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DECEMBER  is . . .
Winter Month, Hi Neighbor Month, National Closed Caption TV Month, National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month, Read A New Book Month, Safe Toys and Gifts Month, Universal Human Rights Month, Bingo's Birthday Month
1st Week 2nd Week
Christmas Tree Week
Flossie Beadle Week
Civil Rights Week
Human Rights Week
National Drunk Drivers Awareness Week
3rd Week 4th Week
International Language Week
Tell Someone They're Doing a Good Job Week
Halcyon Days (7 days before & after winter solstice)
Orange Bowl Week (12/25-1/3)

December Movable Daily Holidays
Day Holiday
1st Thursday Lover's Fair (Belgium)
Festival of Trees begins (Topeka, Kansas)
Thursday after the 1st Tuesday Apple Pie Day (Winchester College)
3 Thursdays before Christmas Klopfelnachte (Germany)
Thursday after the 1st Tuesday Apple Pie Day (Winchester College)
2nd Saturday Army & Navy Union Day (Massachusetts)
2 Thursdays before Christmas Klopfleisnachte (Germany)
1st Day of Winter California Kiwifruit Day
3rd Monday Nuts Fair (Belgium)
3rd Friday Underdog Day
Thursday before Christmas Anklopfnachte (Germany)

December Indeterminate Holidays
The holidays in this table are either based on calendars other than the Gregorian Calendar or are keyed to natural events such as seasons or cosmological phenomena
Time Period Holiday
9th Day of Dhul-Hijjah, 12th Islamic month Waqfat Arafat
10th Day of Dhul-Hijjah, 12th Islamic month Eid al-adha (Feast of Sacrifice)
Full Moon Day of the 1st lunar month Sangamitta Day (Sri Lanka)
Sometime during 11th or 12th Chinese month (@ Dec/Jan) Ta Chiu (Hong Kong)
Sometime in early December MADD International Candlelight Vigil of Remembrance and Hope
Sometime between Advent & January 6th Midwinter Horn Blowing (Netherlands)
Sometime during a deep snowfall after Christmas but before Easter Kulig (Poland)

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1 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Woody Allen
Giuseppe Sarti
Richard Pryor
Carol Alt
Oliver Willcott
Mary Martin
Lee Trevino
Alicia Markova
Rex Stout
Minoru Yamasaki
Kristeen Arnold
Julia A. Davis Moore
Morris "Red" Badgro
Gary Panter
Stephen Poliakoff
John Densmore
Walter Alston
Steve Walsh
Roynell Young
Bette Midler
Charlene Tilton
Lou Rawls
George Foster
Theatre Day
Festival of Poseidon (Greek God of Sea & Rebirth)
National Pie Day
Festival of Poseidon
Carnival of Celendonia (Fairy)
St. Edmund Campion's Day (patron of printers)
International Prisoners for Peace Day
Macau Independence Day
Iceland Independence Day
Central African Republic Independence Day
Portugal Independence Day
Mocidade Day (Portugal)
Bizarre Bazaar
Eat A Red Apple Day
Kalends of December
Becky Thatcher Day
Romania National Day
World AIDS Day (UN)
Rosa Parks Day
St. Eloy's Day (patron of coin collectors, garage & gas station workers, horses, smiths)
Matilda Newport Day (Liberia)
St. Eligius' Day (patron of jewelers, veterinarians, cutlers, locksmiths, clockmakers, toolmakers, cab drivers, farmers, jockeys, carriage makers, labourers)
December 1 Events
Oxygen atmosphere formed on Earth (Sagan calendar)
X-Rays discovered
1st Gas Station opened (1913)
Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus (1955)
1st Skywriting demonstration
Candide published
Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin eloped (1960)
1st Corn Husking Contest held
Civil Air Patrol founded
Yukon Order of Pioneers founded (1894)
1st Neon Lights lit up
Archie comic strip began (1941)
Chunnel workers met in the middle (1990)
La Guardia Airport opened
1st Christmas Club established (1909)
Henry I died from a fish overdose (1135)
Gone with the Wind premiered (1939)
Iceland became an independent state from Denmark (1918)
Harry Chapin's Cats in the Cradle reached No. 1 (1974)
1st Land speed record set (39.24 mph; 1898)
British Cape Colony's slaves freed, outraging Boer farmers (1834)
1st Woman sworn in as Member of Parliament (UK; 1919)
Portugal expelled Spain and regained its independence (1640)
12 nations signed a treaty preserving Antarctica for scientific research (1959)
Muhammed Ali saw a UFO while jogging in Central Park (1971)
Tunnel under the English Channel connected (1990)
Denmark passed an act giving independence to Iceland (1918)
Felix & Oscar appeared on Password (on the Odd Couple; 1972)
Lincoln Saving & Loan Board of Directors approved acquisition by Charles Keating (1983)
East Germany voted to end the Communist Party's monopoly of power (1989)

2 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Georges Seurat
Peter Goldmark
John Barbirolli
Maria Callas
John Bentley
Monica Seles
Julie Harris
Tracy Austin
William Randolph Hearst
Sharry Konopsko (Pb 8/87)
T. Coraghessan Boyle
Chretien De Troyes
Walter Plinge
Ray Walston
Adolph Green
Stone Phillips
Willie Brown
Renee Tenison (Pb 11/89)
Heinrich Barkhausen
William Wegman
Gary Meier
Randy Gardner
Charlie Ventura
Alexander Haig
Pedro Borbon
Julio Cruz
O.J. McDuffie
Brian Habib
Cathy Lee Crosby
Harry Reid
Edwin Meese III
Lovers' Fair (Belgium)
Atomic Day
Pan American Health Day
St. Chromatius' Day
Feast of Pirate Utopias
Laos Republic Day
Festival of the Finger-Stalls (Fairy)
United Arab Emirates Independence Day
Sugarplum Festival
Walter Plinge Day (UK)
National Fritters Day
St. Bibiana's Day (patron against hangovers)
December 2 Events
St. Paul's Cathedral opened (London; 1697)
1st Self-Sustaining Nuclear Chain Reaction made (1942)
Monroe Doctrine signed (1823)
Red Telephone Boxes 1st appeared (London; 1928)
1st permanent artificial heart transplant performed (on Barney Clark; 1982)
US built the 1st atomic pile (1942)
Ford Model A 1st for sale (1927)
1st English-language newspaper pubnlished (1620)
Napoleon crowned himself Emperor (1804)
Safety Razor with disposable blades 1st for sale (1901)
1st Televised child birth
Abolistionist John Brown hanged (1859)
Sam Cooke's You Send Me reached No. 1 (1957)
Marquis de Sade died in a lunatic asylum (1814)
Pu-Yi ascends to the throne of China (1908)
Chinese republicans captured Nanking (1911)
Michael Jackson's video Thriller premiered (1983)
British Intelligence deciphered a Japanese message regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)
Senator Joseph McCarthy finally condemned by Congress for "conduct unbecoming to a senator" (1954)
Mercenary coup to overthrow Seychelles by posing as golfer on vacation failed when a golf bag was dropped at the airport and a gun fell out (1981)

3 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Anton Webern
Jean Luc Goddard
Charles A. Pillsbury
Joseph Conrad
Gilbert Stuart
Katerina Witt
Anna Freud
William Gropper
Cleveland Abbe
John Ringling
Anna Chlumsky
Carl Koller
Bobby Allison
Charles VI (1368)
Sven Vilhem Nykvist
Joe Collins
Laura Dean
Carlos Montoya
Rowland Hill
Tom Fears
Keith Dorney
Toi Cook
Victor Pasmore
Jaye P. Morgan
Ozzy Osbourne
Ferlin Husky
Rick Mears
Kathy Jordan
Andy Williams
Jazz Day
Bona Dea Festival (Roman Good Goddess)
National Ice Cream Box Day
Grange Day
National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day
Feast of Liu-Hsing (Stellar God of Happiness; China)
St. Francis Xavier's Day (patron of Australia, Borneo, China, Goa, India, missionaries, Outer Mongolia, tourism)
Fairy and Goblin Taunt-and-Tease Saturnalia (Fairy)
International Day of Disabled Persons (UN)
Singapore Independence Day
Day Without Crime (Illinois)
Reinvigorate Your Brain by Reading Something Today Day
St. Cassian of Tangier's Day (patron of stenographers)
December 3 Events
Cold War ended (1989)
1st Co-ed College opened (Oberlin; 1833)
Illinois became the 21st state (1818)
1st Technicolor film shown
Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared for 11 days (1926)
1st Fire Insurance policy written
Gershwin's Concerto in F premiered (1925)
1st Successful heart transplant performed (1967)
Union Carbide killed 1,000's in Bhopal, India (1984)
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee published
1st Official US flag raised (1775)
Longest lease signed (10 million years; Ireland, 1888)
That Darn Cat premiered
Mommie Dearest reached the best-seller list (1978)
1st Anti-Slavery Newspaper, North Star, founded (1847)
Panama Canal Zone 1st issued license plates (1910)
Hawaii became 1st state to legally recognize same-sex marriages (1996)
King Edward VII dissolved UK Parliament because no budget was passed (1905)
11 trampeled to death at Who concert (Cincinnati, Ohio; 1979)
Will to Powers Baby I Love Your Way & Freebird Medley reached No. 1 (1988)
Federal District Court in Pennsylvania ruled a man could not sue "Satan and His Staff" for making his life miserable and "causing his downfall" based on lack of personal jurisdiction over Satan (1971) [54 F.R.D. 282 (W.D. Penna. 1971)]

