So you want to know about me huh?

I have moved again! You may now find me in the downtown streets of Lafayette, Indiana scouring the streets for whatever trouble I can find. I still love to listen to jazz and blues and go to old car shows and flea markets. My latest passion is antiques and refinishing my flea market finds. I work for full service financial firm as a registered sales assistant. Impressive huh? Not really. I am just an under-appreciated genius, like the rest of you. ~G~ What I would really like to do is take exotic and gorgeous pictures in distant and far away places ~S~ I hate ignorance and jealousy and am trying to do my part to wipe it right off the face of the Earth ~G~ I am still with the love of my life and am currently busy being ecstatically happy.

I am a true Piscean in every way and my head is usually in the clouds. I am a dreamer in heart and mind and am constantly thinking up new adventures that most often land me in trouble. ~S~ Recently I found my path in life and started studying, learning, and practicing witchcraft. I admit to being an novice in this area, so helpful hints and advice are more than welcome. There are a lot of sites that helped me grow as a witch and as a person. I have started a page to cover them all and will get it working soon!

I am sorry that I don't have many pics for you to gaze at ~G~, but I may one day when the Scanner Faerie blesses me with a new scanner.

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