"A Stranger is a friend you just haven't met" *S*


Hint: Agent, Let This Page & The Music Fully Download, It Will Speed Up Your Time During The Mission...

"Yeah I Know, You came here hoping to find out all about me right ??? Where I Live, How Old I Am, What I Look Like, Am I Single or Married, Do I Have Children, What Do I Do, What Do I Like In Life, etc etc...
Well Hey, When I look at your homepage - thats what I'm lookin for, plus great links, gifs and all those other things that make a homepage interesting.
Well I have all those things on my H/P but you just gotta find them,
Every-One, (Well) nearly every-one always wants to see what you look like !!! Its the curious nature of us all, I've got a picture - but you gotta find it *LOL*.

Hey I no what your thinkin !!! How difficult can that be ??? *LMAO* Are you in for a shock. The main thing is to have a laugh along the way and never ever give up !!! Okay start satisfying your curiosty

Your mission - Should you decide to accept it, Is to

Visit my Homepage......( Hey you've achieved your first mission !!! )

Sign my Guestbook

And your main mission - To find my pic

You have 60 seconds before this page self distructs

"As always should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed the secretary will disavow any knowlege of your actions - Good Luck"

Code Sequence - IQ:Handsome:34

Waiting For Response

Agent....Dont forget, You must sign da guestbook to complete the mission.

You are the IMF recruit to visit this page...

You can page me on Powwow *smile*
"What You Havent Got Pow - Shame On You"
"Click On The Pow Icon To Download The Latest Version"


Okay Are You Ready Agent ? Click on the cowboys - Ummmmm Hat !
To begin Da Mission !
Hey I said the hat - Sheesh ! ............ "Isn't this exciting"

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