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National Eye Care Month, National Hobby Month, National Soup Month, National Volunteer Blood Donor Month, National Health Month, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream "Show-Off" Receipe Contest Month, Prune Breakfast Month, Whale Watching Month, National Egg Month, National Wheat Bread Month, National Meat Month, National Candy Month, National Hot Tea Month, National Oatmeal Month, National Retail Bakers Month, Thyroid Disease Awareness Month, January Diet Month, National Be On-Purpose Month, National Book Blitz Month, National Yours Mine and Ours Month, Market Ability Month, Crime Stoppers Month, Business and Reference Books Month, National Prune the Fat Month, Prevention to Cruelty to Your Money Month
JANUARY  is . . .
Chilly Month, March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month, Human Resources Month
1st Week 2nd Week
Silent Record Week
Universal Letter Writing Week
"Weeks" Week
Braille Literacy Week
Universal Week of Prayer
National Law Enforcement Training Week
Diet Resolution Week
Black Nazarene Fiesta (1st 9 days)
National Bowling Week
International Toy Fair
Someday We'll Laugh About This Week
National Word Processing Transcriptionist Week
Cuckoo Dancing Week
National Pizza Week
Printers Ink Week
Healthy Weight Week
Manwatcher's Appreciation Week
International Printing Week
National Book Week
Munich Fasching Festival (7th to Shrove Tue)
3rd Week 4th Week
International Printing Week
Jaycee Week
Worldwide Kiwanis Week
National Thrift Week
International Green Week
National Activity Professionals Week
Celebrity Read A Book Week
National Glaucoma Week
Mozart Week (Austria)
National Handwriting Analysis Week
AIDS Awareness Week
National Meat Week
National Cross Country Skiing Week
International Clergy Appreciation Week (begins on last Sun)

January Movable Daily Holidays
Day Holiday
1st Monday Handsel Day
1st Workday Passport Presentation Day (Russia)
1st Friday Gals Night Out
Thermopolis Day (Wyoming)
1st Saturday Leisure Suit Saturday
Saturday before Plough Monday Straw Bear Day
1st Monday after 6th Plough Monday
2nd Sunday Volunteer Fireman's Day
Holy Family Day
Meitlisunntig (Switzerland)
Secret Pal Day
2nd Monday National Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day
Show and Tell Day at Work
2nd Tuesday What You Don't Know Day
Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day
2nd Wednesday Make Your Dreams Come True Day
2nd Thursday Pharmacists Day
Festa do Bonfim begins (Brazil)
Family Communications Day
Healthy Weight, Healthy Look Day
2nd Weekend @ Bald Eagle Appreciation Days
3rd Sunday World Religion Day
Golden Globe Awards
3rd Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Human Relations Day
Elementary School Teachers Day
Junk Food News Alert Day
Lee-Jackson Day (Virginia)
3rd Wednesday Maintenance Day
3rd Thursday Guys Night Out
3rd Weekend World Championship Snow Sculpture Contest (Breckenridge, Colorado)
3rd Saturday Ati-Atihan Festival begins (Philippines)
4th Wednesday National School Nurse Day
Last Sunday Super Bowl Sunday
Last Tuesday Up-Helly-Aa (Scotland)
Backwards Day

January Indeterminate Holidays
The holidays in this table are either based on calendars other than the Gregorian Calendar or are keyed to natural events such as seasons or cosmological phenomena
Time Period Holiday
5th of Magha, 11th Hindu month (@ Jan/Feb) Basant Panchami
15th of Shevat, 5th Jewish month (@Jan/Feb) Tu Bishvat
23rd Day of 12th moon (@ Jan/Feb) Chinese Kitchen God Festival
Weekends in January Singapore Kite Festival
End of January/early February Soldag (Sun Day; Norway)
1st of Muharram, 1st Islamic month Awwal Muharram
10th of Muharram, 1st Islamic month Ashura
Late January to mid-February (every 4 years) Winter Olympics begin
Sometime in January Fancy Rat & Mouse Annual Show

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1 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
J.D. Salinger
B. Kliban
Paul Revere
Lorenzo d'Medici
Betsy Ross
E.M. Forester
Alfred Stieglitz
David Lynch
James George Frazier
Hank Greenberg
John Glenn
William Henry Harrison
Xavier Cugat
Joe Orton
Anthony Wayne
Milt Jackson
Ulrich Zwingli
Nancy Lopez
Dana Andrews
Peter Jennings
Ben Reitman
Helmut Jahn
Elliot Janeway
Don Novello
Pierre de Coubertin
Ewell "Doak" Walker
Moonhopper (Fairy)
Dennis Archer
William Fox
Country Joe McDonald
Frank Langella
Barry Goldwater
Yuri Grigorovich
J. Edgar Hoover
Ernest F. Hollings
Vladimir Titov
Dirk Benedict
Charles Bickford
Ewell "Doak" Walker
Derrick Thomas
Frank Minifield
LeMarr Hoyt
Carole Landis
Lamarr Hoyt
Terry Moore
Shelby Steele
Rissa Scusa
Martin Niemoller
Harold "Kim" Philby
Idi Amin
New Year's Day
Season of Chaos begins (Discordian)
Day of Universal Brotherhood (Brazil)
Feast of St. Odilo
Colonial Flag Day (US)
St. Basil's Day (Eastern)
Goddess Fortuna's Day
Jupiter and Juno's Day (Old Roman)
Z Day
First-Foot Day
Polar Swim Day
Daddy Frost Day (USSR)
Party Party Day
Haiti Independence Day
Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Liberation Day (Cuba)
Coon Carnival (South Africa Mardi Gras)
St. Agatha's Day (protector from starvation, fire)
Festival of Fools
Sudan Independence Day
Kwanzaa, Day 7: Imani (Faith)
Western Samoa Independence Day
Mummers Day Parade (Philadelphia, PA)
Tournament of Roses Parade (Pasadena, CA)
Niagra Falls Festival of Lights
Kalends of January
Apple Gifting Day
Circumcision of Christ
St. Fulgentius' Day
National Bloody Mary Day
St. Telemachus' Day
Polar Bear Swim Day
World Day
St. Clarus' Day (patron against myopia)
Bonza Bottler Day
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Penguin Plunge (Rhode Island)
January 1 Events
Big Bang (@15 billions years ago; Sagan calendar)
Julian Calendar introduced (44 BCE)
Gregorian Calendar introduced by German & Swiss states (1538)
Bass Pale Ale registered the 1st trademark (1876)
1st Cheese Factory opened
Saturn discovered
1st Oral Contraceptive used
Gyroscope Compass invented (1911)
Emancipation Proclamation issued (1863)
Nietszche had a nervous breakdown seeing a horse whipped (1889)
1st Full Page Advertisement
Swiss Reformation began (1519)
Football nets 1st used in soccer match (Bolton, UK; 1890)
1st Rose Bowl game (1902)
Battle of New Orleans
US Income Tax established
1st Parcel Post Service
Jungle Jim premiered
Australia established (1901)
1st Newsreel in color
Tasmania named (1858)
Dodge Charger debuted (1966)
National Environmental Policy Act established (1970)
1st Asteroid discovered (Ceres; 1801)
E.E.C. came into being (1958)
Samuel Pepys wrote the 1st entry in his diary (166)
1st Fox Hunt Club established
Ink patented
Old Age Pensions introduced (Germany; 1891)
Manchester Ship Canal opened (Liverpool, UK; 1894)
Trans-Siberian Railway opened (1905)
USSR proclaimed (1923)
Flash Gordon comic strip began (1934)
P.G. Wodehouse knighted (1975)
NAFTA trade agreement took effect (1994)
Regular mail service began between New York & Boston (1673)
US Calvary established
1st Bowling Tournament held
Braham's Violin Concerto premiered
Copyright Revision Law began
1st Pro Soccer player knighted (Stanley Matthews; 1965)
The Liberator founded by William Lloyd Garrison (1831)
Ellis Island opened (1892)
Beatles auditioned for Decca Records (1962)
1st US Radio broadcast (1902)
Cuban Battista regime collapsed (1955)
British East India Company chartered (1600)
1st Batch of Postum Cereal made by C.W. Post in Battle Creek (1895)
Romania outlawed death penalty and disbanded secret police (1990)
Luna I became the 1st space probe to orbit the sun (1959)
1st Seattle Ferry carried passengers (1889)
British Farthing discontinued as legal tender (1961)
International Carnivorous Plant Society founded (1990)
Traveller's Checks 1st issued (UK; 1772)
1st All-iron bridge, opened (Shropshire, UK; 1781)
UN World Trade Organization established (1995)
Importing of slaves to US stopped (1808)
1st All-metal camera for sale (Voigtlander; 1841)
Haiti became 1st Latin-American country to gain independence (1804)
1st Scheduled airline service began (between Tampa & St. Petersburg, Florida; 1914)
Simon & Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence reached No. 1 (1960)
Banned South African journalist Donald Woods fled to Lesotho (1978)
Sultan of Brunei, world's richest man, appointed himself prime minister of Brunei (1984)
Ireland joins Great Britain to produce the United Kingdom
Daily Universal Register, later The Times 1st published (UK; 1785)
US and China re-established diplomatic relations (1979)
Marcel Proust dipped a piece of toast in his tea, triggering childhood memories which became Swann's Way and ultimately the basis for the structure of Remembrance of Things Past (1909)
Abita Brewing Co. founded (Louisiana; 1986)
Bandersnatch Brewing Co. founded (Arizona; 1987)
Bear Brewing Co. founded (British Columbia; 1995)
Bison Brewing Co. founded (California; 1989)
Blackstar/McKenzie River Partners (California/Montana; 1987)
Breckenridge Brewery & Pub founded (Colorado; 1990)
Bridgeport Brewing Co. founded (Oregon; 1984)
Bull City Brewery & Cafe founded (North Carolina; 1988)
CEEP Barney's, Ltd. founded (Ontario; 1991)
Cervceria India founded (Puerto Rico; 1938)
Clark's Crossing Brewpub founded (Saskatchewan; 1990)
Cold Springs Brewing Co. founded (Minnesota; 1974)
Devil Mountain Brewery founded (California; 1987)
Dixie Brewing Co. founded (Louisiana; 1907)
Downtown Joe's Brewery & Restaurant founded (California; 1994)
Edgefield Brewery founded (Oregon; 1991)
Embudo Station/Preston Brewery founded (New Mexico; 1992)
F.X. Matt Brewing/Saranac Brewing Co. founded (New York; 1888)
Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co. founded (Iowa; 1990)
Frontier Brewing Co. founded (Iowa; 1994)
Golden Pacific Brewing Co. founded (California; 1987)
Granville Island Brewing Co. founded (Vancouver, British Columbia; 1987)
Gray Brewing Co. founded (Wisconsin; 1994)
Great Lakes Brewing Co. founded (Ontario; 1992)
Great Western Brewing Co. founded (Saskatchewan; 1990)
Heartland Brewing Co. founded (New York; 1995)
Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co. founded (Ohio; 1885)
Humboldt Brewery founded (California; 1987)
Idle Spur Crested Butte Brewery & Restaurant founded (Colorado; 1991)
Irish Times Pub & Brewery founded (Florida; 1990)
Joseph Huber Brewing Co. founded (Wisconsin; 1848)
Kelly's Caribbean Bar & Grill founded (Florida; 1993)
Kessler Brewing Co. founded (Montana; 1984)
Labatt's Brewery founded (Ontario; 1847)
Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe founded (California; 1990)
McMenamin's Brewery founded (Oregon; 1990)
Miller Brewing Co. founded (Wisconsin; 1955)
Oxford Brewing Co. founded (Maryland; 1992)
Pacific Northwest Brewing Co. founded (Washington; 1989)
Pacific Western Brewing Co. founded (British Columbia; 1990)
Pearl Brewing Co. founded (Texas; 1886)
Port Arthur Brasserie & Brewpub founded (Ontario; 1988)
Prarie Inn Cottage Brewery founded (British Columbia; 1983)
Redhook Ale Brewery founded (Washington; 1982)
Redwood Coast Brewing Co./Tied House Cafe & Brewery founded (California; 1988)
August Schell Brewing Co. founded (Minnesota; 1860)
Sprecher Brewing Co. founded (Wisconsin; 1986)
Toisnot Brewing Co. founded (North Carolina; 1994)
Stevens Point Brewery Co. founded (Wisconsin; 1857)
Straub Brewery founded (Pennsylvania; 1972)
Stroh Brewery Co. founded (Michigan; 1850)
Tracks Brewpub founded (Ontario; 1988)
Truckee Brewing Co. founded (California; 1985)
Unibroue founded (Quebec; 1992)
Union Brewery Co. founded (Nevada; 1987)
Vancouver Island Brewing Co. founded (British Columbia; 1985)
Widmer Brewing Co. founded (Oregon; 1985)
D.G. Yuengling & Sons Brewery founded (Pennsylvania; 1929)

