Mike Trevethan - 11/25/00 19:42:39
My Email:miket@argyle.k12.wi.us
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Bengermin and Belle

Are the Trevethan and Trevathan names related? I seem to recall reading this someone, but forgot how the spelling changed. If so what other names are related?

Robin Holt - 11/20/00 02:47:07
My Email:holt@apex.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Pocahontas and Eli
Other surnames you are researching: Trevathan-Gibson

My gggrandmother was Pocahontas Trevathan Gibson. I am told her father was James Trevathan married to Sarah Howell. His father was Eli Trevathan. In our county history paper its told that her grandfather was murdered in 1871 between Arlington and Columbus Ky. by a black man.I have been told it was Eli. Does anyone know why he was killed or any other information on this family or his death. Thanks

Doug Trevethan - 11/15/00 17:41:54
My Email:dougt@rmkr.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: William Trevethan

William Trevethan came to Santa cruz, CA in 1823. Where I live. We even have a street in town called Trevethan avenue.

Mike Trevethan - 10/27/00 00:28:12
My Email:miket@Argyle.k12.wi.us
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Ben and Belle

Thank you for the website. I have to apologize for the sketchyness of my question. Rumor has it my great-grandmother and father Ben and Belle Trevethan came from Cornwall to USA. Their next generation settled in Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois. I m not aware of the date or any other details. Thank you.

Cathy - 10/12/00 05:48:49
My Email:cat_v@hotmail.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: William Garrett Trevathan I
Other surnames you are researching: Passailaigue, Russell

William Garrett was born June 20, 1829 in Wilson, NC. Enlisted in the Confederate army in 1862 and was captured at Chancellorsville, VA on May 3, 1863. He was exchanged as a prisoner of war on Feb. 17, 1865 and was never heard of or from again. My Gran mother was Ada Lousie Trevathan, born in 1893 and died in 1996 at the age of 103. Her father moved the family to Columbia, SC where she met my grandfather, Chester Russell. Has anyone ever heard of Matthew Garrett Trevathan, I? Thanks

Gayle Weiss - 10/08/00 18:59:10
My Email:gbweiss@uswest.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Wm. Lawrence Trevathan
Other surnames you are researching: Billups

My mother was raised by William Lawrence Trevathan (1894-1945) (she was the orphaned niece of Lawrence's wife, Lilly White). Lawrence was the son of Henry Lewis Trevathan (brother to Robert Dempsey Trevathan) and Claudia N. Billups. H. L. was in turn th son of William Carter Trevathan and Sarah Jane Price. W.C. was the son of Dempsey Trevathan (1804-1875) and Mary Elizabeth Sory. In a booklet published in 1940, it is said that Dempsey and John, brothers and sons of Robert and Grace Trevathan came to his country from France bet 1820-1825. Yet the Trevathan Genealogy page says that Rober (m. Grace)t was the son of Robert the son of William of cornwall who came to this country in the 1600's. Could someone please update me on William Carter Trevathan's ancestry. Lawrence Trevathan was a wonderful father to my mother and in his memory and for her 80th birthday in March, I am trying to compile an accurate account of the family. Does anyone know of this French connection? Also, Does anyone have any info mation on Claudia Billups, Lawrence's mother? Any help will be appreciated.

Jim Duck - 10/01/00 20:37:00
My Email:langdept@icllang.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Ann Trevethan
Other surnames you are researching: Tonkin, Duck, Lynn/Linn, Addison, Pearson, Rowe

Anyone have any fairly solid data on the family of the Ann Trevethan (chr. 24 May 1779 in Kenwyn, Cornwall) who married Edward Tonkin (chr. 14 Dec 1777 at Kea, Cornwall)? Their marriage took place on 24 Oct 1801 in Kenwyn. I've only got as yet speculative info about her parents and siblings. Anyone run across this pair in their research?

James Vail Trevathan - 09/06/00 05:59:24
My Email:jvtrevat@rpnet.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Dr. Leander Trevathan

Leander "Doc" Trevathan lived in Bruceton, TN. His wife was Ada Duncan Trevathan and they had one son Robert Duncan Trevathan, my father. My grandfather was born approximately 1880 and was supposedly the youngest son of the family. Does he show up in an of your records?

