Your hostess, Maggie, greets you at the door, thrilled to have the company - Man, this place is a MESS, but it has potential!

"Hey, Darlin', you're customer number . Business is picking up! Welcome to Maggie's Café" she says, "a great place to kick back and relax Southern Style. Or, at least it will be, once I get this old place fixed up just a bit. It's been empty awhile, you see..."

NOTE: While Maggie won't outright lie to you, she does tend toward "embellishment" from time to time. Sometimes it says a gozillion visitors, sometimes it says none. Might as well ask Maggie her true age!

She stretches to knock a cobweb off the blade of a ceiling fan.

"This neighborhood's been needing a good place to just settle in and swap stories."

She hardly let's you get a word in edgewise!

"Listen, while I finish up this little bit of dusting, you just come on in the BACK ROOM
a minute and look around. If you haven't visited before, you really need to wander around the place. If you have, you might just want to hop on in the revolving door for the room of your choice. 'Course that would be like taking a plane to Georgia - you get there faster, but you miss all the scenery! I'll make us some coffee... Got that nice Southern Pecan on right now..."

"Must you go so soon? Well, darn... Sugar, you ought to slow down some! Take a minute, smell the roses, you know?"

She smiles warmly, picks up the tattered ostrich feather duster again, and goes back to work... slooowly!


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