2 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Isaac Asimov
Anna Lee
Nathaniel Bacon
Sally Rand
Mily Balakirev
David Bailey
Lynda Barry
Michael Tippitt
Christy Turlington
James Wolfe
Robert Nathan
Christopher Durang
Roger Miller
Calvin Hill
Gino Marchetti
Martha Thomas
Chick Churchill
Kay A. Orr
Julius La Rosa
Wendy Philips
Richard Riley
David Bailey
Gabrielle Cateris
Joanna Pacula
Chick Churchill
William Crowe
Toshiki Kaifu
Dan Rotenkowski
Vera Zorina
Gilbert Murray
Bill Madlock
Frederick Opper
David Cone
Jim Bakker
Joseph Stalin
Boo Boo Bear
Berchtoldstag (Nut Festival; Switzerland)
Run It Up the Flagpole and See If Anybody Salutes It Day
Festival of Fetishes
Ancestry Day (Haiti)
David Letterman Day (North Carolina)
Kakizome (First Writing; Japan)
Festival of Four Winds and All Sky
St. Adelard's Day (patron of gardeners)
Good Luck Day (Macedonia)
Shigoto Hajime (Beginning of Work Day; Japan)
Advent of Isis
Granada Day (Spain)
Port Arthur Day
St. Macarius' Day (patron of pastry cooks)
National Science Fiction Day
Feast of the Martyrs for the Holy Scripture
St. Gregory of Nazianzus' Day
Revolution Day (Cuba)
St. Bercholt's Day (patron of Switzerland)
Nativity of Our Lady Inanna (Sumerian Goddess)
St. Basil's Day (Western; patron of hospital administrators, Russia)
Miniature Golf Day
Good Luck Day (Macedonia)
St. Seraphim of of Sarov's Day
National Cream Puff Day
St. Macarius of Alexandria's Day (patron of pastry cooks)
January 2 Events
1st Photograph of the Moon taken (1839)
Password debuted
1st Human Heart transplanted
George Washington raised the 1st US flag (1776)
Drinking Straw patented (1888)
British Royal Academy of Art opened (1769)
1st High School opened
Georgia became the 4th state (1788)
Burt Parks fired from Miss America Pageant
1st Commemorative Stamp issued (1893)
Grizzly Bear declared endangered species
Bob Cummings Show debuted (1955)
Calcutta captured by Clive (1757)
Ovid died in Rome (17 CE)
1st No-fault divorce law passed (1971)
Free Black Community of Philadelphia petitioned Congress to abolish slavery (South Carolina buried it in committee; 1800)
1st Electric Omnibus ran (NYC; 1900)
Religious service 1st broadcast on radio (1921)
Cardinal Richelieu established the Academie Francasie (1635)
1st State Liquor Store opened (Pennsylvania)
Federal Law lowering speed limit to 55 signed (1974)
Helicopters 1st used in war (1944)
Muslims ousted from Spain (1492)
1st spacecraft from earth orbited sun (Luna 1, which missed the moon; 1959)
Queen Victoria wrote her "we are not amused" line (1900)
British Royal Academy opened (1769)
Indonesia quit the UN (1965)
Cigarette ads banned from TV (1971)
National Woman's Party formed (US; 1913)
Rockefeller & 7 other oil companies joined forces to create a "trust" (1882)
Hamilton County, Ohio founded (home of Cincinnati; 1797)
Pope Pius XII declared TV a threat to family life (1952)
Sinclair Lewis and Dorothy Thompson divorced (1942)
1st Black became President of a white university (Michigan State; 1970)
66 soccer fans trampled to death at Ibrox Park stadium, Glasgow (1971)
Trial of Bruno Hauptmann for kidnap of Lindbergh baby began (1935)
Publishers of Enid Blyton's Noddy books agreed to transform Golliwogs into sanitized, neutral, PC Gnomes (1987)
NYC Accountant waited 45 days before claiming $3 million lottery ticket to save on taxes (1988)
President Rossevelt closed a Missouri post office for refusing to employ a black woman (1903)
Heavenly Daze Brewery & Grill founded (Colorado; 1993)
Olde Hickory Brewing Co. founded (North Carolina; 1995)

3 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
George Martin
J.R.R. Tolkein
Victor Borge
Bob Roberts
Larkin Goldsmith
Anna Pavlova
Juan Cabrillo
Zazu Pitts
John Paul Jones
August Macke
Melody Anderson
Lucretia Mott
Carla Hills
Bobby Hull
Ray Milland
Mel Gibson
Douglas William Jerrold
Robert Whitehead
Father Damien
William Tucker
Marion Davies
Jack Levine
Anna Pavolva
Van Dyke Parks
Clement Attlee
Joan Walsh Anglund
Stephen Stills
Hank Stram
George Pierce
Jim Everett
Anna May Wong
Mara Corday (Pb 10/58)
Dabney Coleman
Betty Furness
Vernon A. Walters
Robert Loggia
David Lloyd
Willie Ribbs
Betty Rollin
John Sturges
Maxine Andrews
Bill Travers
Jesse White
Millard Fuller
John Thaw
Gary Lavelle
Herbert Morrison
Victoria Principal
St. Genevieve's Day (patron of Paris, secretaries, actors, lawyers; against drought, fever, floods, plague)
Riddle of the Year
Festival of Sleep
Icing Morning (Fairy)
Gensh-Sai (Japan)
Hero's Day (Haiti)
Congress Assemby Day (US)
Tom Sawyer's Cat's Birthday
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
January 3 Events
Atom 1st split (1918)
Rene Magritte's work 1st shown in US (1936)
1st Electric Watch made (1957)
Sir Edmund Hillary reached the South Pole (1958)
Wax Paper Drinking Straws patented (1888)
March of Dimes established (1938)
Alaska became the 49th state (1959)
Margarine patented (Oleo; 1871)
Pope John XXIII excommunicated Fidel Castro (1962)
Construction began on the Brooklyn Bridge (1870)
Martin Luther excommunicated (1521)
Yerba Buena renamed San Francisco (1847)
Battle of Princeton (1777)
Chevrolet introduced the air-cooled engine (1923)
Apple Computers incorporated (1977)
Super Soakers 1st for sale (1991)
Dragnet debuted (1952)
Longest Strike ended (33 years; Denmark)
1st Black child born in US (William Tucker; 1624)
US severed diplomatic ties with Cuba (1961)
B.J. Thomas' Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head reached No. 1 (1969)
Trial of Tom Mooney began in San Francisco (1917)
Lord Haw-Haw hanged for treason (1946)
Jack Ruby died in a hospital (1967)
Millionth Morris Minor automobile manufactured (1961)
450,000 public school children went on strike in New York City (1964)
Siege of Sydney Street began (London; 1911)
Emperor Meiji seized power from Tokugawa Shogun, ending 700 years of military rule (Japan; 1868)
Mitford Girl, Unity Mitford, returned to UK from Germany, having failed to commit suicide (1940)
1st Ads appeared in a Russian newspaper (1988)
US House of Representatives 1st televised (1947)
Tomb of Tutankhamen discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings (1924)
Roberts Owens bought land for utopian community experiment of "New Harmony" (1825)
US broke diplomatic relations with Cuba (1961)
Oscar Wilde declared "nothing but my genius" to US customs when entering America (1882)
Joy Adamson, author of Born Free murdered in game park (Kenya; 1980)
Bay City Rollers' Saturday Night reached No. 1 (1976)
In south Florida, Filberto Cardenas was abducted by aliens & reappeared 90 minutes later 16 miles away (1979)
30,000 of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's Two Virgins, with nude album cover, confiscated in New Jersey for pornography (1969)
Calhoun's Barbeque & Brewery founded (Tennessee; 1995)
Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens founded (California; 1994)

4 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Isaac Newton
Cary Grant
Michael Stipe
Jacob Grimm
Matt Frewer
Shun Hi-Lee
George Washington Carver
Louis Braille
Ann Magnuson
William Bendix
Marsden Hartley
A.E. Coppard
Tom Thumb
Augustus John
Giovanni Pergolesi
Sterling Holloway
Julia Ormond
Isaac Pitman
Max Eastman
C.L.R. James
Wilhelm Beer
James Vowell
Don Shula
Bernie Albrecht
Floyd Patterson
Sorrell Booke
Tito Fuentes
Charlie Hough
Joe Kleine
Cliff Levingston
Patty Loveless
Dyan Cannon
Jane Wyman
Lauro F. Cavazos
Don McMahon
Barbara Ann Carter
Russ Columbo
John Lujack
Grace Bumbry
Barney Summer
Maureen Reagan
Barbara Rush
Norman Bengerter
Dan Quayle
Trivia Day
Lichtenstein Day of Rest
Tennis Day
Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (1st US-born Saint)
Burma Independence Day
Humiliation Day
Festival of Fufluns (Etruscan God of Wine)
St.Titus' Day
Martyr's Day (Zaire)
Flower Basket Day
St. Angela of Foligno's Day
Myanmar Independence Day
Frost Fair on the Thames (London)
Braille Day
Day to Honor Freyja (Norse)
Get Out Your Boxer Shorts Day
St. Pharaildis' Day (patron against childhood illness)
Old Christmas Frights (North Carolina)
National Spaghetti Day
January 4 Events
1st Global Bicycle Trip completed (1887)
Blender invented (1910)
Fender 1st made guitars
1st Billboard Pop Chart published (1936)
Whooping Crane declared extinct
Hollywood Palace debuted (1964)
1st Female Governor inaugurated (Wyoming; 1925)
Blondie debuted
G.E. College Bowl debuted (1959)
1st Appendix removed successfully (1885)
Utah became the 45th state (1896)
Rose Heilbron became 1st female judge at the Old Bailey (UK; 1972)
1st Veterinary College established
Albert Camus died in an automobile accident (1960)
Fabian Society founded (1884)
US Outer Space nation of "Celestia" formed (1949)
Men At Work's Down Under reached No. 1 (1983)
1st Road Signs appeared on major roads (1901)
Elvis Presley passed his military physical (1957)
1st Chess Column appeared in a newspaper (1835)
General Electric announced plans to market an electric car (1995)
Alfred Dreyfus rutually degraded on Military Academy parade grounds (1895)
Gandhi's National Congress of India declared illegal by UK (1932)
Seoul, Korea captured by communist troops (Korean War; 1951)
Musical version of Frankensten opened, and closed, on Broadway (1981)
Bobby Vinton's There I've Said It Again reached No. 1 (1964)
Erika Rowe streaked naked during England v. Australia rugby match (1982)
Marlene Dietrich became a US citizen (1941)
Saint-Seans arrested for spying (hotel maid saw music score & thought it was code)
1st Installment of William Dean Howells' Life and Letters published in Harper's Weekly (1898)
George Orwell signed the Breton/Rivera manifesto, "Towards a Free Revolutionary Art" (1939)
Apprentice Barbers ended the longest-running strike, which began in 1938 (Copenhagen, Denmark; 1961)

