Twinkle Toes

Welcome to the homepage of the Twinkle Toes brigade where you find conclusive proof that Methos is the _one_ and only true 'Twinkle Toes'.

Huge thanks to Peter Wingfield for exposing Methos' toes.

Okay, so when we said that Methos was the one and only _true_ twinkle toes... we lied... all the horse men have beautiful toes, or so Caspian says and proved at Chronicles'98. Unfortunately I was elsewhere when the toes were displayed, but several (insane) members of the TTB were in hand to record events as they happened. Go see:

All snug


And now back to Methos:

For those with a real foot fetish click on the descriptions for a larger gif grab.

The toes!!!!!

Whoops, off with his head!

Now who is showing off?

"This is how I see them."

With thanks to:

Peter Wingfield. All graphics and backgrounds provided by 'The Icon Depot'.
This page is dedicated to Bette the woman with the real toes fetish.

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