4 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Wassily Kandinsky
Samuel Butler
Rainer Maria Rilke
Max Baer Jr.
John Portman
Thomas Carlyle
Crazy Horse
Jeff Bridges
Horst Bucholz
Deanna Durbin
Rudolf Hausner
A.D. Hershey
John Cotton
Patricia Wettig
John Cotton
Freddy Cannon
Edith Louisa Cavell
Chris Hillman
John Giorno
Stewart Rawlings Mott
Lillian Russell
Jesse Burkett
Stan Gelbaugh
Harvey Kuenn
Francisco Franco
Pope Julius II
Presentation Day
St. Barbara's Day (patron of firemen, architects, mathematicians, fireworks, miners, sailors; against lightning, fire, explosions, sudden death)
Comet Day
Day of the Artisans (Mexico)
Pallas Athena Celebration (Goddess of Wisdom)
Wind Whirling Bacchanalia (Fairy)
National Cookie Day
St. Osmund's Day (patron against rupture, paralysis)
Kris Kringle's Fair (Nuremburg, Germany)
St. Maruthas' Day (patron of Iran)
Wear Brown Shoes Day
St. John Damascene's Day
Wear a Beard of Bees Today Day
December 4 Events
Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto premiered
Power Lawn Mower patented
Manila patented
London Sunday Observer 1st published (1791)
Chase's Calendar of Events 1st published (1957)
Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire premiered on broadway (1947)
National Grange founded
Comic strip Dandy 1st published (UK; 1937)
USS Marie Celeste found floating in Atlantic Ocean without its crew (1872)
Patrons of Husbandry formed (aka Grange; 1867)
1st Man killed by a bowling ball (1982)
Original Fuller Brush Man, Alfred Fuller, died (1973)
Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton, murdered by Chicago police (1969)
Last American hostage released by Lebanon (1991)
Nicholas Breakspeare became 1st English Pope (1154)
Byrds' Turn! Turn! Turn! reached No. 1 (1965)
2nd Ecumenical Council began (Roman Catholic; 1963)
Whig Party held 1st National Convention in US (1839)
Fatty Arbuckle acquitted of rape and manslaughter (1921)
Polly and Her Pals comic strip began (1912)
Elizabeth Taylor married Senator John Warner (1976)
Georgia officially recognized the Ku Klux Klan (1915)
Pan American Airlines went out of business (1991)
Turkey reached an armistice with all its Balkan allies except Greece (1912)
Matisse painting discovered hanging upside down at NYC Museum of Art

5 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Walt Disney
Strom Thurmond
Werner Heisenberg
Martin Van Buren
Otto Preminger
Fritz Lang
David Bromberg
Jim Plunkett
George Armstrong Custer
J.J. Cale
Little Richard
Joan Didion
Calvin Trillin
Morgan Brittany
Jim Messina
Carrie Hamilton
Art Monk
Gary Roenicke
Victor Jones
Jose Carreras
Chad Mitchell
King's Birthday (Thailand)
Festival of Faunus (Old Roman)
St. Nicholas' Eve (Belgium)
Key Night (David Letterman)
St. Saba's Day
National Sacher Torte Day
St. Clement of Alexandria's Day
International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (UN)
Dingle-Fritter, Gooseberry Humple, Tiger-Get-By, Lone Folding, and Zimber Quattor's (Multiple Squashing of Celebration; Fairy)
December 5 Events
Prohibition repealed in US (1933)
1st Nudist Colony opened
Numbers 1st used on football jerseys
Folding Theatre Chair patented
Channels on Mars formed (Sagan calendar)
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker premiered
Death of Smaug (Hobbitt)
Phi Beta Kappa fraternity founded
Graduate premiered
1st Bicycle School opened
Paul McCartney & Wings' Band On the Run released
Death of MacBeth
Pipe Wrench patented
Frankenstein premiered
Mozart died (1791)
Columbus discovered Haiti (1492)
1st Female Judge in UK appointed (1956)
Gerardus Mercator died (1594)
Steel manufacturing process patented (1865)
Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott began (1955)
AFL and CIO labor unions merged (1955)
Clarke County, Georgia founded (home of Athens; 1801)
Japanese Navy destroyed Russian fleet at Port Arthur (1904)
Greeks voted to reinstate ex-King Constantine (1920)
Dinah Shore married George Montgomery (1943)
1st Scholastic fraternity founded (Phi Beta Kappa; William & Mary; 1776)
Flight 19 vanished off coast of Florida (1945)
6 US Navy Airplanes disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle (1945)
Shay's Rebellion (Massachusetts; 1786)
USSR signed 20-year treaty of friendship with Afghanistan (1978)
At 3:32 p.m., Utah voted to repeal prohibition giving enough states to repeal the 21st Amendent (1933)
Rev. Algernon Crapsey convicted of heresy for questioning Jesus' divinity (1906)

6 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Steven Wright
Dave Brubeck
Joyce Kilmer
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Ira Gershwin
Janine Turner
Zeno the Stoic
Charles Hall
Agnes Moorehead
Catherine Smith
Tom Hulce
Henry VI
John Singleton Mosby
Leon Kroll
Stuart Davis
Dwight Stones
F.C. Cadell
Otto Graham
John Eberhard
William S. Hart
Steve Bedrosian
Tony Lazzeri
Andy Robustelli
George Trafton
Larry Bowa
Warren Hastings
Mike Smith
Wally Cox
Chelsea Brown
Walter Perkins
John Cobb
Don Nickles
"Baby Face" Nelson
St. Nicholas' Day (patron of bakers, barrel makers, bootblacks, brides, brewers, children, dockworkers, fishermen, Greece, pawnbrokers, perfumers, Russia, Sicily, spinsters, thieves, travelers)
Bophuthatswana Independence Day
Days of Reckoning begin (Fairy)
Ireland Independence Day
Denmark Independence Day
Thor's Day
St. Emilian's Day (patron of duggists)
Finland Independence Day
Day of Quito (Ecuador)
National Gazpacho Day
December 6 Events
1st Sound Recording made (Mary Had A Little Lamb; 1872)
Beatles' Rubber Soul released
Washington Monument finished
Alcohol for sale again in the US (1933)
1st Crematorium opened
Columbus discovered Haiti (1492)
Monet died (1926)
Impossible Years premiered
Denmark became 1st nation to establish education system (1774)
Florida Everglades Park dedicated
Rolling Stones' played Altamont Speedway (1969)
Christine Keeler convicted of perjury (1963)
Thief of Bagdad premiered
Mongolia declared protectorate of Russia (1911)
Cuban Communist Revolution began (1956)
Montgomery County, Alabama founded (1816)
Haymarket anarchists trial began (1889)
13th Amendment ratified, supposedly abolishing slavery in US (1865)
Saddam Hussein released 3,400 hostages held since invasion of Kuwait (1990)
1st Concert given by the New York Philharmonic
US ban on James Joyce's Ulysses finally lifted (1933)
Cromwell refused admittance of 200 Presbyterian MP's to Parliament (1648)
Austria became 1st nation to establish a state education system (1774)
Madame Du Barry, last mistress of Louis XV, guillotined (1793)
Steam's Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye reached No. 1 (1969)
Finland declared itself independent from Russia (1917)
Mont Black munitions ship exploded off Halifax, killing thousands (1917)
AFL-CIO voted to separate from International Brotherhood of Teamsters due to competition (1957)
Altamont concert-goer stabbed to death by Hell's Angels security after he pulled a gun (1969)

7 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Mary Queen of Scots
Rudolf Friml
Tom Waits
Willa Cather
Theodor Schwann
Richard Drew (inventor of Scotch Tape)
Larry Bird
Ted Knight
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Johnny Bench
Pietro Mascagni
Richard W. Sears
Angel Kelly
Joyce Cary
C. Thomas Howell
Noah Chomsky
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Harry Chapin
Johan Huizinga
Maris Tussaud
Jacob Kainen
Eli Wallach
Louis Prima
Johnny "Whiz" Gee
Priscilla Barnes
Gary Morris
Lilian Westcott Hale
Ellen Burstyn
Gregg Allman
Thad Cochran
Ozzie Virgil
Ricky Young
Victor Kermit Kiam II
Festival of Primordial Beings
Enlightenment Day
Lebanon Independence Day
Bodhi (Buddhist Celebration)
St. Ambrose's Day (patron of beekeepers, geese, orators)
Moravian Christmas Putz begins (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
Ivory Coast Independence Day
Day of Mourning for Dingle-Fritter, Gooseberry Humple, Tiger-Get-By, Lone Folding, but not Zimber Quattor (Fairy)
National Cotton Candy Day
December 7 Events
Delaware became the 1st state (1787)
Japan attacked Pearl Harbor (1941)
Pigtails Abolished (China)
Gas Refrigerator patented
US declared war on Austria (WW 1; 1917)
National Fire Safety Council founded (1979)
A Night At the Opera premiered
Covent Garden Opera House opened (1732)
Mr. Mister's Broken Wings reached No. 1 (1985)
1st US execution by lethal injection (Texas; 1982)
William Pitt became UK Prime Minister at 24 (1783)
Armenian Earthquake killed 100,000 (1988)
US declared war on Austria (1917)
New York Philharmonic Symphony performed their 1st concert (1842)
Lewis & Clark made winter camp in Oregon (1805)
Cicero executed for writing against Mark Anthony (43 BCE)
General Marshall Ney executed for treason, for helping Napoleon at Wateloo (1815)
Wacko massacres 14 women at the University of Montreal before killing himself (1989)
Serbs bombed Dubrovnik's historic Old Town breaking the 14th ceasefire agreement (1991)

