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My name is Jay Spang and I live in Mountlake Terrace, WA. I am a Junior at MTHS and I am 16 years old. I dont have my license yet but that's because Drivers Ed. costs $185 bucks, sucks huh? Maybe some day I'll actually go to through the trouble of taking a good picture of myself and scanning it and then publish it to this site, I've had a lot of friends say that would be a good idea. As for some of my hobbies, I play the Alto Saxophone and I love jazz, I also like to mess around with computers.

Other than learning the standars workings of a computer (IBM compatible of course) I've also learned HTML, and I've started learning Visual Basic, although I have a feeling that's going to take a while. This web page is constantly being worked on so of course, return often.

One key Quality for a Web Site is feedback. It is absolutely essential that I get info. on the quality (or lack of) in my site. send any such feed back to My E-mail address

I know this is kind of Pointless, but I still want to share it. The following is the details on my computer. Before I tell you what it is, I should say I spent $250 on this whole computer, including everything.

I know this is an "Antique" in the computer world, but you can trust me, I've accomplished a lot and I consider it a well $250 spent.

You are the person to visit my cool site as of July 27th 1997! I know this number is really low, but my old counter was reset and now I need to start over

And now for the contents of this page...

Sign the guestbook I made myself, lot's of work!

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