5 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Umberto Eco
Alvin Ailey
John Burke
Walter Mondale
Zebulon Montgomery Pike
George Washington Carver
W.D. Snodgrass
Stephen Decatur
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Pamela Sue Martin
Charlie Rose
Suzy Amis
Kathleen Kenyon
Jeanette Ridlon Piccard
Thomas Nuttall
K.C. Gilette
Joseph Erlanger
Pamela Sue Martin
Edmund Ruffin
Yves Tanguey
Nicolas de Stael
Alfred Brendel
Robert Duvall
Stella Gibbons
Frederick Converse
Robert Bernstein
Sam Phillips
Jeanne Dixon
Diane Keaton
Chris Stein
Ted Lange
Jeannette Piccard
Rosemarie Hillcrest (Pb 10/64)
Conrad Adenauer
Alex English
Sam Wyche
Yves Tanguy
Friedrich Durrenmatt
Charles Hough
Jim Otto
Ron Kittle
Clifford Grey
Alfred Brendel
Chuck Noll
Konrad Adenauer
Raisa Gorbachev
King Juan Carlos of Spain
Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg
Eve of Wonder
Mungday (aka Hung Mung's Day; Discordian)
Festival of Pyrotechnics
Twelfth Night
Bird Day
Glastonbury Thorn
Night of Increase (Syria)
Night of the Magic Camel (Southern Syria)
Carnival begins (Old Bohemia)
Fair Deal Day
Nones of January
St. Simeon Stylites (patron of shepherds)
Apple Howling Day
National Whipped Cream Day
Discordian Festival of Blssed St. Hung Mung
Old Christmas Eve
Epiphany Fair (Italy)
St. John Nepomucene Neumann's Day (1st male US Saint)
January 5 Events
Captain John Smith captured by indians
Landlord's Game patented (original Monopoly)
Beatles topped Merseybeat poll
1st Subway turnstiles appeared
Red Cross established
National Association of Audubon Societies founded
1st FM broadcast demonstration (1940)
All My Children debuted (1970)
Fellowship entered Moria (Hobbit)
Mr. Ed debuted
FDR gave his "Four Freedoms" speech (1941)
Billie Holiday's When You're Smiling released
1st Woman Governor inaugurated (Wyoming; 1925)
Longest Monopoly game ended (264 hours)
X-Rays 1st publicly demonstrated (1896)
US Jet shot down 2 Libyan fighter planes (1989)
Yellow Kid 1st appeared in yellow (1896)
Ford began paying $5.00 per day minimum wage (1914)
Yorkshire Ripper arrested (1981)
French became only language allowed in French ads (1976)
US Airports began inspecting passengers and luggage (1973)
Alexandre Dumas fought his 1st duel, in which his trousers fell down (1825)
Billie Holiday recorded When You're Smiling (1938)
Oldest Railway in the World, Mumbles Railway, made its last trip (Wales; 1960)
Kramer's 1st name revealed to be Cosmo (Seinfeld; 1995)
Connie Chung airs Kathleen Gingrich's opinion that Hilary Clinton is "a bitch" (1995)
Munich Plumber, Anton Drexler, founded the German Workers Party, which Hitler later turned into the Nazi Party (1919)

6 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Richard I
Carl Sandburg
Andy Partridge
Rowan Atkinson
Joan of Arc (1412)
Sherlock Holmes (1854)
Alexander Scriabin
Max Bruch
Charles Addams
Alan Watts
Gustave Dore
P.J. Kavanagh
Kahlil Gibran
E.L. Doctorow
John Singleton
Heinrich Schliemann
Scott Bryce
John DeLorean
Margy Rochlin
Jacques Etienne Montgolfier
Danny Thomas
Haym Solomon
Loretta Young
Terry Venables
Barry John
Kathy Sledge
Bonnie Franklin
Nancy Lopez
Syd Barrett
Joey Adams
Earl Scruggs
Nancy Lopez
Haym Salomon
Sun Myung Moon
Lou Holtz
Charles Haley
Jedidiah Smith
Sylvia Sims
Mark O'Toole
Early Wynn
Lou Harris
Howie Long
Malcolm Young
Joey Adams
Kapil Dev
Tom Mix
Richard II (1367)
Charles Haley
Vic Tayback
Twelfth Day (aka Twelfthtide)
Blessing of the Waters (Turkey)
Swap Day
King of the Bean (aka Bean Day)
Apple Tree Day
La Befana (Italy)
Maroon Festival (Jamaica)
Greek Cross Day
Three King's Day
Feast of Aesculapius (Greek God of Healing)
Perch Tenlauf (Austria)
Take a Poet to Lunch Day
Children's Day (Uruguay)
St. Peter Baptist's Day (patron of Japan)
Army Day (Iraq)
St. Balthazar, Caspar, and Melchoir's Day (patron of travelers)
Old Christmas Day
St. Macra's Day (patron against breast disease)
National Shortbread Day
January 6 Events
FDR gave his Four Freedoms speech (1941)
Iron patented
New Mexico became the 47th state (1912)
George & Martha Washington married
Zinc patented
Dorm Room Refrigerator patented (1956)
Pizarro discovered Lima, Peru
Jimmy Carter saw a UFO (1969)
1st Commercial Global flight completed (1942)
Halls of Montezuma premiered
Santa Fe County, New Mexico founded (1852)
1st Underwater telephone coversation (1898)
Telegraph 1st demonstrated by Morse (1838)
Lufthansa, German National Airline, founded (1926)
Henry VIII and Anne of Cleaves married (1540)
Pepe Le Pew debuted in Warner Bros. cartoon (1945)
Stanley Steamer Rocket achived speed of 127 mph (1906)
King Alfred defeated the Dames at the Battle of Ashdown (871 CE)
Harold II crowned King of England (1066)
Sigmund Freud fled Vienna to London (1938)
EMI Records fired the Sex Pistols for misbehaving in a TV interview (1977)
Paris brasserie, La Coupole, sold for 6 million pounds (1988)
Danny & the Juniors' At the Hop reached No. 1 (1958)
Skater Nancy Kerrigan whacked in the knees (1994)
A man fell out of an bi-plane and then fell back into it at a lower altitude
Brazilian naval ship Almirante Saldanha photographed a metallic, Saturn-shaped UFO (1958)

7 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Millard Fillmore
Charles Addams
Nicolas Cage
Jean-Pierre Rampal
Nicholson Baker
Francis Poulenc
David Bowie
Mike McGear
Jacques Montgolfier
Butterfly McQueen
Charles Peguy
Zora Neale Hurston
Adolf Zuker
Louis II
Jennifer Le Roy (Pb 2/93)
Albert Bierstadt
Noah Beery
Vincent Gardenia
Paul Revere
Victor Lasky
William Blatty
Jann Wenner
Douglas Kiker
Kenny Loggins
Erin Gray
Maury Povich
Johnny Mize
Carl Laemmie
Eilhard Mitscherlich
Gerald Durrell
Joseph Bonaparte
Marie-Bernard Soubirous (St. Bernadette)
Katie Couric
Old Rock Day
Sekhmet (Ancient Egyptian New Year's Day)
Nanakusa (7 Plants Festival; Japan)
St. Distaff's Day
Eastern Orthodox Old Christmas
National Tempura Day
Ganna (Ethiopian Christmas; aka Leddat)
Pioneers Day (Liberia)
St. Aldric's Day (patron against asthma)
Usokae (Bullfinch Exchange Day; Japan)
St. Lucian of Antioch's Day
Panama Canal Day
St. Reinhold's Day (patron of stone masons)
Celebration of the 1st Week of Moonhopper (Fairy)
St. Cedda's Day
National Pass Gas Day
Bear Mt. Ski Festival (@)
St. Raymond of Penafort's Day (patron of medical record librarians, lawyers)
January 7 Events
Typewriter patented
1st US Presidential Election held (1789)
4 Moons of Jupiter discovered
1st Transatlantic telephone call made (1927)
George Burns & Gracie Allen married (1926)
Chrysler's 1st car introduced (1924)
1st Handball tournament held
Harlem Globetrotters established (1927)
Panama Canal 1st crossed (1914)
1st Balloon went across the English Channel (1785)
Paul Klee's paintings 1st exhibited in US (1924)
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom debuted
French recaptured Calais from the English (1558)
1st Modern US Microbrewery opened (Grant's; 1982)
Glasgow University founded (1450)
Buck Rogers comic strip began (1929)
Hal Foster's Tarzan comic strip began (1929)
Ant Farm 1st for sale (1958)
Coca-Cola's "Thirst Knows No Season" ad campaign launched (1922)
Fannie Farmer Cookbook published (1896)
1st US Railroad Station opened (Baltimore; 1830)
Galilleo discovered the 4 moons of Jupiter (1610)
Francis Bacon became Lord Chancellor of England (1618)
1st Benefit Play peformance given
CQD distress call introduced (1904; replaced 2 years later by SOS)
Flying V Guitar patented
Leaning Tower of Pisa closed to the public (1990)
Princess Julianna of the Netherlands married Prince Bernhard (1937)
OPEC raised crude oil prices 10% (1975)
1st Commercial Bank in US opened (Philadelphia; 1782)
Victor Hugo is elected to the Academie Francaise (1841)
Coldest temperature reached in a laboratory (12 millionths of a degree above absolute zero; 1988)
Poet John Berryman committed suicide by junping off a bridge into the Mississippi River (1972)
USAF Pilot, Capt. Thomas Mantell Jr., chased a UFO near Mayville, Kentucky up to 25,000 feet where 1 minute later his plane plummeted to Earth & exploded (1948)

8 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Robert Schumann
Gallelei Gallileo
Elvis Presley
Stephen Hawking
Frank Doubleday
Alfred R. Wallace
William Wilkie Collins
Fernand Petiot
Jolanda Egger (Pb 6/83)
Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Ami Dolenz
Shirley Bassey
David Bowie
Yvette Mimieux
Jose Ferrer
Dennis Wheatley
Vladimir Feltsman
Noble Drew Ali
Peter Arno
Bill Graham
Robbie Krieger
Charles Osgood
Butterfly McQueen
Alexandria Ripley
Bruce Sutter
Giorgio Tozzi
Soupy Sales
Dwight Clark
Slade Gorton
John Curtin
Ron Moody
Solomon Bandaranaike
Georgi Malenkov
Hans Von Bulow
Larry Storch
World Literacy Day
Redistribution of Wealth Day
Man Watcher's Day
Justitia (Roman Goddess of Justice)
Kassada (Indonesia @)
Midwife's Day (aka Women's Day; Greece)
National Joygerm Day
Old Hickory Day
Feast of St. Gudula (patron of Brussels; against toothaches)
St. Severinus' Day
Rock 'n' Roll Day
Postal Day
Jackson Day (Louisiana)
St. Amalburga's Day (patron against bruises)
National English Toffee Day
St. Atticus' Day
Pennsylvania Farm Show (@)
January 8 Events
Thomas Paine's Common Sense published
Mona Lisa 1st exhibited in US (1963)
1st Computer patented (1889)
Norton I, Emperor of United States, died in San Francisco (1880)
Woodrow Wilson gave his 14 Points Speech
1st State of the Union Address
AT&T divested ending its telephone monopoly (1982)
Borax discovered
1st US Music School opened
Knights of the Round Table premiered
Loch Ness Monster photographed (1974)
Battle of New Orleans (1815)
11st US Amendment ratified (1798)
Pontiac's 1st car introduced (1926)
1st Dot-Dash telegraph message transmitted (1838)
Vikings attacked Lindisfarne Island (794)
1st Corporation formed
Gallipoli evacuated (1916)
LBJ declared a "War on Poverty" (1964)
Beatles' We Can Work It Out reached No. 1 (1966)
1st All-Women state Supreme Court (1925)
National Retail Merchants Association established
Seinfeld's The Subway episode aired (1992)
1st Sup Kitchen for the poor opened (1800)
Vietnamese troops overtook Khmer Rouge and occupy Phnom Penh (1979)
Pope Pius X banned low cut dresses in the presence of churchmen (1904)
Ibn Saud became King of the Hejaz, which he renamed Saudia Arabia (1926)
Fire in the Empire State Building damaged 7 floors (1963)
John Galworthy's The Forsythe Saga debuted on BBC-TV (1967)
Spain ended its siege on Gibralter and reopened the frontier (1982)
UK Ambassador to Uruguay kidnapped by Tupamaros guerrillas (1971)
David Lloyd George became 1st Prime Minister to occupy the Buckinghamshire country mansion, Chequers (UK; 1921)
London's Poetry Bookshop opened, where Robert Frost and Ezra Pound 1st met (1913)
Dr. Herman Hollerith patented an electrically operated computer to process data, forming a company to market it which later became IBM (1889)
A UFO landed in Trans-en-Provence, France (1981)

