Christianity vs. Buddhism
What I am going to write down here seems to be of great beneficial to the whole people of the world. Every person has religion, no matter what religion he belongs to. Different group of people with different cultures all have the same Goal towards their life. Every religion is in one and one is in every religion . When we compare about the religions, they definitely have the same Goal and Ultimate of Life. The only thing which is very important is PEACE. Peace is the only extreme way which GOD, the Almighty , and DHAMMA want the nature to be.
Pricha Charusuntonsri

" While comparing Christianity with Buddha-Dhamma, it must be acknowledged that each religion has both its outer form and inner essence. In order to be fair we should compare the outer forms of one religion with the outer forms of the other, likewise the inner essence with inner essence and not otherwise. The word religion should be defined as "a system to observation and practice which binds man to the highest thing, call it what you will--God or Nirvana." "One cannot judge whether a certain religion is right or wrong, true or false, on the strength of one's study or reasoning, for the criterion or standard must be "the fruit which one really bears within one's own mind." Therefore, before passing any kind of judgement with regard to a religion, followers of different religions should first try to obtain the fruit of the practice of whatever religion they delight in." " The real enemy of any religion is not other religions but materialism that feeds on and cultivates the human instinct of selfishness for the sake of material development. Runaway materialism is what all religions should join hands against, for it has been the most powerful force in turning people away from spiritualism of all forms." "The more broadminded and tolerant the beleivers of different religions are towards each other, the more fruitful  religious life will be, and the more the world will be blessed by GOD."