Karen Trevethan Gilmore - 07/19/00 23:25:30
My Email:gilmored@netnitco.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Charles Trevethan

Do you have anything on Trevethans who were coal miners in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

Jeffery D. Chiapelli - 07/16/00 01:17:52
My Email:jeffchiap@hotmail.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Sarah Trevethan
Other surnames you are researching: Hobbs, Truscott, Hains

I am trying to find information on Sarah Trevethan. She married Edward Hobbs, and in 1896 had a son Reginald, who is my great grand father. Reginald was born in Devonpert, Devon, England. I assume Sarah was from the same general area. Any info would be he pful.

Nigel Long - 07/04/00 22:31:32
My Email:Nigel.Long@talk21.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Thomas Trevethan
Other surnames you are researching: Long

I was amazed to come across this site devoted to the Trevethans/Trevathans. I did not know how many there were or how far they travelled to find work. I am starting with my great-grandfather Thomas and his brother John who moved to Yorkshire from Cornwa l to work in the lead mines. They were born in 1834 and 1840 respectively. I do not know what happened to them when the mines closed there in 1881. They were born in Chacewater, Cornwall near the mines in the area. Any information on this branch of the family would be welcome. ( It was however the Longs who moved to the USA- William and Beatrice. Beatrice married a Panton.)

Betty-Ann Sharp - 05/03/00 23:17:15
My Email:betty_annsharp@hotmail.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Trathen

Have found a number of my family throughout Cornwall and Devon, and some of the name spellings come close to Trevathan. Has anyone heard if they are connected? Congratulations on a wonderful site!

Diana Ericson - 03/31/00 15:04:26
My Email:Diana_ERicson@yahoo.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Anna Marie
Other surnames you are researching: Yungbluth/Fenn/Virtue

I am seeking to find the relationship between my GGGgrandmother Anna Marie Trevethen & the rest of the family. She was born either 12/7/35 or 1/28/36 in Bolingey, Cornwell, UK. She married 1855 or 1861 in Monticello Twp, Lafayette Cty, WI to Adam Yungbl th(Jungbluth). She died in apple River, JoDaviess Cty, IL in 1901 or 1902. I have more details on her decendents available, but nothing on her ancestors. Can anyone help me. I am glad to share with all.

PEGGY TREVATHAN - 03/25/00 23:30:30
Other surnames you are researching: TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION

Last week my son and I went to the Trevathan Cemetery site (Paris, TN) shown on the Geological Survey. The road to the site has fallen in! and is barricaded where it might give access to the property. The area consists of very large ravines. We attempte to enter through the higher portion of land, but it is dense and we didn't know who it belonged to. Also, in a very downtrodden part of town. As it was cloudy we couldn't see very much. Will try again, but it's a disgrace the way these old cemeteries re treated. There was absolutely nothing to guide us. Will have to get one of those gadgets that tells the latitude and longitude to find it, but will let everyone know what I find if and when I find it. Happy Hunting!!!

Jourdan Treverton - 03/20/00 18:19:20
My URL:http://facelink.com/jourdan
My Email:acylum@email.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Treverton

Does anyone have any further information on the 'Treverton' surname? I know it is an anglicised version of the original celtic name, but does anyone know any more?

Randy Trevethan - 02/11/00 12:12:30
My Email:torandy1@yahoo.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Richard John Trevethan

Also known by Jack-Brother to Jim.Sam and Rosie.All from Cornwall.Jack immigrated to northern Canada-to Timmons Ontario to work the gold mines.Was my grandfather through Basil Henry Trevethan.Also related to Winnie Trevethan immigrated to Australia.Brothe Sam fathered Sam Junior and Jasmine.I'm trying to take this family tie further if possible so any help would be appreciated.Please reply E-mail.Thanks

Randy Trevethan - 01/25/00 13:53:14
My Email:torandy1@hotmail.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Henry

My grandad migrated from Cornwall England in the late 1800's to northern Ontario,Canada to work in the gold mines.Wonderfull site you've got goin here.

Randy Trevethantorandy1@hotmail.com - 01/25/00 13:48:49


Lillian Walworth - 01/07/00 06:54:13
My Email:lilngreg@beachlink.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Trevarthan/Trevathan

I am looking for any information on the trevarthans who migated from wales. My Ggrandfathers name was James Frank Trevathan. Not sure when he was born or when he died. Do know that he lived in Burke County NC. I was told that my Trevathan name was der ved from the name Trevarthan. Was told that we migrated here from Wales. Was also told that I had an uncle who was Hung in New Orleans for piracy. Any info would be great.