8 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Jean Sibelius
James Thurber
Richard Fleischer
Eli Whitney
Jim Morrison
Diego Rivera
Sam Kinison
Bohuslav Martinu
Kim Basinger
Sinead O'Connor
Elzie Segar
Neil Innes
Mary, Queen of Scots
Wilfredo Lam
Lucien Freud
James Hoban
Padrai Colum
James MacArthur
William C. Durant
James Galway
Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Christina (1626)
Lee J. Cobb
Maxmillian Schell
Elihu Burritt
Marina Augustus Baker (Pb 3/87)
Jerry Butler
David Carradine
Red Berenson
Edwin Sandys
Barry Foster
George Rogers
Jans-Joachim Stuck
Donna Michelle (PB 12/63)
Sammy Davis Jr.
Ed Brinkman
Andrew W. Daga
Flip Wilson
Astraea's Day (Greek Goddess of Justice)
National Brownie Day
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Afflux (Discordian)
Take It In the Ear Day
Winter Flowers Day
Beach Day (Uruguay)
Israa W Miiraj (Night Journey)
Bodhi Day
Lady of Camarin Day (Guam)
Nightwatch Illumination Ceremony
Tanzania Independence Day
St. Mary, the Immaculate Conception's Day (patron of the USA)
December 8 Events
John Lennon assassinated (1980)
Livingstone left for Africa
Washington crossed the Delaware River (1776)
1st Bird-banding society established
Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour released
China moved to Taiwan (1949)
Sibelius' 5th Symphony premiered
USSR dissolved (1991)
A.F. of L. established
1st Heavyweight Boxing Championship fought (1863)
Richard Strauss' Salome premiered (1911)
Clifton Suspension Bridge opened (Bristol, UK; 1864)
Marx Brothers' Coconuts premiered on Broadway (1925)
Largest illegal Ivory Tusk stockpile discovered (1991)
US, Britain, and Australia declared war on Japan (WW 2; 1941)
Chinese Nationalist government fled to Taiwan (1949)
Abraham Lincoln announced the beginning of the Reconstruction (1863)
Pope Pius IX declared Virgin Mary was "preserved from all sin the moment she was born" (1854)

9 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Joel Chandler Harris
Clarence Birdseye
John Milton
Kirk Douglas
Jean de Brunhoff
Michael Dorn
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Buck Henry
John Malkovich
Neil Innes
Mark Gestler
Broderick Crawford
Fritz Haber
Edwin Sandys
Deacon Jones
Margaret Hamilton
Worf (2340)
Dick Butkus
John Cassavantes
Hermione Gingold
Beau Bridges
Michael Ondaatje
David "Deacon" Jones
Joan Armatrading
Thomas "Tip" O'Neill
Dick Van Patten
Otis Birdsong
Tom Kite
George "Doc" Medich
Joe Kelley
Redd Foxx
Grace Hopper
Robert J.L. Hawke
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
Donny Osmond
Gustavus II Adolphus
Bob Hawke
Junior Wells
Thomas A. Daschle
Bill Wilburn
Emmett Kelly
Fiesta of the Mother of Health (Mexico)
National Pastry Day
Tanzania Independence Day
End of Days of Reckoning (Fairy)
Upper Volta National Holiday
St. Leocadia's Day (patron of Toledo; against plague)
Ozcanabans of Oz Convention (@)
December 9 Events
1st Christmas Cards sent
A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted (1965)
Ball-bearing roller skates patented
Virgin of Guadlupe appeared to indian boy (1531)
1st Christmas Seals issued (1907)
William de Kooning married Elaine Fried (1943)
12th US Amendment passed (1803)
NYC's 1st Newspaper (by Noah Webster; The American Minerva; 1793)
John Birch Society founded (1958)
Chicago Auditorium opened (1889)
1st Formal Cremation in US (1792)
Carmel, California banned high heels (1982)
Newgate Prision held its 1st execution (London; 1783)
Pioneer Venus 1 reached Venus (1978)
Xerces Society founded (to protect endangered insects)
Poland's 1st free elections held (1990)
Germany and UK seized the Venezuelan Navy (1902)
Turkey stopped an Arab revolt in Palenstine (1910)
UK captured Jersusalem from the Turks (1917)
Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis married (1948)
Nicholae Ceausescu became president of Romania (1967)
General Patton paralyzed from the neck down in auto accident (1945)
Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire reached No. 1 (1989)
Kramer came up with his idea for a coffee table book about coffee tables (Seinfeld; 1993)
300 children killed when Indian planes bombed an orphanage in Pakistan (1971)
Argentina General Jorge Videla sentenced to life imprisonment (1985)
Henry VII granted exclusive exploration patent to English & Portugese merchants called "the Company of Adventurers of the New World" (1502)

10 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Emily Dickinson
Cesar Franck
Otis Redding
John Hammond
Oliver Messaien
Morton Gould
Dorothy Lamour
Chet Huntley
Holly Witt (Pb 11/95)
Kenneth Branagh
Louis Lozowick
Melvil Dewey
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
Oliver Messiaen
Victor McLaglen
Mark Aguirre
George MacDonald
Dennis Morgan
Una Merkel
Harold Gould
Gloria Loring
Brian Henesey
Steve Renko
Nia Peeples
Susan Dey
John Hammond Sr.
National Lager Day
Lux Mundi (Light of the World; Roman Goddess of Liberty)
International Human Rights Day
Nobel Prize Day
Constitution Day (Thailand)
Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales (Inuit Eskimos)
St. Eulalia's Day (patron of Barcelona, childbirth, sailors, travelers, calm waters; against miscarriage)
Burma National Day
St. Miltiades' Day
December 10 Events
Mighty Mouse debuted
1st Nobel Peace Prize awarded (1901)
Monkees' I'm A Believer released
Pennies From Heaven premiered
Mississippi became the 20th state (1817)
Wings Over America released
1st Traffic Light erected
Chief Red Cloud died (1909)
Aswan Dam on the Nile River finished (1902)
Women got the vote in Wyoming (1869)
Dr. Livingstone arrived back in England
Puccini's opera La fanciulla del West premiered (1910)
Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics (1921)
National began US domestic jetliner service (1958)
Society for Human Rights, 1st gay rights organization, founded (1924)
Australian newspaper empire, The Fairfax Group, declared bankruptcy (1990)
Beach Boys' Good Vibrations reached No. 1 (1966)
Randy Newman's Short People hit the charts, many complained (1977)
Davy Jones played at Marcia Brady's prom (on the Brady Bunch; 1971)
Roman Strauss sentenced to the death penalty (1949; in film, Dead Again)

11 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Hector Berlioz
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Elliot Carter
Max Born
Big Mama Thornton
Fiorello La Guardia
Annie Jump Cannon
Susan Seidelman
Teri Garr
Brenda Lee
Fiorello La Guardia
Carlo Ponti
Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh
Victoria Fuller (Pb 1/96)
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Mark Toby
Jim Harrison
Marjorie Buell
David Brewster
Kemal Bey
Curtis Williams
Donna Mills
Lynda Day-George
Rita Moreno
Laurie Carr (Pb 12/86)
Jay Bell
Christine Onasis
Grace Paley
John F. Kerry
Danan Hughes
Max Baucus
Jermaine Jackson
Scaling Day (aka Escalade; Switzerland)
Upper Volta Independence Day
St. Daniel's Day
National Noodle Ring Day
St. Damasus' Day (patron of archeologists)
Most Boring Celebrities of the Year Convention
Nose-Scrambling and Hair-Hiking Events (Fairy)
St. Gentian's Day (patron of innkeepers)
December 11 Events
Laughing Gas 1st used to pull a tooth
UNICEF established (1946)
1st Theatrical performance illuminated by incandescent bulbs (1882)
US Declared War on Germany & Italy (WW 2; 1941)
Sonderbund established
Indiana became the 19th state (1816)
King Edward VIII abdicated to marry divorced American (1936)
Prince Albert crowned King George VI
Magnum P.I. debuted (1980)
Venetian Blinds patented (1769)
1st Automobile Show held (Paris; 1894)
Battle of the Falklands (WW1; 1914)
King James II fled England (1688)
Delage automobile introduced (1905)
Edward R. Murrow died (1965)
Joe DiMaggio retired (1951)
1st Transatlantic radio signal transmitted (1902)
Alaska's 1st TV station went on the air (KTVA; 1953)
Martial Law declared in Ireland due to rebellion by Republican army (1920)
Enterprize, Alabama unveiled its monument to the Boll Weevil (1919)
John D. Rockefeller donated the land for the United Nations (1946)
Marvelettes' Please Mr. Postman reached No. 1 (1961)
Edward Muybridge solved the riddle of horses by photographing them running proving all 4 feet are off the ground while running (1877)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their 1st game after 26 straight losses (1977)
Frank Sinatra Jr. freed from kidnapping after Frank Sr. paid $240,000 ransom (1963)
Muslim death sentence on Salman Rusdie renewed after the author asked for paperback publication (1991)
Edith Thompson sentenced to death for murdering her husband along with her new lover (1922)
Derek Bentley sentenced to death for murder even though accomplice Christopher Craig pulled the trigger (1952)

