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Welcome to the world of the pharaohs. We are going to take you to the past. 4000 years ago! We will take you on a tour to the pharaonic world. You will meet Ramses II , Tutankhamon, and Cleopatra. You will discover mysterious secrets. You will see pictures of real dead mommies. (They're dead, alright!) You will be amazed by the beauty of their history. You will read about their Religion, Games, Beleifs, Traditions, and much more. You will also read about the beauty of the Nile, the Blood Vein of Egypt. All of this right here at the tip of your fingers.

With today's technologies, you can actually live in the world of Ancient Egypt. You can learn their language, right here on our site.

Or if your are an Antique collectioner, come see our pharaohs Antique Shop containing antiques at rock bottom prices. It has from miniature statues to hand-drawn pharaonic art on real papyrus paper, to to miniature mommies and scarabees.

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