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I'm from Rockwood Tennessee and I m a BAMA fan. As such life’s been a little ruff these last few years, but I expect it to turn around soon. You can use this Get Local! link to see how little there must be to do around here.That’s why I divert my attention from this impending boredom with my friends, family, work, and these things listed below. As other diversions present themselves they will be proudly displayed on this page. Items marked with a are intended solely for the purpose of character assassination, maybe not solely but at least some character assassination.

Having recently gained access to a scanner and digital camera those unfortunate souls that happen this way may unknowingly subject themselves to the horrors of an Evans photo. For your protection I have locked each safely away behind these icons. Understand, anyone who chooses to view these photos does so at their own risk and agrees that neither John Evans nor his representatives are responsible or liable for any psychological, socioeconomic, or political damage that may occur.
Family Photo's The children
Thanks for your time.

Bonus points for anyone who can identify the flag at the top of the page.

These are photo's of a fishing trip I took in Canada. Click on each to enlarge.

Big Dave Kidwell, or is that Pigsmell, & his family. I promised I'd do this a while back and just now got to it. If anyone needs his e-mail address here it is.

And now for a boat photo

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I found a great new site. You can get a satellite image of your home. Most of the US and some of the more populated areas of the world have coverage, so with a little work you should be able to find your home. These photos are of my house. The first is a view of the area and the second is zoomed and I have added outlines for important features. Click on each to enlarge.

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Moon Pies made right down the road in Chattanooga


Hoptech: great home brewing starting point
Single Malt Scotch
Michael Jackson, Beer Hunter

Music Links

Sheet Music
Alligator Records - Great Blues
Nanci Griffith - The Gulf Coast Highway Page
Capercaillie: Celtic Music
Prairie Home Companion: Netcasts Saturdays 5 - 7 pm CST.
The Band


Hunter Marine
Sail Buyers Guide - Wish book
BOATNET: new and used boats,supply and services

Politics & Philosophy

A good article about welfare and the functions of government
Ayn Rand Links
Second Renaissance Books: Ideas For The Rational Mind

Miscellaneous Good Stuff

My sister built a page, and here it is.
Armaments & Shore Batteries: the Spud Gun
Silly Girl Creations!: Here you will find bars, buttons, backgrounds, bullets and other graphics created just for you!
I drew a tree

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