9 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Bart Starr
Simone De Beauvoir
Chic Young
Les Paul
Richard M. Nixon
Carrie L.C. Catt
Soren Sorensen
Bill Cowsil
John Broadus Watson
Gypsy Lee Rose
Bob Denver
Jimmy Page
Lee Van Cleef
Susannah York
Vilma Banky
Joan Baez
Rudolf Bing
Karel Capek
Brian Friel
George Balanchine
David Johansen
Crystal Gayle
K. Callan
Dick Enberg
Muggsy Bougues
Earl Graves
Gracie Fields
Scott Engel
Herbert Lom
Clive Dunn
John Jervis
Robert P. Casey
Fernando Lamas
Judith Krantz
Virgin Sacrifice Day
Play God Day
Show and Tell Day At Work Day
Feast of the Black Nazarene
St. Philip of Moscow
National Static Electricity Day
Feast of St. Julian
Martyr's Day (Panama)
St. Hadrian the African's Day
Dotty Day
Feast of All Fairies (Fairy)
Balloon Ascension Day
Stepfather's Day
National Apricot Day
Choreographers Day
St. Basilissa's Day (patron against breast-feeding problems)
Bash-a-Pom Day
January 9 Events
Captain Nice debuted
1st Seeing Eye Dog trained
Peter Minoit set sail for New York
Connecticut became the 5th state (1788)
1st Women's Golf Tournament held (1811)
Mr. Terrific debuted
Life After Tomorrow, 1st film to receive an "X" rating, premiered (1951)
Fellowship reached Lorien (Hobbit)
1st Telephone Switchboard operated
Income Tax introduced in UK (1799)
Zoom debuted (1972)
1st Balloon Flight in US (1793)
Plastic Tombstone patented (UK; 1988)
Fantastic Four 1st met the Skrulls
Autogyro 1st flew (1923)
Income Tax 1st imposed (UK; 1799)
Columbus sights a Mantee and thinks its a mermaid
1st Society Ball held (Patriarch's Ball; 1882)
Queen Elizabeth luxury liner destroyed by fire (Hong Kong; 1972)
Admiral Nelson buried at St. Paul's Cathedral (London; 1806)
Mississippi seceded from the Union (1861)
Penicillin broth soup used to successfully treat infection (1929)
1st British X Certificate given to a film (Life Begins Tomorrow; 1951)
Virginia Woolf bought the lease to 52 Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury (1924)
New York legislature introduced a bill to outlaw flirting in public (1902)
Concorde supersonic airliner 1st test flight (1969)
Bolsheviks defeated the last of the White Russians (1920)
Teddy Roosevelt declared Muir Woods a national monument (1908)
Jets Quarterback Joe Namath "guaranteed" a win in Super Bowl 3, and then delivered beating the Colts 16-7 (1969)
K-Mart banned the sale of Steve Martin's comedy album Let's Get Small, obviously missing the point
Israeli rabbi revoked the kosher food license of a Tiberias hotel because they allowed a couple to have sex in a helicopter while hovering above the hotel pool during a party (1989)
University of Colorado UFO Project released its report entitled Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects which was hailed as debunking UFOs despite the fact that 1/3 of the 1,645 cases detailed remain unexplained (1969)

10 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Ethan Allen
Pat Benatar
George Washington Carver
Ray Bolger
Linda Lovelace
Maurice Sendak
Robinson Jeffers
Paul Henreid
Nicolaus Steno
Barbara Hepworth
George Foreman
Jim Croce
Willie McCovey
Sal Mineo
Donald Fagen
Noah Beery Jr.
Frank James
Johnny Ray
Trini Alvarado
Bob Lang
Francis X. Bushman
Gisele Mackenzie
Donald Brooks
Galina Ulanova
Meyer Davis
Sherrill Milnes
Glen Robinson
Michael Ney
Gustav Husak
Cyril Neville
Rod Stewart
Peculiar People Day
Iroquois Midwinter Ceremony @
Volunteer Fireman's Day
Geraint (Wales)
Hockey Night (Letterman)
St. Agatho's Day
Foreign Agents' Day
Speck Day
League of Nations Day
Texas Citrus Fiesta (@)
St. Marcian's Day
Fairy Lunch (Fairy)
Black Scientist Day
National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
January 10 Events
Herge's Tintin 1st published (1929)
Arsenic & Old Lace premiered
Order of the Golden Fleece established
League of Nations founded (1920)
Single-lens film camera patented (1888)
1st Telegram sent
UN General Assembly 1st met (London; 1946)
1st Children's Library opened
Charles Ives' Three Places in New England premiered
Vinyl Record debuted by RCA & Columbia (1949)
That Was the Week That Was debuted
1st Photo taken from an airplane
Tea from India 1st arrived in UK (1839)
Penny Postage began (UK; 1840)
London's 1st Subway opened (1863)
Skeezix got a new job
Oil 1st discovered in Texas (1901)
Wendy's "Where's the Beef?" ad campaign debuted (1984)
Barbed Wire patented
C5 Electric Car 1st demonstrated (1985)
Thomas Paine's Common Sense published (1776)
Wake of the Red Witch premiered
Standard Oil incorporated (1870)
Little Annie Rooney comic strip began (1929)
Women's Suffrage Amendment introduced (1878)
Florida seceded from the Union (1861)
US House of Representatives voted in favor of women's suffrage (1918)
Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford divorced (1935)
White House picketed by women demanding the vote (1917)
Criticizing her novels, Cardinal Newman states "Jane Austen has no romance" (1837)
Hazel Dobkins killed her husband and children (1965; in the film Basic Instinct, 1994)
Elizabeth Barret received her 1st love letter from future husband Robert Browning (1845)
Pineer aviators Hood and Moncrieff lost over the Tasman Sea flying from Australia to New Zealand (1928)

11 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Reinhold Gliere
Alexander Hamilton
Ben Crenshaw
Manford Lepofsky
Eugenio Maria de Hostos
William James
Ezra Cornell
Domenico Ghirlandajo
Alice Paul
John MacDonald
Phillip von Ferrary
Aldo Leopold
William James
Rod Taylor
Echo Johnson (Pb 1/93)
Clarence Clemmons
Slim Harpo
Vicki Peterson
Paddy Driscoll
Grant Tinker
Eva La Gallienne
Max Carey
Lourdes Estores (Pb 6/82)
John Alexander
Monte Blue
Darryl Dawkins
Eugenio De Hostos
Mary J. Blige
Vicki Peterson
Neville Duke
Alan Paton
Cris Ford
David Wolper
Naomi Judd
Juanita Kreps
Henry Gordon Selfridge
Daniel Dancer
Fred Archer
William "Intrepid" Stephenson
George Nathaniel Curzon
National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day
Carmentalia (Old Roman Festival to 9 Muses)
Unity Day (Nepal)
International Thank You Day
Burning of the Cavie (Tar Barrel; Burghead, Scotland)
Juturna (Prophetic Waters Festival)
Banquet of Fairies, Goblins, Pixies, and Elves (Fairy)
Use More of Your Mind Day
St. Vitalis of Gaza's Day
Giant Day
Unlucky Day
Banana Boat Day
Art Deco Festival
St. Hiliary's Day
Pharmacists Day
Kagami-Biraki (Rice Cakes Festival; Japan)
Buy Defense Stamps Day
Albania Anniversary Day
Send a Dollar to the Treasury Day
National Hot Toddy Day
Smoking May Be Hazardous To Your Health Day
January 11 Events
Whisky-A-Go-Go, 1st US Discotheque, opened (LA; 1963)
1st Lottery (England; 1569)
Mt. Etna erupted
Francium, Element 87, discovered (1939)
Milk Bottles 1st delivered (1878)
1st Sedan automobile
Woman's Club established
Insulin 1st used to treat diabetes (1922)
1st Life Insurance Company began cheating people
Paul Gauguin married a 13-year-old Tahitian girl (1892)
Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett 1st met (1936)
US Surgeon General 1st said "stop smoking" (1964)
1st "Quickie" Divorce granted in UK (1971)
Bread and Roses Strike began (1912)
Charing Cross Station opened in London (1864)
Snowfall 1st recorded in Los Angeles (1949)
King Zog of Albania deposed (1946)
1st Sextuplets born (South Africa; 1974)
Salvador Dali lectured on surrealism at MOMA (1935)
Nassau County, New York founded (1899)
Alabama seceded from the Union (1861)
Pretenders' eponymous album released
King of Naples deserted Napoleon and joined the Allies (1813)
Amelia Earhart became 1st woman to fly solo across the Pacific (1935)
Native Americans still being sold as slaves (Los Angeles; 1869)
Biafran leader, General Ojukwe, fled Biafra as Nigerian troops entered Owerri (1970)
25 Motorists publicly lashed for staging a car race in Saudia Arabia (1987)
Mexican President Benito Juarez returned to Mexico City after Maximilian's execution (1867)
Dozens watched UFOs melt holes in the ice at Wanaque Reservoir, New Jersey (1966)
Fremont Brewing Co. founded (California; 1994)
Denison's Brewing Co. founded (Ontario; 1989)
Thompson Brewery & Public House founded (Oregon; 1990)

12 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
John Singer Sargent
Edmund Burke
Charles Perrault
Jack London
Thomas Moran
Glenda Jackson
Kirstie Alley
Vendela Kirsebom
Joe E. Lewis
Ira Hayes
Angela Davis
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
Tex Ritter
John Winthrop
Dominique Wilkins
Henny Youngman
Joe Frazier
Luise Rainer
Glenn Yarborough
James Farmer
Ray Price
Long John Baldry
Anthony Andrews
Patsy Kelly
Judi Monterey (Pb 1/63)
Des O'Connor
Ricky Van Shelton
Luise Rainer
Ray Price
Cynthia Robinson
Paul Hermann Muller
Jean Baptiste van Helmont
Per Gessie
William Lee Golden
P.W. Botha
Joseph Joffre
Hermann Goering
Rush Limbaugh
Howard Stern
Compitalia (Old Roman Slave Festival to Household Gods)
Printing Ink Day
Working Woman's Appreciation Day
Festival of Sarasyati (Hindu Goddess of Wisdom)
National Pharmacist Day
Goblin Gala (Fairies not invited)
Zanzibar Revolution Day (Tanzania)
St. Ailred's Day
Ullr Festival (Mythical God of Winter)
Feast of Fabulous Wild Men
St. Allan's Day
National Marzipan Day
Lift Every Voice and Sing Day
Work Harder Day
St. Benedict Biscop's Day (patron of architects, glass workers, musicians, painters, speleologists)
Runic half-month of Eoh ends
January 12 Events
HAL became operational (1997; in 2001: A Space Odyssey)
1st Public Museum opened (Charleston, SC; 1773)
His Girl Friday premiered
1st X-Ray taken
Batman debuted
Freeland Colony founded in US (1900)
Santa Clara Mission founded (1777)
How To Stuff a Wild Bikini premiered
All in the Family debuted (1971)
1st Sale at Saks 5th Avenue
Biafran War ended (1970)
1st Supermarket in UK opened (1948)
Zulu-British War began (1879)
Boeing 747 completed its 1st atlantic flight (1970)
Sultan of Zanzibar banished (1964)
Aeronautical Society of Great Britain founded (1866)
2 Earth-size planet discovered orbiting pulsar PSR1257812 (1992)
Boeing 747 made its maiden voyage (1970)
Steve Miller's The Joker reached No. 1 (1974)
1st Woman elected to the US Senate (1932)
Queen of England opened the New Zealand Parliament (1954)
Lift Every Voice and Sing, Negro National Anthem, 1st performed (1900)
Idi Amin expelled from Zaire (1989)
Franfurter temporarily renamed "Victory Sausage"
US House of Representatives rejected proposal to allow women to vote (1915)
A Luminous pancake-shaped UFO landed in NOrth Bergen, New Jersey & took soil samples (1975)
Sharkey's Brew Club founded (Colorado; 1995)

