City of New Orleans

This web page sponsored by the city of New Orleans allows you to play and/or download au and wav files, as well as explore strange things such as "how pawn shops influenced the outcome of jazz" etc......

The Rock Hall of Fame

Here you may also listen to a few songs, as well as discover which popular song overcame the Beatles on the Billboard charts in 1964, and made him the oldest musician up until then to have a #1 song.

Want to find out about the new stamp?

This is a place where you might be able to listen to a speech given by Duke Ellington upon the release of the stamp. (It didn't work for me, but it's the thought that counts.)

Louis Armstrong: A Cultural Legacy

An interesting web page containing pic of various paintings etc. that were influenced by the presence of this jazz legend, and how Louis' music affected the relationship between many nations and many cultures.