Welcome to "Who Is This Jerk, Anyway?"

Here you will find my brief biography and, maybe later,

when I get one, a cirriculum vitae.



Hi. My name is Dominic Z. At least, that's what the network at school says I'm known as. I'm a member of the Clearview Marching Band. I moonlight as a bass drummer (big #4) for the Marching Band, and am a saxophonist in all my other musical endeavours.

I have no knowledge of or experience with HTML. This page is wholly maintained with FrontPage Express. I found it was easier to use than Netscape Communicator (doubtlessly because of Microsoft's unprecedented trade advantages, but hey, I always like to have the best mousetrap). It is not, however, by any means, *regularly* maintained with FrontPage Express, like weekly or anything. Instead, me and my walnut-sized brain try to find time between all the practices and all the homework to keep it up, which may mean that it might not change until the season is over.

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