13 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Tabita Stevens (Bewitched)
Salmon P. Chase
Wyatt Earp
Sam Woolworth
Anna-Marie Goddard (Pb 1/94)
Patrick Dempsey
Horatio Alger Jr.
Gwen Verdon
John Dos Passos
Penelope Ann Miller
Frank Gallo
Jay McInerney
Michael Bond
Robert Stack
Don Snow
Vicki McCarty (Pb 9/79)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kevin Anderson
Charlie "Swamp Baby" Wilson
Robert "Squirrel" Lester
Graham McPherson
Richard Moll
Frances Sternhagen
Sandra Church
Potter Stewart
Wilhelm Wien
Ralph Edwards
William B. Davis
Alfred Carl Fuller
Kevin Mitchell
Gary Moore
Johannes Bjelke-Petersen
Ted Willis
Harry Worth
Brandon Tartikoff
Sophie Tucker
Charles Nelson Reilly
Rubber Duckie (Sesame Street)
Old New Year's Day (Wales; Julian Calendar)
Change of Style Day
Silvesterklause (Switzerland)
Blame Someone Else Day
Festival of the Body of Habits
Zero Birth Day
Recuperation Fortnight begins (Fairy)
Tiugunde Day (Old England)
Midvintersblot (Norse Midwinter Festival)
Liberation Day (Togo)
St. Hilary of Poitiers' Day (patron of backward children, lawyers; against insanity, snakebites)
Tyvendedagen (Norway)
Stephen Foster Memorial Day
Door-to-Door Salespeople Day
Strive and Succeed Day
Runic half-month of Peorth (womb, dice cup) begins
St. Knute's Day
National Tractor Pull (@)
Stephen Foster Memorial Day
National Peach Melba Day
January 13 Events
Frisbee invented
Accordian patented (1854)
Duke appointed Governor of Samoa (Doonesbury)
1st Plastic Car made
Yellow Submarine released
Lifeboat premiered
1st Dynamite Factory built
British Labour Party formed (1893)
1st Public Radio Broadcast (1910)
Mickey Mouse comic strip began (1930)
1st Woman conducted the Metropolitan Opera (1976)
Friday the 13th Computer Virus supposedly actived (1989)
Jayne Mansfield married Mickey Hargitay (1958)
1st Ad for a radio appeared (in Scientific American; 1906)
Jonathan Swift was ordained an Anglican priest (Ireland; 1695)
NASA selcted 1st US Women Astronauts (1978)
1st Black played in NBA All-Star basketball game (1953)
Canadian radical William Lyon Mackenzie fled to the US (1838)
Independent British Labour Party formed (1893)
Capitol Records reluctantly released 1st Beatles record in US (I Wanna Hold Your Hand; 1964)
Emile Zola sent an open letter to French President, reprinted in L'Aurore newspaper as J'accuse (1898)
Chubby Checker's The Twist reached No. 1 (1962)
Darrin and Samatha Stevens give birth to Tabitha (Bewitched; 1966)
French newspaper, La Liberation published list of 32 CIA agents operation undercover in Paris (1976)
London Appeals Court ruled mere possession of cannibis not an offense under English Law
Clubhaus Brewpub founded (Minnesota; 1995)

14 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Albert Schweitzer
Humphrey Bogart
Andy Rooney
Steven Soderbergh
Hal Roach
Susan Smith (Pb 9/81)
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Richard Outcault
Henri Fantin-Latour
Berthe Morisot
John dos Passos
Andy Rooney
William Whipple
Lawrence Kasdan
Yukio Mishima
L.L. Cool J.
Faye Dunaway
Cecil Beaton
Hugh Lofting
Art Young
Kim Llewellyn
Allen Toussaint
Benedict Arnold
Allen Toussaint
Carl Weathers
Jack Jones
William Bendix
Morihiro Hosokawa
Thomas Tryson
Jason Bateman
Mehmed VI
Julian Bond
Marjoe Gortner
Launch Faircloth
Ricochet Rabbit
Magilla Gorilla
Feast of Fools
Debt Day
Vinegrower's Day (Bulgaria)
Narcissus Festival
Cakes and Ale Day (UK)
Pongal (India)
Mallard Day (Oxford, UK)
St. Kentigern's Day
National Dress Up Your Pet Day
Take a Missionary to Lunch Day
St. Sava's Day (patron of Serbia)
Paul Bunyan Sled Dog Races begin (@)
Julian Calendar New Year
St. Felix of Nola's Day (patron against perjury)
National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
All Souls College Mallard (Oxford)
Traitor's Day
Celebration of 2nd Week of Moonhopper (Fairy)
January 14 Events
1st Human Be-In (San Francisco; 1967)
Celluloid invented
Simpsons debuted (1990)
1st Publication made using US made paper
Caesarian Section 1st performed in US (1794)
Euthanasia Society founded
1:00 a.m. Curfew set for bowlers
International Dogsled Mail Service 1st established
1st US Assembly Line started (Ford; 1914)
Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio married (1954)
Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden (1814)
1st Moving assembly line began running (1913)
Today Show debuted (1952)
Puccini's Tosca premiered (1900)
1st Hootennany held at the White House (1964)
Treaty of Paris ratified ending American Revolution (1784)
British Muslims burned copies of Rushdie's Satanic Verses (1989)
Massachusetts Bay Colony held a day of fasting in protest of wrongly convcted witches (1699)
CIA secretly held a 5-scientist meeting in Washington, DC to review UFO data, after 3 days they recommended the Gov't institute a "debunking" policy (1953)
Box Office Brewery & Restaurant founded (Illinois; 1994)
Lang Creek Brewery founded (Montana; 1994)
Santa Clarita Brewing Co. founded (California; 1994)

15 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Edward Teller
Martin Luther King Jr.
Gene Krupa
Matthew Brady
Franz Grillparzer
Sonya Kovalevski
Osip Mandelstam
Martin Agronsky
Chuck Berry
Mazo de la Roche
St. Paul the Hermit
Don Van Vliet
Lloyd Bridges
Captain Beefheart
Philip Livingston
Ace Goodman
Margaret O'Brien
Julian Sands
Edwin Sherin
Aristotle Onasis
Rod MacLeish
Matha Davis
Gamal Nassar
Peter Trewavas
Kenny Easley
Stuart Eizenstat
Ernest Gaines
Mario Van Peebles
Chad Lowe
Andrea Martin
Randy "The Monster" White
Maria Schell
John O'Connor
Ivy Day
Feast of the Abbot of Unreason
Hermit Day
Procrastinator's New Year
Craft-Brew Day (Berkeley, California)
Feast of the Ass
Dia Del Maestro (Teacher's Day; Venezuela)
Seijn-No-Hi (Adult's Day; Japan)
Humanitarian Day
Pioneer Day (Idaho)
Hat Day
St. Paul of Thebes' Day (aka Paul the Hermit; patron of weavers)
Moliere Day (France)
Coming of Age Day (Japan)
Massage Parlor Day
St. Maurus' Day (patron against colds)
Iroquois White Dog Feast
National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
St. Macarius of Egypt's Day
Top Junk-Food News Stories Day
Feast of Christ of Esquipulas (Black Christ Festival; Guatemala)
January 15 Events
London Beer Shortage began
Pentagon building completed (1943)
1st Super Bowl (1967; Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10)
Basketball Rules 1st published (1892)
1st Telephone Directory published
British Museum opened (1759)
Disney's Sleeping Beauty premiered
1st All-glass building completed
Cable Street Car patented
Happy Days debuted (1974)
1st Top Hat worn
Moliere baptized in Paris (1622)
Radioactivity discovered
1st Ski Club formed
Hill St. Blues debuted
Irish Free State established (1919)
Aswan Dam opened (1971)
1st Gold dental inlay used (1907)
Otis patented the Steam Elevator (1861)
Fletcher Christian & other Bounty mutineers arrived on Pitcairn Island (1790)
Democratic "Donkey" symbol 1st appeared (1870)
Nixon ordered halting of bombing in Vietnam (1973)
Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England (1559)
National Academy of Design founded (1826)
Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty premiered (1890)
21 People died in Great Boston Molasses Flood (1919)
Honore de Balzac signed his 1st publishing contract (1829)
Don McLean's American Pie reached No. 1 (1972)
1st Propaganda leaflets dropped from an airplane
Pyramid Brewery's Berkeley, California brewpub opened (1997)
Cook County, Illinois founded (home of Chicago; 1831)
James Hetherington fined in London for wearing the 1st Bowler Hat (1797)
Blue Water Brewing Co. founded (California; 1994)
Legend Brewery founded (Virginia; 1994)
Mill Creek Brewery & Restaurant founded (Missouri; 1994)
Saskatoon Brewing Co. founded (Saskatchewan; 1991)
Ship Inn Brewery founded (New Jersey; 1995)

16 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Andre Michelin
Jay "Dizzy" Dean
Kate Moss
Eartha Kitt
Ma Barker
Robert W. Service
Samuel McIntyre
Marilyn Horne
Carol Lombard
Robert W. Service
Ethel Merman
John Carpenter
Guy Chamberlin
A.J. Foyt
Jim Stafford
Paul Webb
Alexander Knox
Francesco Scavullo
Debbie Allen
Bob Bogle
Ronnie Milsap
Jack Burns McDowell
Bill Francis
Michael Wilding Jr.
Stirling Silliphant
William Kennedy
Religious Freedom Day
National Nothing Day
Dies Electricia (Aurora Borealis)
Concordia (Old Roman Goddess of Harmonious Relations)
Festival of All Fairies (Fairy)
Book Publishers Day
National Good Teen Day
There's No Business Like Show Business Day
National Fig Newton Day
St. Honoratus' Day
Haru-No-Yabuiri (Day of No Work for the Overworked; Japan) Angola Independence Day
St. Priscilla's Day (patron of widows)
Lee-Jackson Day (Virginia)
January 16 Events
Scout Handbook published
1st Monk, St. Anthony, took the pledge
France 1st recognized the US
Sandwich Islands discovered
Ivan the Terrible crowned Tsar (1547)
Nylon patented (1937)
Prohibition began (1920)
Cavern nightclub opened in Liverpool
1st US Female Astronauts selected (1978)
Pendleton Act passed creating Civil Service (1883)
Electric Organ patented
Hormones discovered
US Civil Service established (1883)
Love a Mystery debuted on radio (1939)
Gulf War began (1991)
Battle of Burma (1942)
Edmund Spenser died (1599)
Cavern Club opened in Liverpool (1957)
Winnebago County, Illinois founded (1836)
Dodge Omni & Plymouth Horizon debuted (1977)
1st Non-stop flight around the world (1957)
George Harrison's Got My Mind Set on You reached No. 1 (1988)
Pago Pago Commerce Treaty signed (Samoa)
1st Photofinish camera installed at a racetrack (1936)
Banny Goodman & friends played 1st jazz concert in Carnegie Hall (1938)
Eisenhower appointed Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Erope (WW 2)
Duke Ellington's It Don't Mean a Thing recorded (1932)
Clamp-on Roller Skates patented
1st Native American college in 400 years opened (Navajo Community College; 1969)
BBC radio hoax of an anarchy uprising caused rioting and widespread panic in London (1926)
San Francisco Brewing Co. founded (California; 1986)

