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Hi,welcome to my site on the Web, my friends call me Sandi (and my enemies call me things I won't repeat...LOL :-)

I am a 30-year-old veterinarian living in New Orleans.
This page contains information and links related to my interests.
I hope you will find this page interesting and informative;
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Lady in Red@Unforgettable.com

If you don't want to be greeted with paws and swinging tails, Don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't like the feel of a cold nose or wet tongue, Don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't want to step over many scattered toys, Don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you think that a home ought to smell of perfume, Don't come inside because dogs live here.
But, If you don't mind all of this,You will be instantly loved when you come inside because...Dogs live here!

Many thanks to Dave Lester for letting us use his poem!

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These phone numbers are so important
I wanted them to be in an easily accessed area:
National Animal Poison Control Center at

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