a young photo of a now bald little man.







5-5-04: This site is very, very old. Do I still feel the same way all these years later? How could I? As much as I disliked these folks, the complete messes they have managed to make of their lives are far worse than anything I could have ever wished on them. So, understand that what follows is an exercise in self-indulgence.

OK, I did this page many, many years ago. It was cheaper than anything else I could name.

I thought it was funny. Some folks found it cruel.

You didn't find this place on a search engine. You didn't end up here by accident. You know me or you know the parties illustrated here.

As all of this falls under the heading of "satire", not a word of this is actionable. So, skip the "I will sue you" threats, OK? Besides, do you have any idea how weak that sounds?


So, without any more introduction...