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     Okay, so I'm back working on my page again. There is a new page for the kids with pictures now. Make sure you take the time to look at the Calvin & Hobbes Snow Art, it's a riot. Also, the Top Ten page is going to be changing as well. There isn't anything on it right now, but as soon as I figure out something Top Ten worthy I'll get started. Feel free to email my any suggestions you might have if you want. As most of you probably now by now, the family is back in Louisiana and glad to be here I am. I'm a minutes walk from Mitzi's house, something I love.

     Okay, here's my new fun news. My site is now at a new address. You'll be able to find me at http://denise.nichel.net or http://denise.nichel.org. This all on account of the fact that stinkin' geoshitties kept shutting my site off because, apparently, I was exceeding my alotted file transfer allowance. Hmph! So they want 20 bucks to upgrade, and here I've got myself two of my very own domains for 5 bucks a month. Screw those creeps I say! My site can be viewed already at those two sites, so bookmark em as this site will be going down soon.

     Fadi, I know you're going to be reading this at some point and I just have to say, I think it's high time you made a new home page. Your page is now so old, the link won't work. At any rate, the information and pictures were three hundred years old anyway. Come on, don't be such a lazy fathead.

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I came across this cartoon recently and realized immediately that it completely defines the nature of the friendship I have with my good buddy Brockhead. *L* Click on the cartoon to view his page and take a look at the comic he chose to link to my page, it's classic.

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