The Bourbon Street Follies
are closed for renovation.

Apparently indefinitely. But I'm not moving from Geocities, because, frankly, I'm FTP-impaired, and since there's no more watermark, and the pop-up window is less annoying, I can live with it. Some people aren't going to like it, but, then, they don't have to go any further on my page, do they?

Because I'm goddamn bloody fucking well sick of HTML snobs. Nothing turns me off more than clicking on a link, and having a snotty message about my choice of web browser pop up and hit me over the head. It's wasting my valuable hard drive space and internet time. If I want a lecture about how I'm wasting my money, time, yadayada, or what I'm doing wrong with my life...I'll go to my high school reunion or call my mother, thank you very much. No pompous pontificating jackass is going to ruin my day. Bad enough they've infiltrated AR fandom and made it a huggy handholding nice place to be.

Oops, I said something naughty and not very nice, and now I'm going straight to hell for not sucking up to whoever has appointed themselves Tinpot Dictator of Fandom this week. Or is it still Morrigan? Since I'm one of those "nonwriters" who hasn't hopped on board the All Fic is Grewvy Kewl bandwagon, I'm, sadly, on the outs. Lest I forget, that's not the only fandom. ROG-L (a list on which I *have* participated, and a fandom in which I've done things, in case anyone's keeping track) has gone the same way...a bunch of humorless prissy bitches who take themselves and life way too seriously. I've about had it with the whole bloody lot of them. Grrr. Arrrgh.

Anyway. If you've stuck with me this long, god bless you. Want to see the Work-In-Progress?

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

Could give a damn about me and my insignificant problems?

You'll like these guys much better.

i'm about pretty goddamn sick of this too...
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