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Charles Wesley Connelly
Born 12 February 1880 in Maury Co., Tennessee



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Welcome to the Connelly
Genealogy Homepage

This page is dedicated to the History and Genealogy
of my Connelly family and it's many allied families
including my paternal lines of Stallings, Ligon, Gardner,
Adair, and maternal lines of McIntire, Todd,
Elliott and Eoff with many others

My Connelly Ancestors came from Ireland in the 1700's
arriving first in Virginia and migrating to North Carolina
after the Revolutionary War then to Tennessee in the early

My grandfather, Charles Wesley Connelly, was born 12 February
1880 in Maury Co., Tennessee. The son of William Lee Connelly
and Timpie Rosana Gardner, he moved to Marshall Co., Oklahoma
before 1910. He married Ruby Elizabeth Stallings, in 1928
in Albany Oklahoma.
Ruby was the daughter of John Benton "Red John" Stallings born
14 September 1857 in Smith Co., Tennessee and Emily Christiana Ligon
born 15 November 1863 in Smith Co., Tennessee.

Please spend a little time and see more information on
the Ancestors of my Connelly family........

See information by other Connelly/Conley Researchers

Connelly Research

Ruby Elizabeth Stallings,

Born 14 October 1900 in Albany, Bryan Co., Oklahoma

Thomas Hendricks McIntire

Born 29 Sept 1884 in Stone Co., Arkansas.

Zula Francis Todd

Born 1 Feb 1889 in Stone Co., Arkansas. Her Ancestors and Descendants

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