Under Construction - jus Git on the Bus have seen us'es!!! ________________ 1997-2004 by Glenn C. Gregory

HOWDY!!! All you good buddies

Glad ya could come! Ain't no EBONICS spoke here. We be just some good old boys likum all y'all that stop hur.

Check back soon! Us'es gonna have good recipes for theat other, other white meat - possum. Specially fur y'all who scare of a littl' mad cow. Hell, Daisy was madder than hell when us'es branded hur hide!!

Well gosh darn! 'Cuse ma bad manners! Let me introduce us'ems.

I is Renfro and this is my haf bro', Bubba. Both of are pappy was white. Well, Bubba, don't just sit there like a bump on a log- say sum'n.

Well, Renfro, since you is oldern thin me, I was jus waitin fer you to shut you trap. But 'nuff said now. You bettrn git started wif addin' the othern junk to this porch or dey's nev'r cummin bak.

Drop a line, Y'all!!

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