Bugleboy's Homepage

Bugleboy's Homepage

I'm Wayne and welcome to my world!!!


My name is Wayne Pardue and I'm a computer information systems major at Northeast Lousianna University in Monroe,La. I am a freshman there and am also in a band there. My hobbies include music and talkers...my favorite talkers are the Resort and Foothills,The World, My friends on the talkers are Aether,Virgo,Yahoo,Noman,Tesa,Tazee(my net.wife),Tazzy,Basslady(girl I dated),Hotnspicy(another girl I dated,Bunikins,Bonbon...and many more.Sorry if I left anyone out. Some of my favorite artists are Lucious Jackson.Amy Grant,Gloria Estafan,U2,Tiffany and No Doubt,Smashing Pumpkins and theres some others that I love as well. I have a large cd colection of around 150 cd's,I really love music :) And what better way to listen to it than on my new Pioneer 200 watt system with a 25 disc cd changer :)... My neighbors sometimes play their rap crap too loud so I return the favor at 10 times what theirs' was and play a little garth Brooks,boy,do they hate Garth :P You all know me as Bugleboy aka BB or MadeInTheUSA aka MITU on the talkers. I am currently single and I see some girls but nothing serious.I kinda play the dating game a lot,that's why I am out of money.

My sister,Amy is the best sister in the whole world.She is 28 years old and in the field of business working for a large company. She loves computers just like me,but she seems to have a better one than I do,kinda sux :( Anyways,she is my older sister seeing as I'm only 19 and well,she doesn't look 28 at all,I would say 21 at the most.She is really pretty and I love her very much,um,more than anything to be exact. She listens to lots of music like me and infact,I gave her my old system,which had a 5 disc changer on it,thought she might like that instead of using her CD-Rom on the pc. Amy has her degree in business and she has gotten a job which I believe pays more than now,but I'm proud either way.We don't see much of each other,but when we do its really nice to see her.I keep a picture of her in my wallet and also on my desk at school,I get homeseick and I tend to miss her,so I just look at the picture and it reminds me that I have a wonderful sister at home,kinda touches ya don't it,welp,it does me :) We never fight or argue either,no reason for it,so I suppose that is another good part about us.

If your wondering who helped me make this page,well,its Yahoo.Me and Yahoo get in trouble on the Resort a lot,if you go there you have probably seen us in action.We love to get in arguements with others and for the past year,we have been friends.We've each had our fair share of warnings,nuked characters and such things to this nature.Infact,I was harrassed by a SU once,her name is Sanguinaria and well,I got her butt reported.She was being rude and threaten me,kinda didn't set to well with me. I also talk to a woman named Noman,she is 37 and single,hmm,hint hint. I like the shorter gals like round 5'2 and if your a redhead(auburn is definitely a plus)it is a major bonus.. If you get to know me you'll find that I'm sweet,somewhat crazy and the girls I have dated say I 1-kiss good,2- am sweet,3- and honest. I usually date girls around there 20's,I would say 23 is the oldest I have dated so far,but I guess I could go for 25 if the situation came up =)

I work in a pizza place part time.I use to work at Taco Bell,but I quit,umm,sure you can figure out why. A few of my friends at N.L.U are Amy,Todd,Alicia,Huey,Nancy aka bigfoot,to name a few. I met Amy on the net and she is gonna be a computer programmer and she is pretty. I guess I will tell you about my computer now.I have a 486DX4-75 with 16 megs of RAM 1 meg of VRAM a 14.4 baud modem 2 harddirves,one is 420 megs and the other is a Wetsren Digital 1.28 gb hd.I use Win95 and I have installed most of my upgrades myself.The modem was the hardest,I was upgrading from a PB 2400 modem to a Best Data 14.4 and ran into some IRQ comflicts,welp,I fixed it.I also had a bad controller on my motherboard and it screwed up my floppy drive,so I bought a enhanced EIEDE card to go into a slot and now thats fixed.Guess you can say I know my stuff,but I don't program.I can code in wed pages and stuff,but not complicated ones.The pc was a 486SX2-50 mhz by the way,it had 8 megs at first,but with Win95,you pretty much have to have 16 megs. This is me, and for three easy payments of $19.95,you to can be just like Wayne Pardue!!!

All in all,my sister is my best friend,always and forever!

Picture of me... was taken a year ago.

Picture of my beautiful sister.

Bunikins is a Alicia Silverstone look alike wowsers

Virgo is a beautiful auburn haired woman..take a look!

Candi's web page

Artemise's homepage she has really nice hair

Heres a nice picture of Kathy Ireland,shes my favorite model.

Yahoo...is da man


Copyright 1997 Wayne Pardue email address: 964pardue@alpha.nlu.edu

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