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I'm slowly, slowly getting this page operational. More on the way!

Hello! Come in, come in! Welcome to my Hall of Shadows. I just love visitors! Please make yourself comfortable, and feel free to wander wherever you wish. But be warned...this place is under heavy construction; some of the links may not work yet.

This is a page best understood by members of the Great Abar Family. And if you don't know what *that* is, I suggest you go visit my family's page. Either a warped sense of humour or aspirin is recommended.

Now then...I'm Cher, Lady of Shadows. This is my room in the family Castle. Here you'll find all sorts of weird and warped things to look at, mixed in with a healthy dose of abar silliness. And I think it's only fair to warn you....my sense of humour is just a tad twisted....

Around this Castle, you'll see a *lot* of strange stuff..especially if you happen to stray into the dungeon. My room is no exception.

And if you feel up to extra insanity, you could go take my Vampire Compatibility Quiz or look at my quotes page.

Care to meet a few of my dearly beloved RL friends? Or snigger at some of the *really* stupid things we've said lately?

Two trivia quizs, to be updated roughly monthly. One specifically on my dearest Lestat, the other on most other Vampire Chronicles stuff. Whatcha waiting for? Go play!

For a steadily growing page of Lestatishness, meet the one who rules my night...

For those who are unsure of their status when it comes to VampChron, You Know You're an Anne Rice Fanatic When...

The Wall of Thanks, where credit is given to the deserving.

The Library, where all things bookish are kept, including my poetry and stories...

Here's the omnipresent links to family and friends page.

I like to know who drifts through here...wanna tell me? Yes? There's a nice guestbook over here.
Nope, sorry. False alarm. Guestbook is offline til I get off my butt and fix it. Sorry!



More to come....


Mail me! Please!

*love & hugs*

Minion to Theresa
Lady of Shadows and Keeper of the See-Thru Dress

"I may be twisted, but at least I'm honest about it!"
Since when is perversion not an asset???


people have survived this silliness since 07-27-97

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