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Welcome to my page!
Here, you will find cool NBA stuff, Warcraft 2, Final Fantasy 3, and much more.
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Naturally, all these pages are preapproved by ME! Well, that pretty much covers everything, except this:
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Or better yet, don't... Sadly, you people can't sign my guestbook anymore because of a story that involves a hacker and a banana, but let's not get into details. You can still view it, and I do have another guestbook on my FF3 page.

Oh wait, one more thing! I have just officially changed the name of this page from Atom's Home Page to Warteen's Home Page, since it's a much cooler name! Thank you!!!

Ah, yes, you know what this means... that's right, Warteen's calling it quits. But don't leave just yet! There will still be lots of updates to the Final Fantasy III Page... so that should be your first stop. Even if you don't own Final Fantasy III, you can download it. And yes, the rest of the pages WILL stay up... but won't really be updated. Sorry 'bout that!

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