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Richard "Rich" Craig...

I'm from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.. and you may guess that my main interest is music.

Kinda look like "Dude" from the Big Lebowski, huh?

I was in Ocean City from the spring of 1999 till December of 1999, working at an AM talk radio station (WETT 1590) as an engineer, but also as the live band for an evening radio show. I was Known as The Stiff Richard Band.

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My Band 

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My Friends

These People are mostly people I have met on the InterNet, at one place, called PointWorld, provided by blaxxun interactive

Hunter & Star My best net friends, they have a VERRY extensive site going, Including a full blown Message Board, a cool Java Games Page.. and a HUUGE selection of WAV's  suitable for PowWow.
Guy A Graphic AND 3D master.... he has a great Site going with Images and Avatars available for free use...He's always ready to share the latest CareWare with everyone he knows and he's Fine people to get to know :-)).
Jedi A Music Officianato (spelling????) his site has many musical links and midis and etc........ he is way cool to get to know as well :-)).

E-Mail me at rcraig@netrus.net

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