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Welcome, this site is in flux and will certainly progress deeper and deeper as do those who dare explore the exchange of power.

Never Lose Control does not imply "Never give up control." Safe, Sane and Consensual Power Exchange is one of the most fulfilling and gratifying ways to experience life.

You are in the Foyer of our Manor. The various rooms host diverse themes. For instance, the Library contains articles, essays, stories and journals. The Ballroom is a place to meet others. The Circular Drive contains the various circles and webrings the fine folk of this home move in. Now it's time to share an introduction.

Master Wilde and his full-time submissive wife, Rhianna, reside here. We have chosen Dominant/submissive as our way of relating to one another. We live a 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week real life D/s lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you desire to explore the "unacceptable" side of power exchange? Each of us has unique motivation for our experiencing "the shadow side" but there are many facets, we're certain, that we hold in common. This site shares various thoughts including how we've integrated these taboo sides of ourselves. Maybe it will help you also.

Just what is society's definition of acceptable power exchange?

Our experience is that power exchange is the norm between any two or more people within (and without) a relationship. Some examples: A spouse withholds sexual fulfillment until certain requirements are met. A partner doesn't allow the other to make any purchases or decisions. A mate is expected to maintain the home, watch the kids, etc.

These and other situations are forms of what society calls "normal relationships". However, once dominance and submission (D/s) or sadism and masochism (S/M) is identified within a relationship, the power exchange is considered "abnormal". When these terms, D/s and S/M, are used, the connotation is usually sexual. However, many relationships go beyond the "play" or "scenario" stages and power exchange defines a large proportion of their interactions.

As with many aspects of our culture, our judeo-christian heritage causes a disconnect between reality and understanding. In many religions, the structure itself is one of dominion over. You do, believe, behave, deny, etc. whatever the church tells you to. In essence, you submit yourself to a "higher" power. However, we are admonished that to share in that power exchange outside of the church is bad, sinful or even evil. This hypocrisy is perpetuated throughout our culture. It's okay to be controlled by a dogma. It is not okay to voluntarily engage in power exchanges when that is the focus of your fulfillment.

Where does that leave you and me? We believe that spirituality comes from within an individual. Religion is dictated by an outside influence. You can be religious without being spiritual. Since spirituality flows from within, then fulfillment of your innermost needs and desires becomes a spiritual endeavor. A caveat here is that fulfillment of your needs and desires must not harm or impinge on another's self determination. Safe, Sane and Consensual should be the hallmark of any power exchange.

All that being said, what good is this site? Well, if you send us your thoughts, experiences and ideas, We'll include them on another page with links to you if you desire. If you have questions, feel free to email us. We'll do our best to answer them. When we receive appropriate photos, we'll post them here also.

Delve deeply into your shadow self. You'll be surprised at the richness which lurks within your soul!

Master Wilde


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