telecom pre-paid telephone cards. Only recently has the Internet reached this sleepy town near the Atchafalaya Swamp. As soon as it did, local people started their own web enterprises. One, Louisiana Catalog, has a general store on the net where you can order Cajun products.

To start, let me show you a picture from the wonderful black and white photographic gallery of Adrian Gauthier. Click on it to visit this wonderful gallery.

The thumbnail image on the right will lead you to a series of color photographs of the Atchafalaya Basin area. I do have to warn you, the images are large and take a while for the page to load.

Then there is the food..... and I love to cook spicy foods. Spicy crawfish ettouffee, rich gumbo, hot jambalay and fire-hot cayenne peppers. Here is a link to some good cajun recipies, including one chicken recipe named after our own bayou...Chicken Bayou Lafourche. But, a really fun site for cajun recipes (including cajun music) is Cajun In The Kitchen....first, you make a roux...*grin*

And the music....loud, fast and great.... Listen to some of the music...

midi files... play them with Crescendo

Twist and Shout
Johnny B Goode

wav files... take time to download

La Vie Marron sound clip(307 K bytes)
One Foot in the Bayou sound clip(499 K bytes)

visit the town of Cut Off Louisiana

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