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This home is always under construction so come back often to enjoy the view!

A little about myself. I'm a classically trained vocalist. This means that I was forced at gunpoint to sing opera and art songs in order to obtain my degrees in vocal performance. (yes this woman can sing like an angel) I prefer, however, to sing jazz, blues, and popular music. I love all kinds of music and I will still listen to opera. (Yes, I love classical music as well, I just would prefer not to sing opera) *smile* I've taught music in the schools and performed locally. In 1996, I opened an Internet Cafe, JavaJae's@Cafe in Portland Oregon. Unfortunately, due to going into business with some crooks, I had to close my cafe because they stole half my operating capital. I moved from Portland Oregon to Austin Texas in July 1997. (Great timing weatherwise eh?) *lol* Currently, I work for as a lead technical support person for a large corporatiion. I write music for children, and poetry for fun. In my spare time I love to video conference via the Internet and I have an extensive collection of those silly "Beanie Babies ". I've met a lot of wonderful and interesting people here..*smile*. Many I've had the pleasure of meeting face to face. I plan to dedicate this space to music, poetry, friends and truth. Keep watching for links and new interesting links on my humble, yet happy homepage. I'm glad you stopped by to visit. *huggles* -Jae

Please feel free to Email me. My email box is lonely. *Smile*