12 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Frank Sinatra
Jennifer Connelly
Edvard Munch
John Jay
Alfred Werner
Ed Koch
Joe Williams
Andie MacDowell
Edward G. Robinson
Bob Barker
Gustave Flaubert
Erasmus Darwin
William Lloyd Garrison
Sondra Theodore (Pb 7/77)
John Osborne
Erasmus Darwin
Helen Frankenthaler
Cathy Rigby
Tracy Austin
Connie Francis
Albert Terhude
Dan Dailey
Carrie Westcott (Pb 9/93)
Emmerson Fittipaldi
Steve Farr
Haywood Jeffries
Grover Washington
Sheila E.
Dionne Warwick
Fuu Hououji (Rayearth Magic Knight)
National Ambrosia Day
Switzerland Independence Day
Unmentionable Thoughts Festival (Goblins, Imps, and naughty Fairies)
Farewell to Autumn Festival begins (Hopi)
Guadalupe Day (Mexico)
Feast of Rekareka (God of Pleasure; Polynesia)
Poinsettia Day
Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)
Kenya Indepedence Day (aka Jamhuri)
St. Vicelin's Day
Runic half-month of Is ends
Toronto Peace Festival
Miracle of the Roses
Yuletide Lads begins (Iceland)
St. Spyridon's Day (Eastern)
Festival of Our Lady Guadalupe
Bonza Bottler Day
St. Cury's Day (patron against blindness, deafness, demonic possession)
National Ding-A-Ling Day
St. Jane Frances de Chantal's Day
December 12 Events
Pennsylvania became the 2nd state (1787)
1st Motel opened (Milestone Mo-Tel, San Luis Obispo, CA; 1925)
Labrador Duck declared extinct
1st Bank of the US opened (1792)
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner premiered
1st Trans-Atlantic Wireless sent
Ravel's La Valse premiered
1st Mobile TV Unit went on the air
Hovercraft patented (1955)
Golf Tee patented
1st Crossword Puzzle in a newspaper
Worst Train Wreck occurred (France; 1917)
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker premiered in the US (San Francisco; 1944)
Marconi sent 1st radio signal across Atlantic Ocean (1901)
Katzenjammer Kids comic strip began (1897)
Beethoven received his 1st music lesson (from Haydn)
South African Transvaal given full authority with white male suffrage (1906)
Experimental aircraft Voyager completed an around-the-world flight without refueling (1986)
Leona Helmsley sentenced to jail for tax evasion (1989)
543 died in the worst train wreck ever (France; 1917)
Zulu King Dinizulu surrendered to British troops (Natal; 1907)
Smokey Robinson's Tears of a Clown reached No. 1 (1970)
Mona Lisa, stolen and missing for 2 years, rediscovered under a hotel bed in Florence (1913)
Elton John awarded $1.85 million against The Sun for libel (1988)
Russian Parliament voted to replaced USSR with Commonwealth of Independent States (1991)
29,000 British women linked hands arounds Greenham Common airbase to protest plans to house US cruise missiles there (1982)
New York passed a rule forcing women to sign an affidavit attesting to their age and good character before marrying (1907)
George Michael's Faith reached No. 1 (1987)

13 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Rick Reynolds
Dick Van Dyke
Phillip Brooks
Kristine Simoni
William Drummond
Clark Mills
Diego Rivera
Emily Carr
Heinrich Heine
Christopher Plummer
Mary Todd Lincoln
Ross MacDonald
Karen Witter (Pb 3/82)
Van Heflin
Marianne Gravatte (Pb 10/82)
Fergie Jenkins
Laurens van der Post
Tim Conway
Kenneth Patchen
Richard Lamar Dent
Edward Koren
Carl "Disk" Erskine
John Davidson
Larry Doby
Eleanor Bradley (Pb 2/59)
Joel Williams
Gary Zimmerman
Deborah Driggs (Pb 3/90)
Carlos Montoya
Scott Zolak
Ted Nugent
St. Lucy's Day (patron of writers, lights, people with eye trouble, glass workers, lamplighters; against dysentary, throat disease, blindness, hemorrhage)
Malta Republic Day
Ice Cream & Violins Day
Runic half-month of Jara (year) begins
Santa Lucia
Namibia Independence Day
Little Yule (Festival of Lights)
National Coccoa Day
St. Odilia's Day
Luciadagen (Sweden)
St. Jose's Day (patron of harvests, ships; against fire, fever, storms)
December 13 Events
1st Incident in the American Revolutionary War
George Gershwin's An American in Paris premiered (1938)
1st US Savings Bank opened (1816)
New Zealand discovered (1642)
The Mauretania ran aground at Liverpool (1907)
Pope Celestine V abdicated (1294)
1st Abdominal Operation performed
Virus released killing 5 billion people (1996; 12 Monkeys)
Battle of Fredericksburg (1862)
Ice Cream Cone patented (1903)
Jerry Maguire premiered (1996)
Porsche begins making cars (1930)
Grandma Moses died at age 101 (19610
Vanna White turned over her 1st letter (a "T"; 1982)
Mars Attacks premiered (1996)
1st Electric Train went into service on London's Metropolitan Railway (1904)
Lightnin' Hopkins recorded I'm A Crawlin' Black Snake
Coca-Cola's 1st Headquarters opened (Atlanta, Georgia; 1898)
Sir Francis Drake set sail on 2nd around-the-world journey (1577)
Brown Death smog killed 160 (London; 1952)
Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks premiered (1971)
Vietnam refugees 1st repatriated from Hong Kong by riot police (1989)
North and South Korea signed a formal treaty ending Korean War (1991)
Bruce Hornsby's The Way It Is reached No. 1 (1986)
Nelson Mandela and South African presdient F.W. de Klerk 1st met (1989)
Council of Europe's Torture Committee declared UK's prision system of "inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners" (1991)

14 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Ginger Lynn Allen
Spike Jones
Patty Duke
William Bendix
Helen Slater
Inga Orozdova (Pb 11/97)
Tycho Brahe
James Doolittle
Morey Amsterdam
Errico Malatesta
George VI
Stan Smith
Margaret Chase Smith
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes
Cynthia Gibb
Leonardo Boff
Bill Buckner
Dan Dailey
Abbe Lane
"Sad Sam" Jones
Bill Buckner
Charlie Rich
Lee Remick
Charlie Trippi
Roderick Green
Lester Bangs
Don Hewitt
Michael Ovitz
Ozcanabans of Oz Convention (Oz Christmas)
St. John of the Cross' Day (patron of poets)
Mid Shaaban
Unreturned Library Books Sale (Imp)
National Bouillabaisse Day
St. Spyridon's Feast (patron of Corfu, Dalmatia, Greece)
December 14 Events
Clarence Darrow handled his 1st big case (Eugene Debs; 1894)
Max Planck unveiled Quantum Mechanics (1900)
1st Table Tennis Tournament
Paul Revere's Ride sounded the alarm (1774)
1st Miniature Golf course opened (1929)
Respighi's Pines of Rome premiered
George Washington died (1799)
Alabama became the 22nd state (1819)
Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole (1911)
Screw patented
Agatha Christi found (at a health spa; 1926)
1st Railroad in London
Nut & Bolt Machine patented
1st Coin-operated weight machine built
Mariner II sent back 1st close-up photos of Venus (1962)
Canadian rebellion crushed by British troops (1837)
4-H Club founded
1st Airline Disaster
Prince Willian took his 1st steps
1st German submarine, the U1, launched (1906)
Plot to assasinate Czar Nicholas I failed (1825)
European energy industry blocked carbon dioxide tax stupidly placing money ahead of life (1991)
1st Barbara Walters Special aired (1976)
Marvin Gaye's I Heard It Through the Grapevine reached No. 1 (1968)
38n soldiers are sentenced to life for surrendering to overwhelming Japanese forces at Port Arthur (St. Petersburg; 1907)
Yassar Araft annouced Isreal's right to exist within secure borders (1988)
ANC president Oliver Tambo returned to South Africa after 30 years' exile (1990)
Teen John Paul Getty II set free by kidnappers after receiving $750,000 ransom after his ear had been cut off and mailed to his father (1973)

15 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel
George Romney
Maxwell Anderson
Helen Slater
Friedrich Hundertwasser
Alan Freed
Betty Smith
Willard Libby
Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel
Dr. LL Zamenhof (developed Esperanto)
Kimberly Donley (Pb 3/93)
Josef Hoffman
Antoine Becquerel
J. Paul Getty
Jim Moore III
Dave Clark
Charles E. Duryea
Eddie Palmieri
Nick Buoniconti
Joe Walton
Edna O'Brien
Don Johnson
William Hinton
Art Howe
Jerry Ball
Carlton Baily
Daryl Turner
Bill of Rights Day
Kingdom Day (Netherlands)
Audobon Christmas Bird Count
Nepal Constitution Day
Alcyone (Greek Kingfisher Goddess)
National Lemon Cupcake Day
Kingdom Day and Antillean Flag Day (Curacao)
St. Nino's Day (patron of Georgia)
Navidades begins (Puerto Rico; @)
Centipede Boot-Making and Shoe-Repair Season begins (Fairy)
St. Valerian's Day (patron against cold, exposure)
Men's Society of Piu Festival of Mirth, Peace, Honesty, Joyousness and Love (14th Century London)
December 15 Events
US Bill of Rights adopted (1791)
Sitting Bull killed by Federal troops (1890)
1st Insurance Policy written
Beatles' Beatles '65 released
1st Laserdisk Player for sale
National Velvet premiered
Walt Disney rushed to the cryogenic refrigerator (1966)
1st Street Cleaning machine built
Tillamook County, Oregon founded (1853)
Battle or Verdun ended with 70,000 dead (WW1; 1916)
Charlie Rich's The Most Beautiful Girl reached No. 1 (1973)
Former Nazi leader, Adolf Eichmann, sentenced to death (1961)
Sidonio Paes, Presidemt of Portugal, assassinated (1918)
Austria and China admitted to League of Nations (1920)
HMS Tiger, largest battleship in its time, launched (1913)
Ferry sank in Red Sea killing 476 commuters (1991)
South Africa government's funding of Inkatha movement revealed (1991)
Columbian cocaine cartel leader Gonzalo Gacha killed by police (1989)
Adrian Tomine had a dream which became the story Haircut in Optic Nerve (1992)
50,00 demonstrated for end of communism at parliament building in Sophia (Bulgaria; 1989)
American Psychiatric Ass'n finally declared homosexuality not a mental illness (1973)

