If you're really interested, you should read these...

Collier, James Lincoln. Louis Armstrong, an American Genius. (1983). Oxford University Press. New York.

You might want to save this book for an entire month when you wish to contemplate such interesting yet somehow seemingly unimportant details of Louis' life such as the exact date of his birth, or the real reason that he died... I found it an extremely dull read, but that's only my opinion.

Nat Hentoff. Jazz Is -. (1976). Avon Books. New York.

This is a very easy to read book, full of quotes and opinions of many jazz greats. This book gives many short but interesting biographies of wonderful people who changed jazz forever.

Nat Shapiro and Nat Hentoff. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya. (1955). Dover Publications, Inc. New York.

One of the authors also wrote Jazz Is -, and the format is very similar. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya is a book which is a compilation of hundreds of jazz musicians' quotes. The phrase on the cover is quite a good way of explaining it... "The story of jazz as told by the men who made it."

Armstrong, Louis. Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans. (1954).

This is an inside look at his life; it's his autobiography. Anyway, it is extremely interesting and in a way makes on feel as if they are closer to him. However, many of the facts stated in his book have been proven to be blatantly wrong, due to his loss of memory and confusion at times. Oh well, we'll forgive him, now won't we?

TuTTi Magazine. #1 Legends Series, 1995.

I wasn't able to locate this particular issue, but I am still on the lookout. The only subject of this issue is Louis Armstrong; all of the articles are about him, and nothing else.

Time Magazine. February 21st, 1949.

The cover of this issue has a funny picture of him on it. I didn't find it, either, but I would hope that there would be an article or two on him, too!

Armstrong, Louis. Swing That Music. (1937).

Louis' second book....

Panassié, Hughes. Louis Armstrong. (1969)

I've heard it's good, but who am I to say, cos I didn't actually read it myself?!?