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Mikey's Homepage

Their latest CD *KNOCK ONE BACK* is now available. Don't forget to check out their first CD: *THE STING THAT'S SWING*

Big Tubba Mista is a seven man band of hep cats, that can really make you cut the rug! Their style & motif captures the sites of the swingin era & won't let you go!

Every BTM show is a clambake, so don't be a blunter - get hip to the hep & get on your gladrags, fedoras & fly like Lindy... get the infectious beat & go swingin!

*If you don't live it... it can't come out of your horn.*
-Charlie *Yardbird* Parker

Photo taken at "The Crossroads" Fairfax,Virginia.

Thanks for swingin by! My name is Mikey. Some of my hobbies are listening to and playing music, surfing the net, going to movies,...and when I'm not doing all that I'm a student at:

Lebanon Valley College, Annville,PA,
Music Ed. & Performance

-URLs to my Favorite Netsites:

The Big Tubba Mista' Homepage
The (Unofficial) Big Tubba Mista' Page
My friend Erin's page
Fr. Mike's Homepage & Links (Dedicated to *Mighty* Mickey Malone & Big Tubba Mista Swing Band.)

Make sure ya drop me a line before leaving!

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