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Feel free to e-mail me at hurcoman@hotmail.com

If your enough of a netizen you can always reach me by ICQ #156896

This site is under construction, and probably always will be. Sorry for any broken links and such.

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This page last updated 9-03-99

Hello and welcome to Hurcoman's home. The reason behind the name is a long story. But you should know how hard it is to pick a name on the net. I'm going through a major revamping of my site. I swear I'll add more soon, really. Enjoy your stay here, I hope you find something useful.

    There are many features here, please choose from the following 
      For a picture of me go here.
      Computer sections: Split into sections for clarity, I offer the following; 
      1. Web Design. How to make your own home page and a lot of links to sites that help. This is from my commercial web site, Bewweb web design.
      2. Computer: Links and information for the computer curious.
      3. Games: Nothing beats a computer experience like blowing stuff up. Come here if your interested in games like Command & Conquer, Grand Theft Auto, Descent, Sim City, and more!
      Humor and jokes: My section and links to other great sites. New and Improved! Now with bigger and meatier chunks.
      News: Links to news sites- the spin-off could be conspiracy. 
      Music: Some of my favorite bands.
      Nature: My page about Enchanted Rock, one of my favorite places in Texas.
      Food: My hometown white trash cookbook.
      Wedding: Come visit my page about my sisters wedding. It has been very highly rated!
      Friends and Family pages: Links to many other kewl sites.

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