16 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Bill Hicks
Ludwig Von Beethoven
Jane Austen
Arthur C. Clarke
Jo Anne Stamm
Philip K. Dick
Zoltan Koadaly
Magaret Mead
Vladimir Tatlin
Remedios Varo
Hans Buchner
Noel Coward
George Santayana
John Greenleaf Whittier
Catherine of Aragon
Maria Luisa Gil (Pb 6/98)
George Santayana
Kelly Tough (Pb 10/81)
Bruce N. Ames
Steve Bochco
Ben Cross
Elayne Boosler
Liv Ullman
Pete "Monkey" Hotaling
Lesley Stahl
William "Refrigerator" Perry
Lesley Stahl
Billy Ripken
Tony Hicks
Moe Elewonibi
Eat What You Want Day
Sophia (aka Sapinetia; Celtic Goddess of Wisdom)
Covenant Day (South Africa)
Nepal Independence Day
Canterbury Day
Day of the Covenant (fka Day of the Vow)
Posadas begins (Mexico)
Bahrain Independence Day
St. Eusebius' Day
Dingaan's Day
Victory Day (Bangladesh)
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
Bhutan National Day
Day of the Republic (Kazakhstan)
Simbang Gabi begins (Philippines)
Fiesta of the Virgin of the Lonely (Mexico)
St. Adelaide's Day
Man Will Never Fly Society Annual Meeting
December 16 Events
Boston Tea Party (1773)
Variety 1st published (1903)
Battle of the Bulge began (WW 2)
Night Gallery debuted
1st Concert given in US Dragnet debuted (1951)
Battle of Ardennes (General Patton; 1944)
Fellowship set out on its quest (Hobbit)
1st Worms appeared (Sagan calendar)
Harum Scarum premiered
Saturday Night Fever premiered (1977)
1st Female head of MI5 named (1991)
Napoleon divorced Josephine (1809)
Disney's Pete's Dragon premiered (1977)
Glenn Miller's plane went missing over English Channel (1944)
Dvorak's New World Symphony premiered (1893)
Oliver Cromwell named Lord Protector of England (1653)
1st Westerner landed at Monterey, California (1602)
Pat Boone's April Love reached No. 1 (1957)
France and Italy agreed to respect each other's rights in North Africa (1900)
US Marines forced resgination of Nicaragua President Jose Zelaya (1909)
New York City fire destroyed 600 buildings (1836)
Polish President Gabriel Narutowicz assassinated (1922)
1st European immigrant ship arrived in New Zealand (1850)
Rod Stewart married model Rachel Hunter (1990)
National Shrine to South Africa's Boers dedicated (1949)
Wojo's hippie girlfriend baked a batch of special brownies for the precinct (on Barney Miller; 1976)
Missouri earthquake changed the course of the Mississippi River (1811)
San Carlos, Venezuela residents saw UFO's and small, hairy apelike aliens (1954)
Philip Morris cigarettes declared illegal in Italy to stop mafia smuggling (1991)

17 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Domenico Cimarosa
Mike Mills
Bob Guccione
Milla Jovovich
Joseph Henry
William Floyd
Paul Cadmus
James McGraw
Erskine Caldwell
John Greenleaf Whittier
Venice Kong (Pb 9/85)
Humphrey Davy
Arthur Kennelly
William Safire
Deborah Sampson
Paul Butterfield
Carlton Barrett
Willard Frank Libby
Earl Dotson
Tommy Steele
William Lyon King
Albert King
Eugene Levy
Sy Oliver
Jerry Adair
Leo Cardenas
Humphrey Davy
Arthur Fiedler
Day of Ancient Briton
Saturnalia begins
Feast of the Fairy Godmothers (Fairy)
International Shareware Day
Oman Independence Day
National Maple Syrup Day
Bhutan National Day
Pan American Aviation Day
Wright Brothers Day
St. Lazarus' Day (patron of housewives, lepers, sextons)
December 17 Events
Wright Brothers take the 1st airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, NC (1903)
Aztec Calendar discovered (1790)
Twine patented
1st One-Way Street
France Recognises the US
Journey To the Center of the Earth premiered
A Christmas Carol published
1st Bowler Hat made
Bomb exploded at Harrod's
Henry comic strip began (1934)
Columbus brought back to Spain as a prisoner
Tiny Tim married on the Tonight Show (1969)
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 1st performed (1936)
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker premiered (St. Petersburg, Russia; 1892)
Australian Prime Minister disappeared while scuba diving (1967)
German battleship Admiral Graf Spree scuttled near Montevideo (1939)
2,000 anti-government protesters massacred in Timisoara (Romania; 1989)
Billy Mitchell court-martialed for suggesting a separate Air Force (1925)
Precambrain Peiord ended, Paleozoic Era and Cambrian Period began (Sagan calendar)

18 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Carl Maria Von Weber
Edward MacDowell
Paul Klee
Stephen Speilberg
Fletcher Henderson
Antonio Stradivarius
Joseph Thomson
Ty Cobb
Edwin Armstrong
Betty Grable
Steve Biko
Keith Richards
Leonard Maltin
Charles Wesley
Philip Farmer
Abe Burrows
Charles Wesley
Ray Liotta
Ossie Davis
Charles Oakley
William Allen
Jules Dassin
Elizabeth (1709)
Fawna MacLaren (Pb 1/89)
Don Beebe
Jerry Robinson
Willy Brandt
Joseph Grimaldi
Lorenzo Bandini
Ramsey Clark
Brad Pitt
Janie Frickie
Fiesta of the Virgin of the Lonely (Mexico)
Niger Republic Day
Dames Ball
St. Flannan's Day
Misa de Aguinaldo
Feast of Our Lady of Solitude (Mexico)
St. Frumentius' Day (Coptic)
Wear a Plunger On Your Head Today Day
National Roast Suckling Pig Day
December 18 Events
1st Sunday Newspaper published
Slavery abolished in US (1865)
Candy premiered
New Jersey became the 3rd state (1787)
To Tell the Truth debuted
Graf Spee scuttled (WW 2)
1st Incandescent Electric Light lit
Tsar Nicholas I became ruler of Russia (1825)
British Rail nationalized (1946)
To Tell the Truth debuted (1956)
Pope Pius XI denounced the USSR (1924)
Ex-President Gerald Ford appeared on Dynasty (1983)
International Project to save the rainforest launched (1991)
Trilobytes 1st appeared on Earth (Sagan calendar)
1st International project to save Brazilian rainforests launched (1991)
UK Railways and ports voted to become nationalized (1946)
Hall & Oates' Maneater reached No. 1 (1982)
A Sloop began the 1st American voyage to China (1785)
13th US Amendment passed, abolishing slavery (1865)
Swing Rioters' Trial began because they asked for a minimum wage (1830)

19 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Jean Genet
Fritz Reiner
Jennifer Beals
Phil Ochs
Henry Clay Frick
Steve Biko
David Susskind
Richard Leakey
Tim Reid
Nathan Oliveira
Al Kaline
Edith Piaf
Leonoid Brezhnev
William Parry
Robert Urich
Alyssa Milano
Mrs JimJr
Liz Glazowski (Pb 4/80)
Christopher Fry
Albert Michelson
Henry Clay Frick
Ralph Richardson
Mary Ashton Livermore
Bobby Layne
Miguel Pinero
Reggie White
Sean Jones
Bernice Pauahi Bishop
Maurice White
Claudia Kolb
Kevin McHale
Santana Dotson
Minnie Fiske
Gordon Jackson
Cicely Tyson
Philip V
Underdog Day
Riddle-Making Trials (Fairy)
Feast of Goddess of Sankrant (Hindu)
St. Adam's Day (1st Man)
National Oatmeal Muffin Day
Big Sisters of "Off the Street Club" Yule Party
St. William of Fenoli's Day
Fiesta of Santo Tomas begins (Guatemala; until 25th)
Pennsylvania Gingerbread House Inn-Vitational
December 19 Events
Poor Richard's Almanac 1st published (1732)
Colonists left for Jamestown
Robinson Crusoe rescued
Music Man premiered
Vietnam "conflict" began
1st Dental anaesthesia used
Battle of Valley Forge began
Tomorrow Never Dies premiered (18th James Bond film; 1997)
Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as President of USSR (1991)
Corrugated Paper patented
1st Christmas Greeting from space (1958)
US invaded Panama (1989)
A Christmas Story premiered
9 to 5 premiered (1980)
James Cameron's Titanic premiered (1997)
Motorized Ambulance Service 1st started (1905)
UK abolished capital punishment (1969)
Henry II became King of England (1154)
Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day premiered (1968)
Ripley's Believe It or Not cartoon panel 1st published (1918)
Association of American Sculptors and Painters established (1911)
Bart Starr stepped down as Green Bay Packer's head coach
Supremes' Come See About Me reached No. 1 (1964)
1st Fish and vertebrates appeared in Ordovician Period (Sagan calendar)