Sian James - 11/14/99 19:51:27
My Email:n_james@talk21.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Trevethan's
Other surnames you are researching: James/Docton/Hicks

Luckily my husbands great grandmother's family (Alice Jane Trevethan b 1871 St Issey Cornwall) never moved more than 10 miles in 200 years so we've traced her line back to Robert b circa 1670 Padstow. We do know of other branch's of the family that emigra ed to the New World 120 years ago - so if anybody makes the link to that area of Cornwall please get in touch! Sian & Nick James, England

Andrew Dunn - 11/05/99 18:58:03
My Email:andrew@dunn44.freeserve.co.uk
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Charlie Elford Trevethan

Further to my previous message, I have just been reading some of the entries in the guestbook. It is interesting to note that the place name Edgcomb occurs several times. My mother was born and raised in Kingsand, which I have visited many times. Kingsand is adjacent to Mount Edgcume park where there is a parish church and a fort overlooking Plymouth Sound. I wonder if the American Edgcomb originates from here ?

Andrew Dunn - 11/05/99 18:50:07
My Email:andrew@dunn44.freeserve.co.uk
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Charlie Elford Trevethan
Other surnames you are researching: Philips,Whittock,Morris

Charlie was my grandfather and died in 1944 in Kingsand,Cornwall. I have traced his ancestors back as far as Thomas Trevethan (1799-1885),having viewed parish records from the parish of Maker. My Mother was Patricia Elford Trevethan (1921-1997).Together w th my brother who lives in Australia we have established an Australian line emanating from Richard Trevethan (1765-1831) who also lived and died in Kingsand/Cawsand. We think Richard and Thomas are related but cannot find any link at the moment. I have re ently written to 9 Trevethan families who all live in the Plymouth/ Saltash area of Devon/Cornwall. To date I have had 2 replies 1 of which refers to the late William Alfonso Trevethan who served in the British Army during World War 1 and apparently was a driver for Lawrence of Arabia. Any further information would be gratefully received.

B. Trevathan - 10/28/99 12:34:28
My Email:BTrevat@aol.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Benjamin Trevathan
Other surnames you are researching: Bass

I am searching for information on Benjamin, Matthew and wills (Possible William) Trevathan.They were from Wilson and Edgecomb County North Carolina. We beleive from the Upper Town Creek and Black Creek area. They were members of the Primitive Baptist chur h. Thank You

John - 10/16/99 01:45:00
My Email:hookem@risecom.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Samuel

I did not mean to have William in my query on Samuel, but he is one of Samuel's sons.

John - 10/16/99 01:42:10
My Email:hookem@risecom.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Samuel

Samuel is my great grandfather, lived and died in Parsons, PA.. Desperately need any genealogical information on the Trevathans of Pennsylvania. I do not know if William was the imagrant or born here. He was married to Fannie Hicks; had 8 children. If you have any information please contact me. A greatful great grandson

Pam Drake - 09/20/99 18:10:02
My URL:http://web.ukonline.co.uk/forefathers
My Email:pam@forefathers1.freeserve.co.uk
Other surnames you are researching: Too many to list

Just dropped by to take a peek at your web site. Absolutely brilliant!

Susie Labry - 06/29/99 16:45:12
My Email:lasunshine@juno.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Wesley Swain Trevathan, Nurney Trevathan, Murray A. Trevathan
Other surnames you are researching: Farmer, Cassada, Sawyer, Marlowe all in Nash, Edgecombe & Wilson, North Carolina

Any information to be appreciated. Beautiful Website. Hope we connect.

Donald Trefethen - 06/22/99 14:35:24
My Email:dtrefet953@aol.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Henry Trefethen

Born in Cornwall circa 1640, Came to Newcastle, New Hampshire, USA around 1678? How do I find my root over there?

Rene Stone - 06/12/99 22:22:18
My Email:bigmama91740@prodigy.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Richard Trevethan

Looking for Richard Trevethan of Cornwall, England. Richard came to Silver King Arizona in 1876. His daughter, Minnie Lobb, arrived in San Francisco in 1878-80 from Cornwall with her mother (unknown) at the age of 10. She eloped at age 14 with George Lobb They had 3 sons. Any familiar info that you can help me trace this family to yours greatly appreciated. Rene Stone bigmama91740@prodigy.net

Andy (Trevathan) Morton - 05/16/99 14:14:11
My Email:wwwaterdog@aol.com or andymorton_houston@yahoo.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Eli
Other surnames you are researching: Taylor

Eli Trevathan was the son of John & Rhoda Trevathan, and died in 1836. Who was Eli's wife and what were there children's names. Who were John & Rhoda's parents? I am also attempting to trace my mother's line. My great-grandmother was Minnie Taylor b Oct 1884 (supposedly) on the Reservation in OK. Married Zachary (or Zachariah) Sheffield. Minnie died April 1977. Any info is appreciated!

