A Barbeque is just a Barbeque and a Fish Fry is a meal, but you can't beat a big tray of Crawfish and a tall cold beer!
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Places of Interest
Geocities WWW Communities
A better Mobile Site Maintained by Spring Hill Collage.
The Mobile Area Free Net Site.

The Cousteau Society's Offical Homepage. It is in French and takes a long time to load.
A Cousteau Society Homepage. Maintained by a society member.
The Mars Pathfinder Site. It may be slow, very graphic intensive, but the images are impressive.
National Geographic Society!
Friend's on the Web
John Boykin - Virtual Fish Fry
Charles Harris
JeauxCain's Page. This is a Mardi Gras Page (Under Construction)
Chris' Scifi and fantasy page.
Way Cool Stuff
Twisted Tunes. If you like Weird Al, You will LOVE this dude. Check it Out!
Encyclopedia Mythica. An online encyclopedia of myths and mythos.

Virtural Cave. A site with some beautiful formations from caves around the world

NASA photo gallery. Some breath tkaing shots of our heavens.

School House Rock. A Little Something From My Childhood Memory.

The U.S. Naval Air Museum, Naval Air Staion Pensacola Fl.

Astronomy Picture Of The Day

The Mead makers Page

The Apollo 11 30th Anniveersary page.

For those who can remember the BIG GI JOES!
Crawfish Links
Crawfish - Lousiana's Premier Delicacy!
Seafood Recipes

Louisiana Lingo

Welcome To New Orleans. The Home Of CAJUN Cookin'!

Lousiana's Homepage: The Sportsman's Paradise
Entertainment And Gaming Spot!
Music Spot!
Archaeology, Mayan And Native American Spot
Hot Sauce (You Can't Have Crawfish Without The HOT STUFF!)
Tobasco Sauce's HomePage!
Off The Deep End
Chiliman's Site
Pasta and Hot Sauce Site
So long and thanks for all the... crawfish?
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