20 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Edwin Abott
Harvey Firestone
Jethro Tull
Walter Adams
Irene Dunne
George Roy Hill
Max Lerner
Joey Silvera
Bob Hayes
Susanne K. Langer
Wendy Hamilton (Pb 12/91)
David Levine
Sidney Hook
Ambroise Pare
Peter Criss
Thomas Graham
Shibasaburo Kitasato
Jeff Lynne
Samuel Kirkwood
Maud Gonne
Bonnie Marino (Pb 6/90)
Mitsuko Uchida
Joyce Brothers
Uri Geller
Branch Rickey
John Hillerman
Erol John
Jenny Agutter
David Levine
Jack Christiansen
Charles "Gabby" Hartnett
Jenny Agutter
Rich Gannon
Anita Baker
Tom Newberry
Robert Menzies
Charlie Callas
Mahathir bin Mohamed
Games Day
Halcyon Days of Calm Seas begin
Chinese Feast of Winter Solstice
Mother Night
St. Ignatius of Antioch's Day
National Sangria Day
Pongol of the Sun (Hindu)
Snowflake-Riding Championships
Mudd Day (Dr. Mudd gave aid to John Wilkes Booth)
St. Dominic of Silos' Day (patron of shepherds & captives)
December 20 Events
Phileas Fogg completed his 80-day journey
Trivial Pursuit invented
Gone With the Wind premiered
Dating Game debuted
Louisiana Purchase (1803)
Edison 1st publicly demonstrated his lightbulb
Doctor Doolittle premiered
1st Built-in bath tub (1842)
Fulton County, Georgia founded (home of Atlanta; 1853)
Judgment At Nuremberg premiered
Pneumatic Tire patented
Sacagawea died (1812)
1st US Scientist received Nobel Prize (1907)
American Poet Laureate established (1985)
Montgomery Bus Boycott ended (1956)
Knots Landing debuted (1979)
A Clockwork Orange premiered (1971)
South Carolina seceded from the Union (1860)
Broadway 1st illuminated by electric lights (1880)
1st Successful Cotton Mill opened (1790)
Mississippi began imposing a Bachelor Tax (1820)
Flying Down to Rio premiered (1933)
Arafat and PLO forced to retreat from Lebanon (1983)
John Steinbeck died (1968)
Cherokees gave up their land in Arkansas and agreed to migrate west of Mississippi River (1828)
Polish Ambassador to US granted political asylum (1981)
Allied forces retreated from the Dardanelles (WW1; 1915)
Virginia Company Expidition left UK for Jamestown (1606)
Bangles' Walk Like An Egyptian reached No. 1 (1986)
Russian President Boris Yeltsin announced Russia wanted to join NATO (1991)
Operation Just Cause began to oust Manuel Noriega from Panama
Plants began colonizing Earth's land in Silurian Period (Sagan calendar)
C.I.A. classified a report on greater openess as "secret" (1991)

21 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Jack Daniels
Frank Zappa
Masaccio (Tommaso di Giovanni)
John McCormack
Phil Donahue
Kiefer Sutherland
Andor Foldes
Kemal Bay
Jean Henri Fabre
Benjamin Disraeli
Chris Evert
Jane Fonda
Michael Tilson Thomas
Joe Paterno
Alan Freed
Franz Boaz
Paul Winchell
Heinrich Boll
Dave Kingman
Florence Griffith Joyner
Henrietta Szold
Carl Wilson
Donald Regan
Barbara Roberts
Andy James Van Slyke
Pyotr Kropotkin
Chuck Smith
Anthony Powell
Kurt Waldheim
Joseph Stalin
Forefather's Day (New England)
Chaos Day
Humbug Day
St. Thomas' Day, the Doubting Thomas
Look At the Bright Side Day
Alban Arthuan (Druid Festival; 4th Station)
National French Fried Shrimp Day
Feast of St. Peter Canisius
National Flashlight Day
Yalda (Iran)
Doleing Day (fka Gooding Day; Sussex, UK)
Pongol of the Cows (Hindu)
Mumping Day
St. Peter Canisius' Day (patron of Germany)
Nepal Independence Day
Sagittarius zodiac sign ends
December 21 Events
Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock (1620)
1st Animated Feature Film, Disney's Snow White, premiered (1937)
Phileas Fogg won his bet (1872)
1st Blood Bank opened
Getaway Car 1st used in bank robbery
1st Crossword Puzzle published (in New York World; 1913)
Apollo 8 launched (1968)
1st German Air Raid on England (WW 1)
Wobblies outlawed (Australia; 1916)
General George S. Patton died after car crash (1945)
Record set for consecutive days in space (365 days; 1988)
Jane Fonda married Ted Turner (1991)
Giovanni Boccaccio died (1375)
1st Co-Operative Store opened
Anesthetic 1st used (to amputate a leg; 1846)
Ibsen's The Doll's House premiered (1879)
Edison 1st demonstrated his lightbulb (1879)
2 Soviet Cosmonauts returned to Earth after 1 year in space (1988)
US Troops invaed Panama to oust Manuel Noriega (1989)
Tillie's Punctured Romance premiered
Elvis Presley visited Preseident Richard Nixon at the White House (1970)
US Supreme Court approved 6-week divorces granted in Nevada
World was supposed to end (1952; according to entity Sanada)
Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland (1988)
Serial killer John Gacy arrested after the remains of 33 men and boys were found on his property (1978)
Devonian Period began, 1st insects appeared and began colonizing Earth's land (Sagan calendar)

22 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Sir Gawain
Edgar Varese
Franz Schmidt
Joseph Bloomingdale
Barbara Billingsly
Jean Racine
Luca della Robbia
Giacomo Puccini
Theodoros Stamos
Hector Elizondo
James Edward Oglethorpe
Marcy Hansen (Pb 10/78)
William Ellery
Connie Mack
Steve Carlton
Erica Boyer
Lauralee Bell
Gene Rayburn
Andre Kostelantz
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Kenneth Rexroth
Diane Sawyer
Peggy Ashcroft
Larry Shlim
Maurice & Robin Gibb
Steve Garvey
Jan Stephenson
Mike Sullivan
Robin & Maurice Gibb
Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson
International Arbor Day
Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere @)
Yule (Wiccan @)
Capricorn zodiac sign begins
St. Anastasia's Day (Eastern)
Celtic tree month of Ruis ends
Beetle Banquet and Badger Ball (Fairy)
St. Chrysogonus' Day (Eastern)
National Date-Nut Bread Day
St. Chaeremon's Day
December 22 Events
Thunderball premiered
Loaf of Bread Standardized (1680)
One, Two, Three premiered
Christmas Tree lights 1st for sale (1882)
1st Golf Association established
Goldfinger premiered
1st X-Ray taken (1895)
Thermometer invented
Zefferelli's Romeo & Juliet premiered
1st Revolving Stage built
Liquid Oxygen patented
Blondie premiered
Embaro Act passed
Dreyfus found guilty of treason and sent to Devil's Island (1894)
Jacobite Rebellion, led by James Edward Stuart, began at Peterhead (1715)
Merthe Morisot married Eugene Manet, artist Edouard's brother (1874)
1st US Soldier died in Vietnam (James Davis; 1961)
Library at Alexandria destroyed (640 CE)
Motley Crue singer Nikki Sixx died of a heroin overdose (1987)
Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu overthrown (1989)
Madonna's Like a Virgin reached No. 1 (1984)
Yves Montand & Simone Signoret married (1925)
Passenger liner Lakonia sank in the Atlantic Ocean (1963)
Kenney Jones replaced Keith Moon as the Who's drummer (1978)
Muir Woods' "Walk Thru Tree" in Cathedral Grove fell during windstorm (1971)
UK announced Ireland would have self-government with 2 parliaments (1919)
350 Died in Lancashire mining disaster (1910)
Palestinian terrorists seized over 70 hostages at OPEC summit (Vienna; 1975)
UK Officers Lt. Trench & Capt. Brandon found guiltyof spying in Leipzig (1910)
Michael Jackson denied allegations that he sexually molested a 13-year old boy (1993)
South Africa, Angola, and Cuba signed treaty withdrawing Cuban troops from Angola (1988)
Amphibians and winged insects 1st appeared (Sagan calendar)

23 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Paul Hornung
Eddie Vedder
Chet Baker
Jose Greco
Richard Arkwright
Martin Opitz
Willie Wood
Dan Devine
Harriet Monroe
Robert Bly
Joseph Smith
Bill Rodgers
Samuel Smiles
Harriet Monroe
Cornelius McGillicuddy
Al "Cheese" Schweitzer
John Marin
Harry Guardino
Alexander I of Russia
Jack Ham
Denise McConnell (Pb 3/79)
Bobby Jackson
Jose Greco
Elizabeth Hartman
Susan Lucci
Tim Hardin
Corey Haim
Jerry Koosman
Holly Ryder
James Gregory
Gerald O'Loughlin
Ruth Roman
Jim Harbaugh
Dave May
Jorma Kaukonen
Ron Bushy
Maurice Denham
Yousuf Karsh
Otto Soglow
Helmut Schmidt
Emperor Akihito of Japan
Fools Day
Secret of the Unhewn Stone (Celtic)
John Canoe Day (Jamaica)
Metric Conversion Day
St. John of Kanti's Day (patron of Lithuania, Poland)
Acca Larentis (Celtic Goddess who guards the dead)
St. Servulus' Day (patron against paralysis)
Feast of the Radishes (Mexico)
Mouse-Marketing Day (Fairy)
St. Thorlac's Day (patron of Iceland)
National Pfeffernuesse Day
Saturnalia ends
December 23 Events
Charles Hire made the 1st Root Beer
Van Gogh cut off his ear (1888)
US Federal Reserve System established (1913)
It's a Wonderful Life premiered
Debussy's Afternoon Of A Faun premiered
Transistor invented (1947)
Boogie Woogie 1st played at Carnegie Hall (1938)
Duke made Ambassador to China (Doonesbury)
Stars and Stripes Forever premiered
Cotton Spinning Frame invented
US Metric Conversion Act passed (1975)
Free Agent System in professional sports began (1973)
Jeu de Paume Museum opened (Paris; 1933)
Tojo hanged as war criminal (1948)
Hansom patented the safety cab (1834)
General Lavalette escaped from French prison (1885)
Dr. Andrei Sakharov returned from exile (1986)
Thomas Paine's Crisis published (1776)
Multnomah County, Oregon founded (home of Portland; 1854)
Shah of Iran doubled oil prices (1973)
Death of the "Gibson Girl" with illustrator Charles Dana Gibson's death (1944)
BBC's 1st regular entertainment broadcasts began (1922)
Andrew Jackson stopped British troops at New Orleans (1814)
NBC Radio established a permanent coast-to-coast radio network (1928)
21 US POW's in Korea refused to come home (1953)
Yugoslavia voted to become an independent state (1990)
Andrei Sakharov returned to Moscow after 6 years exile in Gorky (1986)
Trees and reptiles 1st appeared during Carboniferous Period (Sagan calendar)
Steelers beat Raiders 13-7 in playoff game by last minute catch known as the "Immaculate Reception" (1972)

