Male Master Seeking Submissive Sissy Maid

Litte Sissy, do you wish to serve in your pretty little maid's outfit? Do you desire to show off your femininity? Do you want intense training to be a proper sissy maid? Do you get hard when you think of being in someone else's control? Shame on you! That is very improper for a little sissy girl. You are extremely naughty and need some stern lectures and effective punishments!

I am a very experienced Master who seeks a submissive sissy maid. No experience required. I'll provide clear direction and expectations and deliver timely and harsh correction for your infractions as well as praise and reward for exceptional behavior.

Write to me with details on your desires, fears and experience (whether you have any or not). We will start slow, maybe one day every other week or so and then build to a very deep, trusting relationship.

Toledo, Ohio area.

Respond to Male Master.

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