or so say certain members of an underground motorcycle organization who ride these oil-puking antiques. In fact, shovelheads are dinosours that will shortly become extinct, to be replaced by the finest engine Harley-Davidson has ever made - the TC88!


I love Harley Davidson motorcycles and am active in the Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association. I also love New Orleans, and the easy livin' that goes with it. I own the bike and have visited the city. The easy livin' part is harder to find.

I have a wife, a daughter and son-in-law, two step-sons, and a dog. My wife is gentle and caring, the kids are neat and hard-working, and the dog is well-behaved. They often gather 'round me, while I sit in my easy chair smoking my pipe, and praise me. (The dog wags his tail and licks my hand.)

Most of my friends are currently doing time, so pictures will be a problem. My friends are generally deadbeats and malcontents; but they'll do.

This particular example is a would-be bandido named Paganelli. Paganelli wanders the web naked, but for his hat, carrying a chromed machete. He is accompanied by his lover, a small and shapely ewe he purchased while traveling in Morocco. Paganelli is viciously stupid, but has used his limited, yet sly intelligence to escape the law. Beware of Paganelli.

This moral degenerate, ol'P-Square, occasionally sobers up long enough to get his picture taken. He's an Arkansas hillbilly with a rudimentary command of the language who occasionally fakes respectability. Keep your young daughters away from Pace.

Wait a minute! This is not my wife! The infamous legs has snuck in a picture. Time for ol'Iggy to book on outta here. Later.

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