The Woodro's Good Fight

Close-up of The Woodro

The Woodro was diagnosed with lung cancer on Oct. 8, 1997.

We have created this page in order to record our selection of homeopathy as a treatment for The Woodro's lung cancer. We have opted not to "bore" our readers with alot of heart-sobbing words and moaning. Our hearts are broken because of The Woodro's prognosis - he is our life. There's not enough paper on the WWW to express our feelings, so we hope the info we have put together will help someone else in a similar predicament. The following diary has been recorded in order to help other pet owners deal with a terminal illness in their beloved animal friend.

DISCLAIMER: We neither endorse nor promote any of the commercial links on this page. They are for informational use only. These are the brands we were able to find in our area. Please feel free to choose a brand that appeals to you.

Please see our testimonial section. We are posting "testimonials" on homeopathy submitted to us from other people who have tried, or are using homeopathy as a treatment for their animal friend's ailment(s).


Sept. 18, 1997 -
The Woodro's 7th Birthday. Happy birthday Woodro!

Sept. 30, 1997 -
Noticed The Woodro developing a "gagging" cough. He coughed maybe twice a day - not very regular. We scheduled an appointment with his doctor just in case.

Oct. 1, 1997 -
X-Rays revealed a "mass" either on The Woodro's heart or right lung. We were referred to The University of Tennessee Small Animal Clinic Phone: 865-974-5664

Oct. 8, 1997 -
Dr. Bassett was the attending veterinarian. The UT Animal Clinic ordered an ultra-sound and needle aspiration (bioposy) of the mass. Diagnosis: A large and rapidly advancing malignant primary tumor was found on The Woodro's right lung. The cells retreived from the biopsy multiplied even on the lab slide. Prognosis: Removal of the affected lung lobe would give The Woodro maybe 60 more days to live (30 of these days would be spent recuperating). We will have to think about this . . .

Oct. 9, 1997 -
Spent 12 1/2 hours surfing the web for information on a more "natural" treatment for The Woodro's condition. (see the list of links we found). We searched for info. on homeopathy. Webster's Dictionary definition: "n. treatment of disease by small doses of what would produce the symptoms in a healthy person." In other words "like-heals-like".

We were amazed at the response a few webmasters gave us. We emailed an explaination of The Woodro's condition and sent questions asking which were the proper herbs, minerals, etc. to start giving him. By the end of the evening we had compiled a list of herbs to purchase. (Please see List and Dosages below).

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October, 1997

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November, 1997

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December, 1997

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January, 1998

The Woodro's Personal Page

We have compiled the following list of webpages dealing with homeopathy remedies and cancer in dogs to help you in your search of the correct treatment for your animal illness.

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Shirley's page is very organized and informative. Shirley helped us to "revamp" this page of ours. Thank you Shirley!

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This Place is GREAT! Gail has been very helpful and timely in replying to all of our questions.

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WoodroThank you Sherri at The Spot for creating this image for The Woodro

Our fav. local Natural Foods Store:
Vegette's CHOICE
Betty Timberlake
1382 Sulphur Springs Road
Morristown, TN 37813

Friends of The Woodro
The Woodro gives thanx

The Woodro's "Medicine"

Dosage = four capsules a day
1) Red Clover Blend "Hoxy Formula"
2) Pau D' Arco
3) LH ("lung healer")
4) E-Tea "Essiac"
5)Una De Gato "Cat's Claw"
6) Grape Seed Extract
7) Cancen-Z (3 capsules a day)
8) Immun-Plus
9) Modified Citrus Pectin - for liver function (4 capsules a day) - added on 12/12/97
10) Pure Liver - for liver function (2 capsules a day) - added on 12/12/97

Bio Plasma
-a combination of the 12 tissue salts
Dosage = 2 pills 3 times a day (6 total daily)

One (1) tablespoon flax oil per 1/4 cup of cottage cheese mixed with
Alfalfaand The Missing Link three times a day

Semi-raw meats
Mineral water only
Non-preservative canned dog foods
A dash of Tumeric on all his foods

1) Castor Oil/wool flannel cloth pack 30 minutes a day at bedtime
2) 20 liters of oxygen for 5 minutes - 3 or 4 times a day
3) Lots of "uplifting" voices and fun.

Here are two Alternative Medicine Veterinarians in our area:

Fountain City Animal Hospital
Raikaur Khalsa, V.M.D
5030 North Broadway
Knoxville, TN 37918
(423) 688-0776


FOUR WINDS Holistic Animal Services
Sandra A. Priest, D.V.M.
600 Bennington Circle
Knoxville, TN 37909
(423) 690-3863

The Rainbow Bridge
Pet Loss Grief Support



STOP the fur cat/dog
The senseless killing of cats and dogs,
human's loyal and most trusted companions
for the international fur trade has got to STOP!

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