The Chronicles of the The Noisy Waters Band

The house and jam band for Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland

APG II is branching out into new realms, getting out of the solo guitar shtick and loosening up with jamming and singing!  I'll be putting together more links for Bluegrass, New Grass, Folk, etc. and hopefully will develop a few mandolin arrangements of Trad songs which are not available elsewhere.   A sampler of websites includes:

The Kroes Nest      Hawks and Owls    The Mandolin Cafe       Wild Dismay   

Farewell to John Fahey  1938 - 2001

Obituary, discography, links and publications

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In this Home Page I will be focusing on solo acoustic guitar in the style known as "American Primitive Guitar" (thanks to John Fahey) and acoustic music in the Baltimore/Washington area. References to the works of other guitarists as well as my own in various tunings are provided for the guitar student's consideration. I am also hoping to develop a tape swapping "club" for like-minded guitarists.

See The Fahey Files from the International Fahey Committee for quotes, album art, LOTS of info and references.

Essay on American Primitive Guitar by Les Weller

APG Americana Tablature 

Since summer of '96 I've been arranging Americana standards and posting them to newsgroups in APG form, including soundfiles of many songs in RealAudio. Also, let me know if you have any Americana or traditional favorites you'd like to see in tab. LW

Also, APG Songs of Christmas in Tablature and RealAudio!

Primitive Guitar Tape Swap

APG Study Tape No. 1 is available to swap with interested guitarists! Contact me for details 

Copyright Your Own Compositions! It's easy to submit to the U.S. Copyright Office and lay claim to your creative efforts!

Favorite Guitar Arrangements - This is a list of many of the fingerstyle tunes I've worked on over the years in various tunings.

Notes on Reading and Writing Tablature by Howard Wright

Acoustic Guitar Links

JOHN FAHEY'S WEBSITE - The primitive fingerstyle Master's discography, writtings and other info.

Keola Beamer's Website - Hawaiian Slack Key guitar

Digital Traditions - Website and database for folk music, tablature and more!

Michael Hedges "Nomad Land" - Contemporary Guitar Hero's website.

Roger McGuinn's "FOLK DEN" includes monthly posting of folk songs in RealAudio!

Turlough O'Carolan Website - Lot's of information on O'Carolan songs, Folk Music and midi files.

OLGA Site at MIT - The original OLGA site may be shut dowwn but this and many other mirror sites keep the tablature library available.

Al Petteway's Home Page - Al's fingerstyle guitar recordings have been a great resource and inspiration including traditional and modern compositions in varied tunings.

Maggie's Music Celtic Recordings - Highly recommended recordings of tradiitional forms by acoustic instrument ensembles. Music books for hammer dulcimer, harp and other instruments are available.

House of Musical Traditions Home Page - Takoma Park, MD home for one of the moost comprehensive collections of recordings and sheet music in all traditional, ethnic and acoustic forms. The Institute of Musical Traditions hosts regular concerts in the Washington, D.C. area.

El McMeen's Home Page - I've greatly enjoyed El's recording of religious and Christmas music with many arrangements in "low C" tuning. He has some sample tablature available on his page, as well as info on instruction books, recordings, etc. An active RMMGA correspondent and contributer to guitar on-line.

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