17 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Benjamin Franklin
Anton Chekov
James Earl Jones
Vidal Sasson
Thomas Crapper
Mack Sennett
Ann Bronte
David Lloyd George
Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay)
Jim Carrey
Andy Kaufman
Jerome Kern
Mick Taylor
Joe Frazier
Darnell Walker
Moira Shearer
David Caruso
Susanna Hoffs
Troy Donahue
Sheree North
Maury Povich
Clyde Walcott
Paul Young
Stanislaw II
Don Zimmer
Chili Davis
Buzz Feitshans
Steve Earle
Billy R. Moses
John Crawford
Douglas Wilder
Betty White
Al Capone
Shari Lewis
Straying Toward the Path Day
World Religion Day
Business Day
National Feedback Day
Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day
Felcitas (Old Roman Goddess of Good Luck)
San Antonio Abad (Mexico)
National Public Employees Appreciation Day
Carnivale begins (Italy)
St. Anthony's Day (patron of basket weavers, brush makers, butchers, domestic animals, grave diggers, herdsmen, swine; against eczema, ergotism)
National Printing Ink Day
Pig Day
Thomas Crapper Day
Constitution Day (Philippines)
St. Devota's Day (patron of Corsica, Monaco)
Fire From the Sky Day
National Hot Buttered Rum Day
Professional Boxers Day
January 17 Events
Brink's Bank robbed of $3,000,000
Gandalf died (Hobbit)
Eisenhower warned US people about military-industrial complex (1961)
Battle of Cowpens (1781)
1st Baby born in the White House (Thomas Jefferson's granddaughter; 1806)
Automatic Film Developing patented
Cable Car patented (1871)
Gary Gillmore executed (1977)
Ford stock went public (1956)
1st International Exhibition of Surrealism opened in Paris (1938)
Howard the Duck comic book published
Led Zeppelin released their 1st album (1969)
2nd Myst date needed to raise the ship (1207)
Chang & Eng, siamese twins, died (1874)
Poland liberated from the Nazis (WW2; 1945)
Southern California Northridge Earthquake (6.6; 1994)
Duke of Wellington appointed Commander-in-Chief of British Army (1827)
2 Jupiter-size planets discovered orbiting sunlike stars (1996)
Kobe earthquake, Japan (7.2; 1995)
James Cook crossed the Antarctic Circle (1773)
Barry Manilow's I Write the Songs reached No. 1 (1976)
Volstead Act and US Prohibition (18th Amendment) formally began (1920)
Francois Rabelais absolved of apostasy by Pope Paul III and permitted to practice medicine (1536)
Mid-air collision of B-52 with refueling tanker plane over Palomares, Spain accidently drops 4 Hydrogen Bombs causing massive contamination (1966)

18 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
A.A. Milne
Jacob Bronowski
Daniel Webster
Cary Grant
Peter Mark Roget
Danny Kaye
John Boorman
Sharon Mitchell
Emmanuel Chabrier
Thomas Sopwith
Charles de Montesquieu
Byron Werner
Ray Dolby
Antoine Pevsner
Oliver Hardy
Ruben Dario
David Ruffin
Joseph Glidden
Kevin Costner
Pedro Rodriguez
Daniel Hale Williams
Andrei Gromyko
Constance Moore
Evelyn Lear
Larry Smith
Pat Sullivan
Mark Mesier
Bobby Goldsboro
"Legs" Larry Moore
Curt Flood
Steven L. DeBerg
Curt Flood
Winnie the Pooh Day
Jazz Day
Wellington Day (New Zealand)
Santa Prisca Day (Taxco, Mexico)
Thesaurus Day
Four an' Twenty Day (Scotland)
Old Twelfth Day
Carrot Festival (Holtville, CA)
St. Ulfrid's Day
Revolution Day (Tunisia)
National Peking Duck Day
January 18 Events
German Empire founded
1st Jazz Concert at the Met
Dark Side of the Moon released
1st Speakeasy opened (50-50 Club, NYC; 1920)
Hawaii discovered
1st White Bear in US
X-Ray Machine 1st exhibited (1896)
Pilgrims saw a UFO
Versailles Peace Conference held
Wilhelm of Prussia crowned 1st German Emperor (1871)
Quinine 1st used to treat malaria (1538)
Pulsars 1st identified (1969)
Vacuum Tube developed (1903)
1st Launch & landing of a plane from a ship (1911)
Auschwitz Death March began (WW2; 1945)
Frederic Brown's What Mad Universe? published
Irish author Liam O'Flaherty and republican comrades captured Dublin's Rotunda (1922)
American William Walker declared himself President of Sonora (consisting of 2 Mexican states; 1854)
Houses of Lancaster & York united by marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Edward IV (1485)
UK's House of Lords debated the existence of UFOs (1979)

19 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Paul Cezanne
Edgar Allen Poe
James Watt
Richard Lester
Tom Yeates
Robert MacNeil
Alexander Woollcott
Thomas Isiah
Henry Bessemer
Janis Joplin
Kevin Costner
Robert E. Lee
Nina Bawden
Robert Palmer
Phil Everly
Jean Stapleton
Lance Rasbridge
Christopher Sabo
Simon Rattle
Patricia Highsmith
Frtiz Weaver
Stefan Edberg
Roy Leonard
Guy Madison
Dewey Bunnell
Shelly Fabraes
Edgar J. Helms
Oveta Culp Hobby
Desi Arnez Jr.
Harvey Hinsley
John Raitt
Dan Reeves
Tippi Hedren
Junior Seau
Mickey Virtue
O.J. Anderson
Dolly Parton
Michael Crawford
Champagne Day
Brew A Potion Day
Archery Day
Tenderness Toward Existence Day
Artist As Outlaw Day
Healthy Weight, Healthy Look Day
Greek Cross Day
National Popcorn Day
St. Canute's Day (patron of Denmark)
Confederate Heroes Day (Texas)
St. Henry of Uppsala's Day (patron of Finland)
National Sporting Goods Convention begins (@)
St. Wulfstan's Day
Capricorn zodiac sign ends
St. Fillian's Day (patron against insanity)
January 19 Events
Water discovered outside our galaxy
Technicolor patented
Charles I trial for Treason began (1649)
1st Neon sign lit
Leon Trotsky went into exile (1929)
Canning patented
President Ford pardoned "Tokyo Rose" (1977)
New Jersey Turnpike completed (1952)
DC Mayor Marion Barry filmed smoking crack (1990)
Japan invaded Burma (1942)
1st Tour de France bicycle race began (1903)
Lucille Ball gave birth to "Little Ricky" on TV (1953)
Disney's So Dear to My Heart premiered (1949)
Susan B. Anthony elected head of American Equal Rights Association (1869)
Richard Steele's The Crisis published (1714)
Georgia seceded from the Union (1861)
Charles Wilkes sighted Antarctica and claimed her for US (1840)

20 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Richard Henry Lee
Ernest Chausson
Robert Morris
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
David Lynch
Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter
DeForrest Kelly
Bill Maher
Federico Fellini
Walter Piston
George Burns
Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
Andre Marie Ampere
Frederico Fellini
Nathaniel P. Willis
Harold Gray
Yevgeniy Zamyatin
Aristotle Onasis
Charles III (1760)
Jay Adamson
Leon Ames
Patricia Neal
Slim Whitman
Arte Johnson
Paul D. Cloverdale
John Michael Montgomery
Anatoly Scharansky
Ron Harper
Paul Stanley
Eric Stewart
Ron Towson
Bruce Sundlun
Ozzie Guilen
Ely Landau
Joan Rivers
Lorenzo Lamas
Babin Den (Grandmother's Day; Bulgaria)
St. Sebastian's Day (patron of archers, soldiers, athletes, Rio De Janeiro)
Aquarius zodiac sign begins
Basketball Day
Heroes Day (Cape Verde)
Celtic tree month of Beth ends
Hat Day
St. Sebastian's Day (patron of Rio de Janiero, archers, athletes, hardware, lace makers, the military, pin makers, potters, police officers; against plague)
Mali Army Day
St. Fabian's Day (patron of lead founders, potters)
Heroes Day (Guinea-Bissau)
US Presidential Inauguration Day (every 4 years)
Lesotho Army Day
Take A Walk Outdoors Day
St. Euthymius' Day
National Buttercrunch Day
January 20 Events
Dennis Miller Show debuted
1st Basketball game played (1892)
Roller Coaster patented
1st Baseball game played (1892)
UK recognized US (1873)
American Hostages released by Iran
Meet the Beatles released
Sartre's On Being and Nothingness published (1943)
John Marshall appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1801)
Where the Boys Are premiered
British Parliament 1st met (1265)
US Hostages in Iran released (1981)
Hong Kong ceded to UK by China (1841)
London Docks opened (1805)
US Navy leased Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (1887)
Robert Frost read his poem The Gift Outright at JFK's inauguration (1961)
World's Largest Cheese made (34,591 lbs.; cheddar)
Citizens in Varginha, Brazil witnessed authorities capture huminoid creatures and drive away (1996)
Left Hand Brewing Co. founded (Colorado; 1994)
Master's Brasserie & Brewpub founded (Ontario; 1988)

21 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
John Fitch
Christian Dior
Roger Baldwin
Jack Nicklaus
Duncan Grant
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
John Charles "the Pathfinder" Fremont
Sam Peckinpah
Robert E. Howard
Lynn Thomas (Pb 5/97)
Charles V (the Wise; 1338)
Geena Davis
J. Carrol Nash
Richard P. Blackmur
John Cabell Breckinridge
"Wolfman" Jack
Hakeem Olajuwon
Karina Lombard
Barney Clark
Telly Savalas
Richie Havens
John Moses Browning
Alice Denham (Pb 7/56)
Placido Domingo
Mac Davis
Steve Reeves
Benny Hill
Jill Eikenberry
Wolfgang Kohler
Paul Scofield
Detlef Schrempf
George Conner
Johnny Oates
Robby Benson
Billy Ocean
Own Your Own Home Day
National Hugging Day
St. Agnes' Day (patron of virgins, Girl Scouts)
Feast of Jolly Roger
Celtic tree month of Luis (Rowan) begins
St. Meinrad's Day
Altagracia Day (Dominican Republic)
Quebec International Bonspiel begins (Canada)
National Granola Bar Day
Anniversary of the Elf Wars (Fairy)
Tie-Up Town USA Ice Festival
Hot and Spicy Food International Day
January 21 Events
Medal of Honor 1st awarded
1st American Novel published (The Power of Sympathy; 1789)
New York City declares pinball machines illegal (1942)
Buck Rogers comic strip debuted
Guillotine 1st demonstrated (1790)
Columbus discovered St. Vincent
Louis XVI executed (1793)
1st Monte Carlo Car Rally held (1911)
George Harrison married Patti Boyd (1966)
Kiwanis Club founded (1915)
New York Garment Workers' Strike held (1919)
1st Television Cooking Show aired
Zulus massacred Bristish troops in Natal (1879)
Taxis officially recognized in UK (1907)
USS Nautilus, 1st nuclear submarine, launched (1954)
Vietnam War draft dodgers pardoned (1977)
1st Commercial SST flight began (1976)
Atomic Bombs 1st tested in Nevada (1951)
General Motors 1st displayed a turbine-powered car (1953)
Yazoo County, Mississippi founded (1823)
US Hostages in Iran arrived safely in Algiers (1981)
John Wesley Harding's 1st recording session with a band (1989)
Difford & Tilbrook of Squeeze performed on the 1st MTV's Unplugged (1980)
New York City ordinance made public smoking for women illegal (1908)
William Shawn replaced Harold Ross as editor of The New Yorker (1952)
Terry Waite kidnapped by Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine (1987)
Hugh Hefner and Kimberly Conrad announced their separation (1998)

