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The glamorous life of a working journalist
This is the mugshot that runs whenever I do a column in the paper. Note: I have electronically erased the humungous bags under my eyes. Here's where I work. I'm a professional journalist. Believe it....or not.
Here's some snapshots from my scrapbook, featuring some of my past careers and one or two famous friends.
Go and look at my resume before proceeding to the fun and games.

Fun with Java section:
Mess with Newt Gingrich's head.
Make Arlen Specter look human.

Wendy's chairman of the board Dave Thomas, former (heh heh hehhhhh) Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and Senator Connie Mack chugging beers and figuring out more ways to screw poor people.

Odd thought of the month: If pot is illegal, and liquor is legal, aren't we implying that liquor can be used responsibly and pot can't? If so, why is it you never hear stories about someone smoking a joint and then going and beating up his wife? You certainly hear enough about drunks getting violent...
A random act of cruelty

Looking for a model of the way things should work? Visit Robert Fripp's record company, Discipline Global Mobile. Especially entertaining is Robert's online diary, which you will find under the "news" link.

Also of interest is the Guitar Craft web site. Guitar Craft is unique; it's a philosophy of life that extends from the craft of playing the guitar. Picture Kwai Chang Caine doing guitar duets with Master Po instead of fighting with staves, and you get the idea.

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