Fourth Estate

"Take my word for it when I say that, not only is the rest of the album equally fantastic, but (See What I See) is one of the all-time great albums of instrumental rock." ...Andygee, CD Service, UK 

One of the most musical, innovative and exciting groups to ever emerge out of the Rocky Mountain music scene. Performing since 1988, Fourth Estate has released three demo-tapes and three full length compact discs. 

In 1992, the band released the critically acclaimed Finesse and Fury CD, which featured the first ever recording utilizing the revolutionary Transperformance Self-Tuning Guitar on the song "Routier." Guitarist Dave Beegle and company set out to test the boundries of progressive instrumental music with a fiery mix of lush and masterful soundscapes complemented by ferocious guitar assaults. 

On November 14th, 1995, the release of See What I See occured. A truly amazing recording that came out right when instrumental music was at an ALL TIME low in regards to the music business. Numerous national and international reviews, articles, and interviews still praised the band's musical approach and boasted about the powerful, visionary recording. 

In late '97, the band released a limited edition live CD titled "Joy in Rock" which features some truly stunning live performances and a raw, live, loose feel you don't hear much in todays music. The band is also in the process of putting material together for a late 1998 or early 1999 release entitled War of the Worlds 

Veterans in terms of musicianship, production and performance, Fourth Estate continues to write their own chapter in Rock N' Roll history. 


"This band is destined for greatness. I promise ya!" ...RIP MAGAZINE 

"The band has enough talent to play rings around a dozen rock bands" ...THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS 

"Fourth Estate is made up of excellent players, but more important, Beegle and the boys bring genuine feeling to a genre given to pomp and soulless technique" ...WESTWORD 

"Like Jimmy Page, Brian May, and Tom Scholtz, (Dave Beegle) is a one-man guitar army - A very clever player" ...GUITAR MAGAZINE 

"...truly mind boggling" ...GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE 

"(See What I See) An intense guitar disc that merits many repeat listens" ...GUITAR SHOP 

"The album's absolute killer, however, is the epic, three-part 'Kara Kum,' a gyrating, mutating, Arabic-metal, prog-rock showstopper" ...GUITAR WORLD 

"If your interests lie in progressive and unique artistic collaborations, Fourth Estate provides some of the most amazing local proof that the future is now; tune in or you'll be late" ...COLOR RED 
"The band's second album, See What I See, is a tour de force of slick licks mated with an expansively creative vision. The result is progressive rock that actually lives up to its name--equal parts rocking and progressive." ...  GUITAR WORLD ONLINE

Fourth Estate - Joy in Rock - Live at Dimmers, 1996 - this limited edition CD is only available through Hapi Skratch Direct. This rare and inspired live recording contains Fourth Estate standards as well as some very unique cover songs.  


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