22 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Lord Byron
Francis Bacon
J.J. Johnson
Sam Cooke
Fred M. Vinson
Andre Ampere
Joseph Wambaugh
Bud Bundy
Robert Young
Timothy Dexter
Christina Marie Leardini (Pb 4/91)
John Wesley Shipp
Christy Turlington
Diane Lane
August Strindberg
Willi Baumeister
John Hurt
August Strindberg
Piper Laurie
Linda Blair
Benjamin Bannekar
U. Thant
Conrad Veidt
Michael Hutchence
George "Chuck" Seifert
Joe Perry
Bill Bixby
Richard Upjohn
Ann Sothern
Chris Lemmon
D.W. Griffith
Benjamin Chavis
William Warfield
Ivan III (the Great)
Jeff Smith
Ross Barnett
Birch Bayh
Quintin Dailey
Teddy Gentry
Lester Hayes
Steve Perry
Balthazar Getty
Samantha T. Mulder
Erotic Festival Day
Festival of the Orgone
St. Vincent's Day (patron of winegrowers, schoolgirls, vinegar makers)
Dance of the 7 Veils Day
Festival of Invoking & Banishing
Answer Your Cat's Question Day
Ukranian Day
Saints Day
National Blond Brownie Day
St. Timothy's Day (Greek)
Goddess Month of Hestia ends
Munich Ballet Festival begins (@)
Hong Kong Arts Festival begins (@)
January 22 Events
1st American Novel published
Atom 1st split (Columbia University; 1939)
Zulus massacred British troops at Isandlwana (1879)
Asante Army massacred British troops in the Gold Coast (1824)
Battle of Anzio (WW 2; 1944)
Laugh-In debuted
1st Argentine Grand Prix held (1953)
Coca-Cola incorporated (1892)
UK, Denmark, and Irish Republic joined the EEC (1972)
Richard Strauss' Salome premiered (1907)
Dr. Strangelove premiered
1st Commercial 747 flew
Mad Bomber captured (1957)
Roe v. Wade abortion decision reached (1973)
Spain ceded Falkland Islands to UK (1771)
Amsterdam's Schipol Airport opened a departure lounge for cattle (1988)
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton film their 1st scene together in Cleopatra (1962)
Queen Elizabeth granted William Byrd exclusive right to print and sell music paper
John Martin saw a UFO fly over his Denison, Texas farm describing it as a "large saucer" (1878)
Capitol City Brewing Co. founded (Illinois; 1994)
Steelhead Brewery & Cafe founded (Oregon; 1991)

23 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Bob Fosse
Edouard Manet
John Hancock
Jerry Kramer
Lorraine Michaels (Pb 4/81)
Sergei Eisenstein
Paul Langevin
Joseph Hewes
Stewart Potter
Rutger Hauer
Sergei Eisenstein
Django Reinhardt
George McManus
Antonio Gramsci
Sondra Gatewood
Bob Paisley
Princess Caroline
Ernie Kovacs
Bill Gibb
Jeanne Moreau
Randolph Scott
Gil Gerard
Sharon Tate
Pat Haden
Tom Carper
Franklin Pangborn
David Douglas Duncan
Bob Steele
Richard Dean Anderson
Bill Cunningham
Earl Falconer
Dan Dureya
Frank R. Lautenberg
Chita Rivera
New Year of the Trees (Palestine)
Handwriting Day
Lichtenstein Foundation Day
National Pie Day
One-Tooth Rhee Landing Day
Goddess Month of Bridhe begins
St. Ildephonsus' Day
Grandmother's Day (Bulgaria)
Measure Your Feet Day
Birthday of the Grand Duchess (Luxembourg)
Ragwort Dance (Pixies only)
Quebec International Bonspiel (Curling Tournament @)
St. Emerentiana's Day (patron against stomachaches)
National Rhubarb Pie Day
One-Tooth Rhee Landing Day
January 23 Events
USS Pueblo seized by North Korea
Lichtenstein founded (1719)
US Poll-taxes declared illegal by passage of 24th Amendment (1964)
Terry Kath accidently shot himself
Sinbad the Sailor premiered
Georgetown University founded (1789)
Deepest Ocean Dive
X-Rays discovered (1896)
Roots debuted (1977)
1st Woman Doctor in US qualified (1849)
British captured Tripoli (WW 2; 1943)
Shanxi Earthquake killed 830,000 (China; 1556)
Envelope Making Machine patented
Royal Exchange opened (London; 1571)
1st Archery Club formed
Volvo P1800 1st shown (1960)
Petula Clark's Downtown reached No. 1 (1965)
Barney Miller debuted
John Wesley Harding's 1st recording session (1986)
London and India 1st linked by telegraph (1908)
Iraq destroyed Kuwait oil fields, causing the world's largest oil spill (1991)
1400 Varieties of European Grapevines arrived in Sonoma Valley, California (1862)

24 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Jools Holland
Edith Wharton
John Belushi
Frederick the Great
Nastassia Kinski
A.M. Cassandre
Emperor Hadrian
Mark Goodson
Pierre De Beaumarchais
Elisabeth Achelis
Desmond Morris
John Romita
Roger Baldwin
Debbie Hooper (Pb 8/69)
Jerry Burns
Bobby Beathard
Mark Eaton
Robert Motherwell
Ernest Borgnine
Vicki Baum
Neil Diamond
Warren Zevon
Barry Bostwick
Doug Kershaw
Michael Ontkean
Tatyana M. Ali
Maria Tallchief
Robert Keith Dribble
Julian Krainin
Mary Lou Retton
Ray Stevens
Jack Brickhouse
Estelle Winwood
Leonard Goldstein
Bernard Kroger
Yakov Smirnoff
Oral Roberts
Gustav III
National Peanut Butter Day
Alactis Fair begins (Aymara Indians, Bolivia)
Tricknology Day
St. Babylas' Day
Kill-A-Cat Day
Clash Day
Fairy-Four Paganalia
Paul Pitcher Day
Economic Liberation Day (Togo)
St. Francis de Sales' Day (patron of journalists, editors, writers; against deafness)
January 24 Events
Beer Can introduced (Richmond, VA; 1935)
1st Boy Scout troop organized (UK; 1908)
Eskimo Pie patented (1922)
Caligula assassinated (41 CE)
Rubber Heel patented
Gold discovered at Sutter's Mill, California (1848)
Yellow Kid, 1st Newspaper Comic Strip, appeared (1897)
1st Typewriter Ribbon made
Apple Computers introduced the Macintosh (1984)
Cape Horn 1st rounded (Willem Schouten; 1616)
Henry III of England married Eleanor of Provence (1236)
Fundamental Orders, 1st Constitution in US, adopted (Connecticut; 1639)
Diana Ross' Theme From Mahogany reached No. 1 (1976)
Operation Haylift began, saving millions of isolated cows and sheep (1949)
American Psychological Ass'n stated homosexuality was not a mental illness (1975)
Franz Kafka stopped working on Amerika, which he never finished (1913)
O.J. Simpson's murder trial began (1995)
After a few seconds, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe asked to stopped playing the piano at Utah Claim Jumper restaurant by moronic bartender telling him "customers are forbidden to play the bar's piano" (1997)

25 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
W. Somerset Maugham
Robert Burns
Virginia Woolf
Joe Strummer
Ernst Alexanderson
William Colgate
Robert Boyle
Martha Elizabeth Thomsen (Pb 5/80)
Hal Gurnee
Sleepy John Estes
Edwin Newman
John Leslie
Don Maynard
Etta James
Morgan Russell
Dean Jones
Carl Eller
Lou Groza
Ernie Harwell
Andy Cox
Larry Kramer
Richard Finch
Charles Curtis
Elizabeth Allen
Dinah Manoff
Conrad Burns
Ernie Harwell
Mark "Super" Duper
Corazon Aquino
Gloria Naylor
Leigh Taylor-Young
Eduard Shevardnadze
Mildred Dunnock
Kenneth P. Crane
Leo IV (the Khazar)
Corazon Aquino
A Room of One's Own Day
Observe the Weather Day
Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul
Old Disting (Norse)
Festival of Constructive Energy
Dinner Party Day
Opposite Day
St. Dwyn's Day (patron of lovers, against sickness in animals)
Aukland Day (New Zealand)
National Irish Coffee Day
St. Gregory of Nazianzus' Day (Eastern)
Robert Burns' Night (Scotland, Newfoundland)
Scots Fest begins
January 25 Events
Disney's 101 Dalmations premiered (1961)
King James Bible published
Nellie Bly outdid Phileas Fogg (72 days, 6 hrs, 11 min.)
Transcontinental phone service began (1915)
1st Chess match by telephone
Seeding Machine patented
Guiding Light debuted on radio
1st Person killed by a robot (1979)
Charles Manson found guilty (1971)
Shay's Rebellion (1787)
1st Winter Olympics began (1924)
Torpedo 1st used in war (1878)
US bought Virgin Islands from Holland for 25 million (1917)
1st Anglican Woman Priest ordained (1944)
Mendelssohn's Wedding March 1st performed at a wedding (1858)
Edward III crorwnd King of England (1327)
Super Flush Sunday (1987)
Oakland Raiders became 1st wild card team to win a Super Bowl (1981)
1st US City added Fluoride to its drinking water (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
NY Court ruled Bernard Goetz would not stand trial for murder (1985)
Ronald Reagan married Jane Wyman (1940)
US Domestic jet passenger service 1st began (1959)
Paul McCartney deported from Japan for possession of marijuana (1980)
1st Televised US Presidential News Conference held (JFK; 1961)
Henry VIII secretly married a pregnant Anne Boylen (1533)
Israeli submarine "Dakar" disappeared in Mediterranean Sea (1968)
Bushwakker Brewing Co. founded (Saskatchewan; 1991)

26 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Jules Feiffer
Paul Newman
Senna Matsuda
Eddie Van Halen
Philip Jose Farmer
Joan Leslie
Claude Helveticus
Sal Buscema
Gene Siskel
Henry Jordan
Wayne Gretzky
Sean MacBride
Jimmy Van Heusen
Roy Chapman Andrews
Scott Glenn
Andrew Ridgley
Mary Mapes Dodge
Stephane Grappelli
Roger Vadim
Eartha Kitt
Roy Andrews
Bob Uecker
Merissa Mathes (Pb 6/62)
Angela Davis
Jack Youngblood
Douglas MacArthur
Charles XIV
Julia Dent Grant
George Howard Clements
C. William Verity
David Allen Pothier
Nicolae Ceausescu
Spike the Punch Day
Uphellyaa Day (Scotland)
Australia Day
St. Timothy's Day (patron against stomachaches)
Duarte Day (Dominican Republic)
Republic Day (India)
St. Titus' Day (patron of Crete; against freethinking)
National Popcorn Day
St. Paula's Day (patron of widows)
Gone To Croatan Festival
Smeltania (Boyne City, Michigan)
National Peanut Brittle Day
St. Polycarp's Day
Fond du Lac Winter Celebration (Lake Winebago @)
St. Xenophon's Day (Eastern)
End of the Fifth Quarter of the Ninth Dozen of the Thirteenth Set (Fairy)
January 26 Events
1st Boy Scout Troop organized
Brazil discovered (1500)
Worker's Compensation established
1st Hydrplane flew
Khartoum fell (1885)
Michigan became the 26th state (1836)
1st Convicts arrived in Australia
Black Knight 1st appeared
Virginia readmitted to the Union (1870)
Internal Combustion Engine patented by Karl Benz (1886)
1st State Temperance Law passed (Tennessee, naturally; 1838)
Rugby Football Union established (UK; 1871)
1st Demonstration of television
Fortean Society founded (1931)
Rocky Mountain National Park founded
Louisiana seceded from the Union (1861)
1st Electric Dental Drill built
Peru declared independence from Chile (1827)
55 mph US National Speed Limit adopted (1974)
Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 1st held (1925)
August Tappan Wright's Islandia published
J.M. Synge's Playboy of the Western World premiered at Dublin's Abbey Theatre (1907)
Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire filming a Pepsi commercial (1984)
British Surgeon General linked smoking with cancer (1926; 40 years before US)
Hoover 1st calls for "meatless" and wheatless" days to deal with war shortages