24 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Howard Hughes
Matthew Arnold
Juan Ramon Jimenez
I.F. Stone
Benjamin Rush
Kit Carson
John I (1167)
Ignatius Loyola
Joseph Cornell
Madonna Ciccone
James Prescott Joule
Robert Joffrey
Ava Gardner
Jill Bennett
Ad Reinhardt
Mary Higgins Clark
Judy Tyler (Pb 1/66)
Emanuel Lasker
Anthony Fauci
Bill Dudley
Nicholas Meyer
Frank Taveras
A.P. Lutali
Winston Moss
Christmas Eve
Adam & Eve Day (Hungary)
Zerowork Season begins
Celtic tree month of Beth (Birch) begins
St. Adam's Day (patron of gardeners)
National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day
Utter Day (Fairy)
St. Ignatius of Loyola's Day
Tom & Jerry Night (David Letterman)
Mid Shaaban
Libya Independence Day
St. Levan's Day (patron of malformed children)
National Egg Nog Day
December 24 Events
1st Weather Chart made
Silent Night published
After the Fox premiered
1st Solar House built (1948)
John Muir died (1914)
Disney's The Aristocats premiered (1970)
Bicycle Pedal Brake patented
Verdi's Aida premiered (1871)
Treaty of Ghent signed, ending War of 1812 (1814)
1st German Bomb landed on British soil (WW I; 1914)
Beatles' partnership legally dissolved (1974)
Tommy James' I Think We're Alone Now released
1st Surface-to-Surface Guided Missile launched (1942)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea premiered
Bart Starr made head coach of the Green Bay Packers
Pearl Jam's album Vitalogy reached No. 1 (1994)
Library of Congress, and part of the US Capitol, destroyed by fire (1851)
Piped-in-water 1st installed in homes (London; 1508)
1st International Air Show held (1908)
Burl Ives' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer reached No. 1 (1949)
New York International Airport changed its name to JFK International Airport (1963)
Bee Gees' How Deep Is Your Love? reached No. 1 (1977)
King Idris I declared Libya's independence (1951)
Dinosaurs 1st appeared during Permian Period (Sagan calendar)
Eisenhower appointed Commander-in-Chief of Eropean invasion (WW2; 1943)
73 killed when "Fire!" yelled in crowded movie theatre (Michigan; 1913)
Lorin Maazel conducted his 1st orchestra professionally (1953)
Ku Klux Klan formed in Tennessee (1865)
Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega gave himself up to US troops after hiding in Papal Nuncio, Panama City (1989)
72 miner's children died in fire panic caused by "copper boss thugs" at Christmas Party (Calumet, Michigan; 1913)
Former UK Labour Minister John Stonehouse, thought to have drowned, discovered hiding in Australia (1974)

25 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Isaac Newton
Rod Serling
Carlos Casteneda
Jesus Christ (observed)
Mohammed Ali Jinnah
Humphrey Bogart
Clara Barton
Nellie Fox
Cab Calloway
Maurice Utrillo
Rebecca West
Missy Cleveland (Pb 4/79)
Raphael & Moses Soyer
Helena Christiansen
Conrad Hilton
Annie Lennox
Sissy Spacek
Kenny Everett
Little Richard
Robert Ripley
Ken Stabler
Larry Csonka
Ricky Henderson
Tony Martin
Barbara Mandrell
Gary Sandy
Evangeline Booth
Ken Stabler
Tim Conway
Hanford Dixon
Jimmy Buffett
Anwar Sadat
Joseph McCarthy
Birth of the Sun
'Id El-Milad
Heathen's Fasting Day (Puritan)
Carol Day
Family Day (Sao Tome)
Birthday of Mithras
Multitude's Idle Day (Puritan)
Superstitious Man's Idol Day (Puritan)
Fiesta of Santo Tomas ends (Guatemala)
Goddess Month of Astraea ends
Children's Day (Congo)
Roman Winter Solstice
St. Eugenia's Day
Papist's Massing Day (Puritan)
National Pumpkin Pie Day
December 25 Events
Washington crossed the Delaware River (1776)
Charlemagne crwoned King of the Holy Roman Empire (800 CE)
Against All Flags premiered
William the Conqueror crowned King of England (1066)
Lambs Club founded (1875)
Adventures of Don Juan premiered
Pal Joey, 1st modern musical, premiered
1st Bobsled run made
Treaty of Dresden signed
Disney's Sword in the Stone premiered (1963)
Wreck of the Santa Maria
Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart married (1949)
1st States made Christmas a legal holiday (Arkansas & Louisiana; 1831)
Silent Night (Stille Nacht) 1st performed (1818)
Dalai Lama fled Lhasa, Tibet (1950)
1st US Rail service began (South Carolina; 1830)
Scottish Coronation Stone stolen from Westminster Abbey (1950)
Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu executed (1989)
1st Christmas tree put up in UK (Windsor Castle; 1800)
Couple arrested for "kissing in the street" (New York; 1913)
Massachusetts imposed a fine on anyone caught "observing any such day as Christmas" (1651)
1st Unlawful Games Act (only archery allowed on Christmas Day)
Paleozoic Era ended; Mesozoic Era began (Sagan calendar)
Nicaragua capitol, Managua, destroyed by earthquake (1972)
Israeli troops cracked down on Arab rioters (1987)
British and German troops observed impromptu ceasefire (WW1; 1914)
Cyclone Tracy flattened much of Darwin, Australia (1974)
Florentin friar Giralomo Savonarola deounced Pope for corruption & accused Leonardo Da Vinci of sodomy (14970
Birth of Jesus Christ obervance day fixed by church leaders, because date coincided with Roman celebration of winter solstice (440 CE)

26 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Henry Miller
Charles Babbage
Steve Allen
Juan Lovera
Thomas Nelson Jr.
"Admiral" George Dewey
Thomas Gray
Jean Toomer
Richard Widmark
Alan King
Phil Spector
Juan Lovera
Chris Chambliss
Susan Butcher
Ozzie Smith
Evan Bayh
Carlton Fisk
Lynn Martin
Ricky Dixon
Tony Covington
Willie Williams
Mao Tse-Tung
Boxing Day
Synaxis of the Most Holy Mother of God
Day of Our Theotokos (Byzantine)
St. Joseph's Day
Family Day (Namibia)
Day of the Wren (Ireland)
Junkanoo (Bahamas)
Day of Goodwill (South Africa)
Goddess Month of Hestia begins
Day of the Wren (Ireland)
Feast of St. Stephen (Western; patron of stonecutters, bricklayers, builders, horses)
Kwanzaa begins (US, Africa)
Kwanzaa, Day 1: Umoja (Unity)
Blessing of the Wine (Luxembourg)
Unfairies' Gathering (Fairy)
Recyclable Packaging Day
National Candy Cane Day
Round the Walls Running Race (Chester, UK)
National Whiner's Day
December 26 Events
Wood Pulp Paper 1st exhibited
Coffee Percolator patented (1865)
1st Charity Walk
Magical Mystery Tour premiered
Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven released
Adam's Rib premiered
Battle of Trenton (1776)
1st Pantomine
Harry S. Truman died (1972)
Exorcist premiered (1973)
Strindberg's play, Dance of Death premiered (1900)
George Harrison's My Sweet Lord reached No. 1 (1970)
British Navy sank German battlecruiser Scharnhorst (WW2; 1943)
US President Wilson ordered the government to seize the railroads (1917)
Mammals 1st appeared during Triassic Period (Sagan calendar)

27 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Johannes Kepler
Anders Celsius
Louis Pasteur
Oscar Levant
Pierluigi Da Palestrina
George Cayley
Sydney Greenstreet
Caroline Kennedy
Gerard Depardieu
Marlene Dietrich
Bernard Lanvin
William Howell Masters
Anna Russell
Lee Salk
Andre Tippett
Randy Kirk
Steve Wallace
Tovah Feldshuh
Roy White
Mick Jones
St. John the Divine's Day (patron of Turkey, writers; against poison)
Feast of Marimba (Goddess of Muscial Happiness; South Africa)
Kwanzaa, Day 2: Kuichagulia (Self-Determination)
St. Stephen's Day (Eastern)
Visit the Zoo Day
Runic half-month of Jara ends
St. Fabiola's Day
National Fruitcake Day
December 27 Events
Captain Blood premiered
1st Youth Hostel opened
Radio City Music Hall opened (1932)
Philadelphia Story premiered
Charles Darwin set sail in the HMS Beagle (1831)
Bell, Book & Candle premiered
World Bank formed (1945)
1st Glamour Girl Debutante Ball held (1938)
Virus 1st recognized, eventually killing 5 billion people (1996; 12 Monkeys)
USSR invaded Afghanistan (1979)
Howdy Doody Show debuted (1947)
Peter Pan (the play) premiered (1904)
HMS Beagle set sail (with Darwin aboard; 1831)
1st State-subsidized theater opened (Dublin; 1904)
Morgan 4/4 automobile introduced (1941)
Showboat premiered on Broadway (1927)
1st State-subsidized theatre opened (Abbey Theatre, Dublin; 1904)
John Lennon's (Just Like) Starting Over reached No. 1 (1980)
UN International Monetary Fund established (1945)
Sweet Adeline premiered on Broadway (1903)
Thimble Theater comic strip featuring Olive Oyl began (1919)
UN International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) established (1945)
Marvel Comics filed for relief under Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws (1996)
13 Drowned when Sea Gem oil rig collapsed in North Sea (1965)
Birds 1st appeared during Jurassic Period (Sagan calendar)
Rock ALH 84001 discovered, which turned out to be the meteorite from Mars in which evidence of life on Mars was found 9 years later (1984)
Trial began of 4 Policemen began accused of murdering Father Jerzy Popieluszko (Poland; 1992)

