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Welcome to the Ironpony Ranch.
For those that have visited here before you will notice that much has changed. The "stable" now includes a Ford Harley Davidson F-150 supercharged pickup. This is the best investment outside of my bikes I have ever made. The truck not only looks great but it kicks some major ass. It is putting down a dynoed 406 rwhp and 505 lbsft of torque to the rear wheels. For more info on these trucks, got to This is not only THE place for info on these trucks, but is also one of the closest knit online families there is. I'll be posting up some pictures very soon and hope to see you back again.Look around and enjoy. Any questions or comments you might have on ways to improve this sight, mail to

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Thanks for checking out my pages. I hope to see you here again soon. These pages are like my bikes and truck, an ongoing love of my life. My thanks to my daughter, who got me started in HTML and helped me start this page.

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