Billie Jones - 05/04/99 21:07:01
My Email:bhjones@flash.net
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Rebecca
Other surnames you are researching: Estes

The marriage of Rebecca Trevethan to John Bacon Estes on 7 Nov 1816 is recorded in Washington Co., TN. She was probably born in NC. Any help finding more than this is greatly appreciated. She has been my "stone wall" for 20 years!

Kathy French - 04/26/99 13:34:46
My Email:katiewolf@mailexcite.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Thomas(x2), James

I have some of my family history which includes the Trevarthan name back from Elizabeth b. 1713 and her father, and back 3 generations. Thomas b.1627 married Ann Symon b. 1632. I am wondering if there is a relationship to the Trevarthans found here. Th nk you

CULLAN LARRY TREVATHAN - 03/25/99 02:02:31
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: UNK
Other surnames you are researching: RANDOLPH


Kim Mobley - 03/17/99 18:42:51
My Email:KYBabym@aol.com

Sorry forgot to finish mu e-mail address, I love this site. Thanks Ruth and Randy for the terrific job!

Kim Mobley - 03/17/99 18:39:41
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Ben Loman Trevathan

My grandmother was Elenore Mae Trevathan Gunn. My great Grandfather was Ben Loman Trevathan. Thay lived in Benton, Ky. There is very little that I know about this side of my family and would like to know more. I belive they are probably originally from Tenn.

Kim Mobley - 03/17/99 18:07:52
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Ben Loman Trevathan

My grandmother was Elenore Mae Trevathan Gunn. My great Grandfather was Ben Loman Trevathan. Thay lived in Benton, Ky. There is very little that I know about this side of my family and would like to know more. I belive they are probably originally from Tenn.

Kay Trevathan Carter - 02/15/99 00:34:10
My Email:RLC1776@AOL.COM
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: John Roy

My Grandfather's name was Riley Trevathan. My family is from Wilson County/Edgecombe Co area.

Kay Trevathan Carter - 02/15/99 00:24:15
My Email:RLC1776@AOL.COM
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: John Roy


Pauline Willie - 02/04/99 00:18:16
My Email:B29Nmusic@aol.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: William Wright
Other surnames you are researching: Milligan

I don't have a computer,but would welcome any letters or calls.i am at venita's house now so i gave her e-mail address.my name is pauline trevathan mabrey ,4123 beauty ln.,st.louis,mo.63134.ph.-(314) 423-7382. looking forward to hearing from some of you. pauline

Nita Geesling - 01/21/99 22:20:45
My Email:B29Nmusic@aol.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: William Wright Trevathan

you have a great page and i am very pleased to find so much info.about the trevathans.i am a decendent of demsey trevathan from rockey mt. n.c. my grandfather left their and moved to celina texas.that is where my father was born. my grandfather was william wright and my father was granville nevison. thank's again. Nita

BARBARA TREVATHAN - 01/15/99 14:03:49
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: BENJAMIN TREVATHAN
Other surnames you are researching: DAVIS , BASS


Edwin Trevathan - 11/14/98 05:18:13
My Email:trevathan_e@kids.wustl.edu
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Trevathan and/or Trevarthan

According to the family folklore taught to me by my father (who was a historian) and my grandmother, our branch of the Trevathans came over in the late 1600's, settled eventually in the Carolinas and then migrated over into what is now Kentucky. I think hat one of the ancestors was Robert Trevathan. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information regarding the early history of the Trevathan or Trevarthan clan in Cornwall. Our family tradition is that during the raids on the Cornwall coast in the 900s by the Vikings, that some of these Vikings stayed in Cornwall and settled. It is these Vikings that were the first Trevathans and/or Trevarthans in Cornwall. Is this consistent with what others have learned?

kathy trevathan - 09/19/98 05:48:14
My Email:brezzy1154@aol.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: ed trevathan
Other surnames you are researching: cox

I sure would like to hear from anyone with infomation on an ED AND Nell Trevathan they are my GGGRANDPARENTS I think they where from Gleason TENNESSEE

Leland L. Trevathan - 09/09/98 19:41:48
My Email:relliott@marshill.com
Your Trevathan Ancestor's Name:: Reece B. Trevathan

This was my grandfather, although he passed away before I was born. He married Bessie Thomas who also is now gone. They lived and raised thier family in the Mineral Wells Texas area.