28 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
John Molson
Stan Lee
Earl "Fatha" Hines
John von Neumann
Denzel Washington
Jenny Kieran
Lou Jacobi
Felix Vallotton
Maggie Smith
Johnny Otis
Fran Allison
Martin Milner
Joe Hernandez
Edgar Winter
Lou Jacobi
Manuel Puig
Roger Sessions
Lew Ayres
Hubie Green
Carlos Carson
David Peterson
Martin Branner
Ted Lyons
Ed Healey
Steve Van Buren
James Brooks
Zane Smith
John Akers
Woodrow Wilson
Card Playing Day
National Chocolate Day
Cross Day (Ireland)
Inocentes (Mexican April Fool's Day)
Holy Innocents Day (Childermas; patron of Belgium, babies, choirboys)
Proclamation Day (South Australia)
Childermas Day
Runic half-month of Eoh (yew tree) begins
Kwanzaa, Day 3: Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility)
Bairns' Day (Unluckiest Day of the Year)
Nepal National Day
Dyzemas Day
Eat Vegetarian Day
Fairy Academy of Window-Frosting Winter Exhibition (Fairy)
Indonesia Independence Day
Throw Away Your Subliminal Motivation Tapes Today Day
December 28 Events
Iowa became the 30th state (1846)
Herod slaughtered all the male jewish children
Birth of the Cinema
Chewing Gum patented (1869)
Rob Roy killed (1734)
Messina Earthquake (Sicily; 1908)
Heavy Water, or Deuterium, discovered (1931)
1st Advertisement for Poor Richard's Almanac appeared (1732)
Queen Isabella freed Columbus
1st Commercial showing of a movie (Lumiere brothers; 1895)
Helen Reddy's Angie Baby reached No. 1 (1974)
Queen Mary II of England died of smallpox (1694)
Last episode of That Was The Week That Was broadcast (1963)
Tay Bridge collapsed as Dundee train passed, killing 300 all aboard (Scotland; 1879)
Irish Free State changed its name to State of Eire (1937)
US Pledge of Alligience officially recognized (1945)
Netherlands signed protocol granting Indonesia independence (1949)
Flowers 1st appeared, dinosaurs became extinct during Cretaceaous Period (Sagan calendar)

29 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
William MacIntosh
Ray Nitschke
Charles Goodyear
Billy Mitchell
Andrew Johnson
Pablo Casals
William Gladstone
Mary Tyler Moore
Kalin Olin (Pb 8/97)
David Alfaro Sisqueiros
William Gaddis
Ted Danson
Marianne Faithful
Ed Flanders
Jon Voight
Marquise de Pompadour
Charles Macintosh
Inga Swenson
Mervyn Fernandez
Tom Bradley
Alexander Farrelly
Devon White
Ray Thomas
William Gaddis
Henry Jones
Darren Perry
Thomas Edwin Jarriel
Broadway Day
Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury (aka Thomas a Beckett; patron of the blind)
King's Day (Nepal)
Pepper Pot Day
Festival of Autonomous Media
St. Trophimus of Arles' Day
Kwanzaa, Day 4: Ujamaa (Cooperative Economy)
Paternoster Row Day
St. Tropez's Day (patron of children; against gout)
National Chocolate Again Day
December 29 Events
Movie Serial debuted (Adventures of Kathleen; 1913)
Texas became the 28th state (1845)
Massacre at Wounded Knee (1890)
Auto Brake patented
US YMCA established
Rasputin assassinated (1916)
Jacques Louis David died in exile (1825)
Only recorded wolf attack on a human
Jim Croce's Time in a Bottle reached No. 1 (1973)
Neal Stephenson's Snowcrash published
1st Iron warship, HMS Warrior, launched (1860)
Philadelphia Pepper Pot dish invented by George Washington (1777)
Jane Pauley left the Today Show (1989)
Ashtabula Bridge collapsed, killing 82 (Ohio; 1876)
Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, murdered by 4 of King Henry II's knights (1170)
Cetaceans and Primates 1st appeared as Mesozoic Era ended, Cenozioc Era and Tertiary Period began (Sagan calendar)
USSR launched a photo-reconnaissance satellite (1987)
Dr. Sun Yat-sen became 1st President of Republic of China (1911)
Vietnamese boat people battled with Hong Kong riot police (1989)
Britain, Austria, Russia, Naples, and Portugal formed an alliance against Napoleon (1798)
At a press conference, Rugby team survivors of Uruguayan plane that crashed in the Andes, admitted to cannibalism for survival (1972)

30 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Rudyard Kipling
Mike Nesmith
Dmitri Kabalevsky
Simon Guggenheim
John Milne
Davy Jones
Sandy Koufax
Tracy Ullman
Stephen Leacock
Jack Lord
Bert Parks
Jeff Lynne
Del Shannon
Stephen Leacock
Bo Diddley
Asa Griggs Candler
Skeeter Davis
Ben Johnson
Carol Reed
Paul Bowles
Jo Van Fleet
Frank Torre
Devon Mitchell
Tojo Hideki
Miracle Day
Festival of Enormous Changes At the Last Minute
Romania Republic Day
Madagascar Independence Day
Kwanzaa, Day 5: Nia (Purpose)
Fairy Frequent Fliers' Awards (Fairy)
Rizal Day (Philippines)
St. Sabinus' Day
National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
December 30 Events
1st Color TV for sale (Admiral; 1953)
Gadsen Purchase (1853)
Let's Make a Deal debuted
1st Public Concert given
Boer War began
American Meterological Society established
Bruckner's 7th Symphony premiered
Los Angeles dedicated its 1st Freeway (1940)
USS Monitor sank in storm (1862)
Tokyo Subway dedicated (1927)
Roy Rogers Show debuted (1951)
Transvaal became a republic (1880)
Soviet Russia renamed Union if Soviet Socialist Republics (1922)
1st Female law student admitted to Lincoln's Inn (London; 1919)
Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance premiered in London (1879)
UAW (United Auto Workers) held their 1st sit-down strike (1936)
Olover North subpoenaed US President Ronald Reagan and George Bush to testify in Iran-Contra trial (1988)
1st "Black-Face" act performed (1799)
Primate brain's frontal lobes 1st developed and 1st hominids and giant mammals appeared (Sagan calendar)

31 December
Birthdays Holidays - Observances
Henry Matisse
Tim Matthieson (voice of Jonny Quest)
Steve Rude
Andy Summers
Jacques Cartier
Anthony Hopkins
Ben Kingsley
Tim Matheson
Val Kilmer
Bebe Neuwirth
Lord Leighton
John Wycliffe
Lord Cornwallis
George C. Marshall
Sarah Miles
Patti Smith
John Denver
Diane Von Furstenburg
Mike "King" Kelly
Hugh McElhenny
Rich Baldinger
Ed Simmons
Rick Aguilera
Marie Wilson
Donna Summer
"Bonnie Prince" Charles Edward Stuart
New Year's Eve
Hogmanay Day (Scotland)
World Peace Meditation Day
Make Up Your Mind Day
Noche de Pedimento (Wishing Night)
Omisoka Day (Japan)
Congo Republic Day
St. Sylvester's Day
Watch Night
Namahge (Japan)
Comoros Independence Day
Unlucky Day (Astronomy)
National Champagne Day
Kwanzaa, Day 6: Kuumba (Creativity)
Fairy Eve's Year News (Fairy)
Check the Smoke Alarms Day
Revolution Day (Ghana)
Cowbellion de Rakin Revel (Alabama)
No Resolution Day
Samoan Fire Dance (Western Samoa)
You're All Done Day
Allendale Baal Fire Festival
December 31 Events
1st Humans appeared (10:30 p.m.)
Martin Luther excommunicated
Calvin & Hobbes last comic strip (1995)
Monopoly patented (1935)
Inspector General premiered
1st Transatlantic voice broadcast
Three Men In a Boat debuted
East India Company chartered (1600)
Czech-Slovak split at midnight (1992)
Ellis Island opened
Monkees' I'm a Believer reached No. 1 (1966)
Government of Ghana overthrown (1981)
Paul McCartney knighted (1996)
Trafalgar Square's giant Christmas tree attacked by Norwegian man with a chainsaw (1990)
Esso Oil announced it was divesting in South Africa (1986)
Frank Sinatra debuted solo at NYC's Paramount Theatre
Panama will take over the Panama Canal (1999)
MBE awarded to Eric Bristow, darts' world champion (1988)
1st Huguenot emigrants to South Africa left France with grapevines (1687)
Michigan J. Frog debuted in Warner Bros. cartoon (1955)
Little Match Girl froze to death (Hans Christian Anderson)
Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance premiered on Broadway (1879)
France turned down a non-aggression pact from Germany (1922)
Pliocene Period ended, Quatenary (Pleistocene and Holocene) Period began; humans 1st appeared at 10:30 p.m. (Sagan calendar)
Other Sagan calendar events:
  • 11:00:00: Stone tools 1st used
  • 11:46:00: Fire domesticated
  • 11:56:00: Most recent glacial period began
  • 11:59:00: Cave painting in Europe
  • 11:59:20: Agriculture invented
  • 11:59:35: 1st Cities appeared
  • 11:59:50: 1st dynasties in Sumer, Egypt; astronomy developed
  • 11:59:51: Alphabet invented
  • 11:59:53: Trojan War; compass invented
  • 11:59:55: Buddha born
  • 11:59:56: Roman Empire; Christ born; Greek sciences
  • 11:59:57: Zero and decimals invented; Fall of Rome
  • 11:59:58: Mayan civilization; Byzantine Empire; China's Sung Dynasty
  • 11:59:59: Renaissance in Europe; China's Ming Dynasty

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