Woodro's Pikture Book thingy

This is Calvin. He's my son. He eats spaghetti strand by strand the way I taught him to. He has confiscated alot of the toys I used to enjoy. I pretend not to notice this. He's a wacky guy 'cause lately he has taken a passion up with carrying rocks around as supplemental toys. I don't do rocks. He naps alot too. When we move to Key West, we will have to get an extra hammock for Calvin. This pikture was taken of him as he played his favorite game "Stairs Ruler" with his mom, Murphy. I think Murphy won this particular match thingy.

This is Calvin's mother, Murphy. She is wacky too. I say the word "Howdy!" like: "whoowoof!" Murphy says "Burffff!". She is beautiful to me. She cleans me and Calvin. She plays with Calvin alot. They have a special game called "Stairs Ruler". The one to hold their spot at the top of the stairs the longest is the winner. It is a very difficult game for Calvin because Murphy is very talented. I do not play the game because when they are playing it - I use this opportunity to slurp on all the toys.

This is my other son, Franklin. He is BIG! He is a very kind and gentle boy who's entire existance is highlighted by mealtime and milkbone thingies. He takes up alot of room in our bed though. I have to stretch out all of my legs to squish him over so I can sleep. He snores louder than me - this makes me proud! Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee-pee, I trip over him. He is startled and growls. The rest of the dog group all wake up, growl, bark, jump up and scurry downstairs to SEA just what the heck happened. Maw Raubyn and Papa Chip holler something at all of us and we have to go back to bed.

This is Nikki. She is my firstborn. She is a bit neurotic. In this pikture she thinks she SEAs an intruder in our yard. I checked it out and found only two leaves and a rock. I told her not to worry and that leaves and rocks are people too. I guess she is a good guarder of the yard though. I taught her all my military manuvers and consider her to be my right paw. One time she wuz my left paw. But I think she likes the right paw position the best. Because she is so neurotic - we let her be whatever paw she wants. Her nickname is "Licky-Nikki". She licks the humans, she licks us dogs, she licks the floor and she even licks the air thingies. She needs a hobby - please send all postage stamps to her.

This is me, The Woodro. In this pic I am currently scoping out our backyard. Sometimes birds, squirells and rabbits venture into my yard and I have to scatter them back out. I do not kill my fellow animal friends - but the rest of my family seems to find it quite exhilirating to chase the poor fellows around and torment them. I must convince them not to do this anymore. My motto is: Eat your veggies - not your friends. But a good burger or a hot roast beef sandwich, or a nice crisp piece of bacon sure does hit the spot sometimes! Please visit my DIARY for help with cancer with homeopathy.

I have alot more photos of my family, but I need to go to my darkroom to develop them. But here is a pic of a couple of my favorite people. Their names are Connie & Fred. They moved to California about a year ago and I miss them. They spent the night with us one time and I got to get into bed with them!

This is The Woodro's Keeper. His true identity will never be revealed because he works undercover. (I just LOVE it under the covers - don't you!) He protects me from all the scary creatures that live on and off the WWW.

Calvin wants to say HI! to you!

Thank you for viewing my pikture book thingy. Please revisit 'cause I will be in my dark room developing more piktures for you to SEA!


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