27 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Lewis Carroll
Frank Miller
Edouard Lalo
Jerome Kern
William Randolph Hearst
Akiko Hinagata
David Seville
Samuel Gompers
Mimi Rogers
Harry Ruby
Charlotte J. Kemp (Pb 12/82)
Mordecai Richler
Skitch Henderson
Troy Donohue
Karen Velez (Pb 12/84)
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Donna Reed
Nedra Talley
Art Rooney
Bobby "Blue" Bland
Hymen G. Rickover
David Seville
Jean Bertrand Aristide
Kaiser William II of Germany
Punch the Clock Day
National Chocolate Cake Day
Birth of Uncanny Conjunctures
Festival of Root Vibrations
Kalamazoo Snowflakes & Spirits Festival
Runic half-month of Peorth ends
St. Angela Merici's Day
Thomas Crapper Day
National Activity Professionals Day
Brussels Lace Day
St. John Chrysostom's Day
January 27 Events
Henry M. Stanley found Dr. Livingstone, he presumed (1868)
National Geographic Society founded (1888)
1st Magnetic Tape Recorder made
Apollo I fire on the launchpad (1967)
Vietnam War ended (1973)
Fighting 69th premiered
Lime invented
Terramycin antibiotic introduced (1950)
How To Murder Your Wife premiered
Incandescent Light Bulb patented
1st US University, University of Georgia at Athens, founded (1785)
Sub-Mariner attacked New York City
Carter pardoned Vietnam draft dodgers
1st Public demonstration of television
Standardization of Weights & Measures
Howdy Doody debuted
Auschwitz freed by allied troops (WW2; 1945)
Dante exiled from Florence for his politics (1302)
French submarine "Minerse" disappeared in Mediterranean Sea (1968)
1st Woman announced she would seek nomination for US President for a majot party (Margret Chase Smith; 1964)

28 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Jackson Pollock
Barbie Benton
William Burroughs
Henry M. Stanley
Artur Rubinstein
Claes Oldenberg
Alan Alda
Susan Sontag
Alexander MacKenzie
Luanne L. Lee (Pb 1/87)
Johannes Hevelius
Acker Bilk
Ernst Lubitsch
Henry VII
Jose Marti
Auguste & Jean Felix Piccard
Susan Howard
Ernie (Sesame Street)
Serendipity Day
Daisy Day
National Kazoo Day
Hall of Fame Day
St. Thomas Aquinas's Day (patron of students, pencil makers, theologians)
National Spieling Day
Love Among the Nations Day
Runic half-month of Elhaz (elk) begins
St. Charlemagne's Day
Rwanda Independence Day
Bald Eagle Day
Smeltana (Betters Homes & Shanties Contest @)
National Blueberry Pancake Day
St. Ephraem Syrus' Day
Rattlesnake Round-Up (@)
Fond du Lac Winter Celebration
St. Paulinus of Nola's Day
Rinkydinks Annual Snowball Fight (@)
January 28 Events
Great Seal of the US established
1st Emmy Awards presented
Burma Road opened
Gunga Din premiered
Iceland became 1st country to legalize abortion (1935)
1st Streelights turned on (London; 1807)
Shuttle Challenger exploded during ascent (1986)
12 O'Clock High premiered
Nuclear Fission discovered (1939)
Charlemagne died (814)
1st Telephone Switchboard in service (1878)
US Coast Guard established
Japanese troops took Shanghai (1932)
Panama Railroad completed (1855)
GM announced Saturn small-car project (1985)
Vince Lombardi resigned as Packers head coach (1968)
We Are the World recorded (1985)
O.J. Simpson trial began (1995)
Stendahl's 1st book published (1814)
Trans-Panama Railroad completed (1855)
Paris captured by Prussians (Franco-Prussian War; 1871)
Derek Bentley hanged at age 19 for murdering a policeman (UK; 1953)
Brooklyn Dodger catcher Roy Campenella paralyzed in car accident (1958)
Hubcap Brewery & Kitchen founded (Colorado; 1991)
Yegua Creek Brewing Co. founded (Texas; 1994)
Swiss citizen Billy Meier 1st abducted by aliens from the Pleiades star system (1975)

29 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Thomas Paine
Frederick Delius
Paddy Chayevsky
Anton Chekov
Daniel Bernoulli
William McKinley
John Riatt
W.C. Fields
Bernard Hermann
Emmanuel Sweednbourg
Tom Selleck
Robin Morgan
Greg Louganis
John Forsythe
Sara Gilbert
Victor Mature
Ann Jillian
Violette N. Anderson
Stacey "Ronald" King
Louis Perez
Abdus Salam
Oprah Winfrey
Germaine Greer
Allen B. DuMont
Claudine Longet
Katherine Ross
David Byron
Henry "Light Horse" Lee
"Professor" Irwin Corey
Judy Norton Taylor
Nicholas Turturro
Steve Sax
Martha Wright Griffiths
Irlene Mandrell
Feast of Overdue Expectations
Carnation Day
National Puzzle Day
Holiday of the Three Hierarchs (Greece)
National Corn Chip Day
St. Gilda the Wise's Day (patron against dog bites, rabies)
NFL Pro-Bowl Game (@)
Blue and Pink Day (Fairy)
Weisse Beer Day
NBA All-Star Game (@)
January 29 Events
Disney's Sleeping Beauty premiered (1959)
Internal Combustion Engine patented (1886)
Victoria Cross instituted (1856)
CIA established (1946)
Kansas became the 34th state (1861)
Baseball's American League organized (1900)
1st Caravan Holiday taken
Baseball Hall of Fame established (1936)
Ice Cream Cone Rolling Machine patented
Emily Warner became 1st US woman airline pilot (1973)
Sweden banned use of aerosol cans (1978)
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward married (1958)
Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven published (1845)
Rose Royce's Car Wash reached No. 1 (1977)
Elkhart County, Indiana founded (1830)
Character Newman debuted on Seinfeld (1992)
Patty Hearst released from jail after being pardoned by Jimmy Carter (1979)
1st 5 men elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame (Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Matthewson)

30 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Boris Spassky
Julie McCullough (Pb 2/86)
Yuki Maiko
Harold Prince
Richard Greene
Maiko Yuki
Philip Glass
Vanessa Redgrave
Gene Hackman
Saul Alinsky
Tammy Grimes
Dorothy Malone
Victoria Principal
Dick Martin
John Profumo
Barbara Tuchman
Marty Balin
Georg Dionysius
Asa Gray
Boris III
John Henry Towers
Curtis Strange
Jody Watley
Festival Of Peace
National Croissant Day
Escape Day
St. Martina's Day (patron of nursing mothers)
Bloody Sunday (Northern Ireland)
St. Charles' Day
Puce and Ochre Day (Fairy)
St. Adelelm's Day (patron of menservants)
Bon Soo Winter Carnival (Ontario, Canada)
St. Aldegund's Day (patron against cancer, childhood illness, fever, eye disease, sudden death, wounds)
Three Archbishops Day
St. Bathild's Day (patron of children)
Yodel For Your Neighbors Day
January 30 Events
Beatles played in public for the last time (London; 1969)
King Charles I beheaded by order of Cromwell (1649)
Gandhi assassinated (1948)
1st Jazz Record cut (1917)
Pnematic Hammed patented
1st Science Association established
USS Monitor launched
Dr. Strangelove premiered (1964)
Lone Ranger debuted on radio (1933)
Highest rated TV show, Roots, Pt. 8, aired (1977)
1st Automobile Race Track built
Halle Orchestra founded (1858)
Yves St. Laurent's 1st fashion show held (1958)
Contraceptive "Pill" 1st for sale in UK (1961)
American Motors Rambler debuted (1958)
Jay County, Indiana founded (1837)
Tet offensive began (Vietnam War; 1968)
Charles I beheaded by order of Oliver Cromwell (1649)
1st Fight broke out on the floor of the US House of Representatives
Mid-Atlantic collision sank the passenger liner Elbe (1895)
5 Black Pharaonic figures dating from 1470 BCE found in Luxor, Egypt (1989)
1st Assassination attempted on US President (the gunshots missed Andrew Jackson; 1835)
Beatles' played their last live performance on top of Apple Records building in London (1969)
US Library of Congress re-established after the gift of Jefferson's 6,457-book library (1815)
Reinheitsgebot, German beer purity law, enacted (1516)
Ezra Pound met Mussolini and read him from her Cantos (1935)
Queen Elizabeth II broke precedent by becoming the 1st reigning monarch to attend a commoner's funeral (Winston Churchill; 1965)
Hitler named "Chancellor of the Third Reich" by President Hindenburg (1933)
Bow Valley Brewing Co. founded (Alberta; 1995)

31 January
Birthdays Holidays & Observances
Franz Schubert
Terry Kath
John O'Hara
Rudolph Wurlitzer
Phil Collins
Zane Grey
Robert Morris
Jackie Robinson
Irving Langmuir
Don Hutson
Philip Glass
Ernie Banks
Suzanne Pleshette
Jean Simmons
Rachel Jean Marteen (Pb 8/95)
Thomas Merton
Carol Channing
James Franciscus
Norman Mailer
Anna Pavlova
Mario Lanza
Joanne Dru
Eddie Cantor
Jessica Walters
Nolan Ryan
Johnny Rotten
Theodore Richards
Wayne Milner
Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands
James Watt
Feast of Great Typos
Festival of Brigantia begins
Up Helly AA (Viking Festival)
Festival of Imbolc begins
Nauru Independence Day
Festival of Trasmission Errors
Child Labor Day
St. John Bosco's Day (patron of editors, apprentices)
Phlegm-Green, Moldy-Grey, and Gazzard Day (Goblin)
Valkyries' Day (Norse)
St. Marcella's Day
Kitchen God Visits Heaven (China)
National Brandy Alexander Day
St. Tryphena's Day (patron of nursing mothers)
January 31 Events
Automobile 1st reached 100 mph
1st VD Clinic opened (1747)
Green Hornet debuted on radio
1st Lifeboat made
Bonnie Prince Charlie died in exile (1788)
US Launched Explorer, its 1st satellite (1958)
Leon Trotsky expelled from USSR (1929)
US entered World War 1 (1917)
Coca-Cola trademarked (1893)
Explorer I, 1st US Satellite, launched into orbit (1958)
RCA introduced 1st Musical Synthesizer (1955)
Gandhi assassinated (1947)
1st Miss Albania crowned (1992)
War in El Salvador officially ended (1992)
Harry S. Truman approved development of Hydrogen Bomb (1950)
J.D. Salinger's A Perfect Day for Banana Fish published in The New Yorker (1948)
All American Indians ordered onto reservations (1876)
Jackson 5's I Want You Back reached No. 1 (1970)
Truman publicly denounced Senator Joseph McCarthy (1952)
Anton Chekov's Three Sisters premiered in Moscow (1901)
Terrorists killed 73 people in Sri Lanka (1995)
Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare (WW1; 1917)
Crescent City Brewhouse founded (Louisiana; 1991)
Joe's Brewing Co. founded (Illinois; 1992)

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