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Come and learn a little and listen to some smooth Jazz

                                                          The tone and wail of a sweet sax can do so much

                                                           for frazzled nerves and ruffled feathers.







"Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread-without it, it's flat."

Carmen McRae (b. 1922), U.S. jazz singer. "Blues Is a Woman," speech, 2 July 1980, Newport Jazz Festival, New York City.





An Outline History of Jazz

In the span of less than a century, the remarkable native American music called jazz has risen from obscure folk origins to become this country's most significant original art form, loved and played in nearly every land on earth.

Today, jazz flourishes in many styles, from basic blues and ragtime through New Orleans and Dixieland, swing and mainstream, bebop and modern to free form and electronic. What is extraordinary is not that jazz has taken so many forms, but that each form has been vital enough to survive and to retain its own character and special appeal. It takes only open ears and an open mind to appreciate all the many and wide-raging delights jazz has to offer.


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